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  1. Very nicely done Joe. You made this one look dang fine
  2. Very cool. Hope to see many more of these. Always rocks to see a good boxtop build also. Thanks for sharing this... It says he printed decals for it.
  3. Very nicely done, Bill
  4. Very nicely done
  5. I got a replacement body in the mail this week. I do thank the folks at Revell, and Chris Borris, for getting that out to me in the speedy time. I haven't had a response, as of yet, to the last message. But I can tell you, from previous messages, they are looking into production.
  6. Thanks guys, I do appreciate it! This is the one of the few I've built that I gave a little story to in my mind... Kept me interested. That may be a new thing I start trying from time to time.
  7. KWT

    74 Buick Regal

    These are awesome
  8. Heck yeah.. I'll be checking in on this one. I picked up another one to do a different build than the black bird I did... And hopefully better too.
  9. I'd like to see the street pickup again... Would love to see the monogram blazer. I wish they would tool up an 81-87 fully trimmed out Silverado package 2wd short bed... But can't see it ever happening
  10. I got mine... pretty dang disappointed would be the only words that I can post on here. I was soooooo looking forward to this. Then I opened and found... As you can see, the bags are still sealed... there's no way that made it to packaging without being noticed. Both cabs in pieces. I haven't went through the rest of the kits to see what everything looks like... at this point I don't even care... Quality at this plant must not be too important.
  11. Nice job as usual, brother
  12. I missed this... Awesome job. I'm going to have to pick your brain.
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