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  1. Life is on hold

    Thanks guys!! We went back to the Dr Tuesday. He looked him over and said he thought he was looking good and seemed to be healing right up. He suggested massaging his face to reduce swelling quicker and also to cut down on scaring. And then said you look like you can go back to driving and working. On the way home he messaged his manager. He jumped back in his faithful car "spot" and started back to work Wednesday. Goes back to the Dr in a couple weeks. Definitely looks like he's moving in the right direction.
  2. Life is on hold

    Thanks guys... I will pass on the words of encouragement!
  3. Life is on hold

    Just a small update or sorts... He is currently telling us that he's pain free. His left eye is still swelled, but he's able to open it some. Snapped a pic of him enjoying a fireworks display the other night. All smiles and care free as always.
  4. Always wanted one of these... good score!
  5. Life is on hold

    Thanks for the kind words fellas. Tomorrow marks a week since the surgery. He is still sore and swelled, and currently still isn't able to open his left eye. But yesterday he didn't have to take anything for pain. So I think we're heading in the right direction!!
  6. Life is on hold

    We went in bright and early Wednesday morning. Did the routine paperwork and they whisked him away. The surgery was supposed to start at 7:30 am and estimated time for the surgery was 110 minutes... keep that time in mind... The board updated at 7:58 am that he was being taken to surgery. So we all (8 of us) started roaming for coffee and food. We lingered for 2 hours and made our way back to the waiting room. We watched TV and scrolled through our phones... Finally at 11:30 am we get the notice that he's out of surgery. The dr then comes in a tells us it's over. Everything went well, but longer than expected. When they got into his face, they ended up having to adjust every plate that was in there. But everything went well and he'd be ready for admission as soon as he woke up... 12:45 pm he leaves the surgery room for recovery... 2:30 pm he finally decides to wake up enough to go to a room... well maybe not... 3:00 pm he wakes up enough to go to the room. We get the call we can visit and up the elevator we go. The difference in his look is outstanding.... he's swelled, but you can definitely tell the difference. He comes to around 4 pm and talks a little. Some how we got on the subject of time. He said, he figured it was 9:30 am or so... "no bud, it's going on 4 pm"... "THEY TOLD ME 110 MINUTES!!".. remember above... We explained, it took longer than expected and what they had to do.... "110 MINUTES!!"... silence... "It may be the drugs talking, but they said 110 MINUTES!!" and he passed out lol. He's been asleep off and on since. He's still swelled, though not as bad. Can't open the left eye yet, but will be able to when the swelling subsides. He's in pain, but will not admit it... And they discharged him... so folks, we are home! He goes back in for a checkup next week... Oh the relief this dad feels.... I think we may have jumped the hurdle! Thank you all again for the kind words and support... You have no idea what it has meant to me... and Jacob.
  7. 83 hurst olds

    I used Tamiya Maroon
  8. Got the Revell AAR Cuda and a Revell 2015 Mustang today.
  9. BEARS ... oh my

    Nice to see I'm not alone lol.. great story.
  10. Life is on hold

    Most definitely.. that is the one thing I've done right in this old world. Thank you!!
  11. REDEMPTION! 70 Chevelle

    Oh a Chevelle... I'm following along on this
  12. Pro tour Charger

    looking good... keep on modelin!
  13. Batmobile

    Just found this... definitely awesome!
  14. Life is on hold

    Thank you Jim and Tom! It's been amazing to witness it all.
  15. BEARS ... oh my

    My family recently went on vacation. Getting the whole bunch of us together in the same house is a chore, so a trip together is a really big deal. And it has been something we have been looking forward to for a while now. We stayed at a nice little cabin in the Great Smokey Mountains. Nice cabin, nice location, amazing scenery... love it up there. The wooded areas are not a lot different than my back yard, but getting there is a might bit steeper lol. In all the years we've been, we have only seen about 2 bears. These were off in the distance and hard to make out. Well... our luck changed. This year we saw bear daily.. multiple days, multiple bears, multiple times a day... on the side of the road. In the fields. Climbing trees.. even one morning I walked out on the back porch to drink my coffee only to discover a mama bear and 4 cubs... She looked at us a couple times, but really paid us no attention at all. She even stopped to nurse for a moment and kinda looked around as if she was showing off her babies. It was a nice memory for us all to share for years to come... On the last night there, we decided to grill out. I was cooking hamburgers while sitting on the front steps, drinking a Mt. Dew, and scrolling through some pictures on my phone. While looking at some of the pics, I got a glimpse of something out of the corner of my eye. As I turned there was a bear strolling around the front of my parents SUV... reactions and reflexes kicked in... I immediately jumped up and said "oh s...!" At this moment the bear saw me... stopped dead in his tracks,seemingly saying the same thing. The reason I say this is because at that very moment, we both took off... in a hard run... in opposites directions... I can only imagine him running off saying "shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot" as that is exactly what I was saying as I went across the porch into the house. Ofcourse curiosity got the better of us all, as we ended up on the back porch looking for him and he came strolling back and hung out around the deck for a while before heading out. It was a great trip, with lots of memories that we will enjoy, reminisce and laugh about for years... one being the day I found out, a growling dog doesn't bother me... but a bear looking for a burger is a whole different story.