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  1. That is a very nice weathering job. Looks like the trucks I saw sitting around my little town when I was a kid.
  2. Looks good. Very nicely done, Lee.. I think better than mine. I see you had the same issue with that one front decal I did lol. But was definitely a fun build.
  3. KWT

    1970 Firebird TA

    Thanks Jonathan! I do appreciate it.
  4. Thanks Ronnie, Chris and Michal Sorry for taking so long... I cut the inside of the tire out. Then super glued the wheels, wheelbacks and tires together and then clamped it down. Very easily done. Just take your time with it.
  5. KWT

    1970 Firebird TA

    Thanks Larry and Tom!
  6. That's purdy... Very nicely done
  7. Very nicely done. I have that issue, but haven't had time to open it up yet.
  8. KWT

    1979 camaro z28

    Very nicely done! One of my favorite cars and kits, and you did it justice
  9. Not to shabby there bro... I really like the color you used.
  10. Oh that would be sick. Oth... All you need is the v6 out of the Buick...
  11. It is an AMT plastic "promo" of sorts. Thanks for the info gents.. I'll see if I can make some head way on it.
  12. Great looking survivor you got there Mike. Always loved these Monte Carlos... Those years of Montes, Buicks, Cutlass, Grand Prix and Malibu/El Camino are some of my favorite cars of all time.
  13. Not finding exactly what I'm looking for in an answer, I figured I'd ask... What is the best way to strip this down to nothing? Any and all advice appreciated.
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