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  1. Sorry for your loss Jim.
  2. Awesome job Mike! Enjoyed watching and glad it came together!
  3. KWT

    Monogram GTO

    very nicely done! Love those old Monogram kits!
  4. Ahhh... the alter ego of mine. 1970 Firebird TA Looks good! The kit is an old Monogram kit. Hence the simplicity... but they generally rock. sorry if you already knew.
  5. KWT

    1970 Firebird TA

    Thank ya much!
  6. KWT

    1970 Firebird TA

    Thanks guys! I do appreciate it. It's an easy kit to work with and goes together well. Look forward to building another... I have a couple of these in the stash, but just had to buy this one lol.
  7. KWT

    70 roadrunner

    Nicely done Michelle
  8. KWT

    1970 Firebird TA

    Thank ya much guys! I do appreciate it!
  9. Very cool 👍. Enjoyed watching this come together. End result rocks.
  10. I built one of these in the 80/90's when I got into modeling the first go round. This is, like several of those Monogram kits, one that I happen to dig. I actually prefer them to most. I look forward to being able to grab one.
  11. I concur with Geno... it does build up nice
  12. KWT

    1970 Firebird TA

    Wow, thanks everyone! I do appreciate it! This was from the new re-release from Revell that's was a Monogram kit back in the day.. I happen to love the old Monogram kits.
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