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  1. Very nicely done. Nice slick paint job
  2. John that looks awesome.. The stripe came out good too. I'm sure you'll get the windshield fixed up no problem.
  3. Definitely looks killer all finished up. That's a dang fine paint job
  4. Man that looks so good. Freaking love that grill and the headlights.. and the paint work is great
  5. Nice job on the engine... I really didn't think I was going to like the interior, but I gotta say it looks pretty snazzy after all
  6. If this builds like the 69, there is a small "lip" I believe on the interior bucket that needs to be trimmed.. or firewall... prevents the 2 pieces from joining. Been a while since I built my General Lee, but I remember something in that area. **edit** If memory serves... and it probably doesn't... I think "lip" is on the back of the firewall. And that stops the floorboard from setting up high enough.
  7. nicely done.. what color is it you used?
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