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  1. I use Tamiya Flat over my chrome when I'm weathering a model. Then add some "rust" to give it a older look.
  2. Those two have been priced around that point for several years. The rest of the Tamiya line is still reasonably priced as compared to everything else.
  3. Thank for the info guys. Much appreciated.
  4. That's what I was hoping. I was planning on using the lights and mirrors and little things things here and there. Going for a more raceworthy rendition of the olds I did a couple years back... Maybe. Still have to decide on color(s)
  5. You guys are doing a bang up job. I've been looking for a kit that trips my trigger, ever since the idea for this one was announced. But nothing has really done it for me. I love the concept, but nothing grabs me. But... I have an idea... and I think I'm going to jump in with this. I realized earlier today, I have this and several Monogram Nascars as well... I'm going to rob parts that I need from any of those and some factory monte's also. And I have a few 3d and resin options to pick through engine wise.
  6. I can agree with all the above. There's only one thing I've found wrong with Casey's castings... I have a hard time deciding what to put them on. The wheels always look better than my builds 🤣
  7. 1 monogram 70 chevelle 2 monogram 79 camaro 3 revell 69 camaro 4 revell 67 chevelle 5 revell 83/85 Olds 6 revell gmc snow plow 7 monogram trans am/superbird/boss 302/challenger/roadrunner/Monte Carlo... And so on 8 foose ford 9 amt 50 3100 10 revell 65 chevy Stepside
  8. I made an order as soon as I heard. And I'm sure I'll be back.
  9. Wondering if you guys could tell me what you use to replicate these things? I've used Sharpies, but it doesn't really look the part. Maybe I'm not doing it right?
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