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  1. This is awesome. This has become one of my favorite threads on the forum. Can't wait to see more.
  2. I like a well done Vette, and these are that indeed.
  3. Holy cow... It's only Jan 13 and it looks like I'm so far behind. Good job so far guys!
  4. It's all good... It's kinda like a couple of my netflix shows. When they pop up with new ones, I'm addicted til the end... (Your builds and the stories) Again, fantastic looking Charger!
  5. That came out looking great Mike! The detail of the head lights and that grill really set it off. I really enjoyed following along as always... and another McNally to boot. Looking forward to the final scenes.
  6. Great job, Joe! That's definitely one of my favorite Generals.
  7. Thank ya much.. Gotta spend that green somewhere lol
  8. I've had this kit for a few years now. Been looking it over and over trying to figure out what direction I wanted to go with it. I've thought about stock.. thought custom.. thought slamming it... Even seriously thought about tubbin it out. But even though I've been wanting to build it so badly, I just keep putting it back on the shelf and putting it to the back of my mind... That was until I got home from my bands NYE gig... At 4:05 am, after working all day, playing all night and tearing down til the weeee hours of the morning, I walked down the hallway to the "closet" and jerked it all the shelf and tore into it. Sanding, washing and primer began.. The idea formed into a farm truck/barnfind/hand-me-down that has the beginnings of a resto job... ie: young kid with big ideas and a little bank account... or a father son project... or boys first truck.. I know, I know... I'm undecided. But they all work for this.. Primered with Tamiya Red primer.. then salted, painted with Tamiya Olive Drab and scraped.. Then sanded back with 1500.. then Tamiya weathering powder. As always, thanks for looking...
  9. KWT

    What do you drive?

    Picked this up in September It's been about 10 yrs since I've been in a truck. I had to do something after the kiddo wanted my Impala (seen in the background). These are hard to find around here, and the deal was too good to walk away from. So far I'm LOVING it. 3 months and 5k miles.
  10. I'm in. Been a while since I jumped in on something... I'm going for the bullit charger. With these... And what I left, will make another General haha
  11. Looking good, Mike. That chassis and engine are definitely looking the part. I like how this story is rolling, too!
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