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  1. Life is on hold

    Things are progressing quite well. He still has a minor hairline fracture in his jaw that will heal in time.. his vision has returned mostly. There was severe tissue damage around his eye which has caused it to droop. There are planning a surgery to place an implant to raise his eye which "should" fix all his vision problems. Last Saturday he went with his girlfriend to the winter formal and won king and queen... My pride and joy is on the mend and I'm tickeled to death.
  2. I look forward to hearing how these sound. There is just something about swapping pickups... Well I may just have the itch again.
  3. Batman Cobra . Not good

    Very nicely done
  4. '70 ElCamino Grande

    Very nicely done!
  5. Greetings

    To you as well bro
  6. What Irked You Today?

    Thanks. I do concur. I think I'm gonna send my next one to someone else, as I'll NEVER get one that slick again. You would think same brand paint/clear would be compatible... Oh well... Back to eBay.
  7. What Irked You Today?

    I'll tell you what irked me today... over the last couple weeks I have laid down an awesome black paint job on a Revellogram 78 trans am. Resourced an old set of decals for TA lettering, and placed them. Then covered it with a WET slick clear coat... OMG I was so tickled with how it had all came out....... Until today... The first pic shows how it looked before the clear. mmmm... I seen better, but this was mmmm mmmmmmm good.... now it looks like this.... This makes you wanna throw it all away....
  8. Life is on hold

    I have so much to be thankful for this year. My son is on the mend. There is still much improvement daily. Now that we are home from the hospital, I don't see him as much. But when I do, I'm completely blown away how different everything is since the last visit. Monday morning, we go back to the hospital for outpatient surgery to remove the brackets from his mouth. Minor procedure, but he will have to be put to sleep for it. Rehab is going great.... On the downside I just found out I'm getting laid off and the medical bills have started rolling in. Makes me cringe a bit every time I open an envelope...But well worth every penny. Thanks again to all my forum family. I appreciate it all! Happy Thanksgiving!
  9. AMT '59 El Camino

    Awesome job, Joe! That is one fine El Camino!
  10. 72 Chevelle

    Wondering if anyone casts a more accurate front end for the AMT 72 Chevelle?
  11. Life is on hold

    My son went to his neurologist yesterday. His brain shows signs of bruising, but no bleeding in sight! Today 11/15, which is his mom's birthday, he got his feeding tube taken out. Great things are happening!!
  12. Life is on hold

    Folks I just wanted to let you know that my boy was discharged today. He still has his feeding tube in his stomach for the time being, but his jaw has partially been unwired. We're home and about to start the next leg of his journey. Outpatient rehab process will be several months... I want to thank you all again for the prayers, thoughts, and well wishes. He has read the thread and thanks you all, too.
  13. What Irked You Today?

  14. Life is on hold

    They have been unbelievably impressed with his progress, especially this week. And I gotta say, he is one excited guy
  15. Life is on hold

    Looks like we may be getting out tomorrow. Mouth still going to be wired shut, and outpatient rehab for several months, but still going to be going home!