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  1. Life is on hold

    Thank you everyone!! The support this family shows is heartwarming to say the very least. I thank you all... And the kiddo gave a thumbs up when I showed him the thread.
  2. Life is on hold

    Folks I'm about to bust at the seams... They got him up for PT today. Was going to walk for the first time in 2 weeks... Not only did he walk from the bed to door (with a walker, PT, and me in tow) he walked all the way down the hallway and back. I said, man I'm shocked. His PT said, you are not the only one.
  3. Life is on hold

    Thank you everyone. It is all appreciated immensely! And I have to get this out there... HIS LEFT EYE HAS A LITTLE RESPONSE TO IT!!! And the PT said his range of motion has improved so much they are impressed!!
  4. Life is on hold

    I thank you all... I will give an update for today. When I got to his room this morning his eye was open. I talked to him. He shook his head yes and no. I told him I loved him... He fist bumped me. Dear old dad had a moment.
  5. Life is on hold

    When I started typing last night, it was more or less just to vent. I've not had the chance to get it all out. It helped, and now reading what has been added is all amazing and very appreciated! Thank you all for the prayers, kind words and well wishes!
  6. Life is on hold

    A week ago today, 12:30 am, I received a phone call that I never dreamed of but have feared since my son started driving. He hit a slick spot on an old country road and slid driver's door first into a tree. He was found by a passerby, who called in the crash. The rescue squad cut him out of the truck and they transported him to trauma CCU in Nashville. He suffered several fractures to his face and skull, suffered from brain bleeding, and damage to his left eye, but miraculously no injuries from the neck down. He has been on a trach ventilator and basically asleep since. They reconstructed his face and skull on Monday. Wired his mouth shut, and have started weening him off the ventilator alittle bit at a time. Today he was sat on the side of the bed and followed a few basic commands, like touch my hand, touch your nose, give me a thumbs up... And today was the first time he opened his right eye while I was in there... Afterwards I had a little break down. Such small things that are taken for granted, is such a big deal in our world right now. They are talking about transferring him to a 1st tier rehab facility by the weekend. Oh how far he's come in a week, but oh how far he has to go. I've dealt with several things in life, but nothing has beat me up like this. An emotional rollercoaster is the absolute only way to describe this week. And we're looking at a couple of months from here at the very least. But hes tough and stubborn and a fighter... By the grace of the Lord, he's headed in the right direction.
  7. I concur... all forums I've been on have them. Most do have it hidden, unless you're a member though.
  8. El Camino SS 1968 Weathered AMT model

    Very nicely done!
  9. 40 ford coupe

    i saw one that looked a lot like this the other day.. nice job
  10. 1974 Cuda...

    Love that front end
  11. What Irked You Today?

    My bathroom sink has begun to drain rather slowly. So last night I stop and pick up a bottle or ROOTO. I've used this with great success before. I get home, pour the rooto down the drain. It sizzles, fizzes and all those wonderful sounds while filling the house with that oh so wonderful boiled egg smell lol... After the allotted time, I turn the cold water on. Sink fills with a nasty black as oil water. This time however, it didn't magically go away. I fill the sink some more. Still nothing. So, I scooped the water out and dumped in the toilet... I decided to try it again, so I pour some more ROOTO in the drain... sounds and smells filling the house... This time I waited double the time. Hit the cold water...... Hit the cold water again.... scoop it out to the porcelain throne. I had a sink that drained slowly... now... I have a sink that doesn't drain, a drain pipe with the remnants of acid in it, and I'm brushing my teeth in the kitchen... yippee.
  12. Bigfoot

    Very nicely done!
  13. 72 Olds Cutlass Camino..aka El Suprimo

    Enjoyed watching it come together. Very nicely done!
  14. Nova racecar

    Nicely done!