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  1. Thanks Steve... all caught up on my vaccinations lol
  2. they llok pretty good to me.
  3. Discussed in the General Section http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/155104-what-happened-to-big-boyz/
  4. Oh I've got a couple of all the releases. I'm just down for a few new ones... Lots of ideas in this ol brain.
  5. Even though it had to fight you, you conquered quite well. Good job!
  6. Nicely done. Always nice to see this kit done so well. I was building several Camaros at once... Finished a few and the rest are waiting for me to get in the mood again.
  7. Very nicely done sir
  8. I rather enjoyed this and the outcome.. nicely done. I'm gonna have to checkout this Noddy guy.
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