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  1. Jim, thanks so much for the kind words Glen Ron, all the gauge faces are Slixx decals (except the factory speedo/tach which is a kit decal). The tach was from a Revell pro stock/mod kit. I sanded the face smooth added the decal and the bezel is a slice of 7/32" alum. tubing. The rest of the gauges are on a small piece of styrene sheet and those bezels are from 5/32" alum. tubing. Glen
  2. Claude, you did a great job capturing this era on this build! I remember going to Connecticut and New England Dragway to see the funny car and pro stock match races and feel fortunate that I did. Todays pro racing has zero appeal to me but congrats to you on another fine build. Glen
  3. Ron and Ray, sorry I did not thank you both sooner. Glen
  4. Marcos, just an awesome job putting in the details you have done on this build!!!!!!!! Glen
  5. OMG Francis a 1/25th scale fuse block!!!!! This build has to be hands down the most engineered and micro detailed one pretty much ever. Glen
  6. To Rick, Larry D., Dennis, Barry, Larry C., Joe, Francis, and Ron, Thanks for taking the time to look it over and respond I very much appreciate it. Ron: that's a Rochester 4GC, it's an old resin item that I "believe" came from Best Model Car Parts. I was going for a 64/65 327 look. Wish Fireball did one of those!! Thank again, Glen
  7. Tom, your 100% correct about resin often times being a gamble but honestly that front clip looks very rough and you were wise not to use it. Thanks for the feedback and also the engine looks great! Thanks, Glen
  8. This is an older build and since it's snowing again I figured I'd post it on here. AMT kit, Tamiya paints, and Slixx decals. Scratch built items were limited to headers, roll cage, fuel pressure sender, motor plate and some misc. small stuff. Fire away if you have any questions or comments. Thanks, Glen
  9. Tom, great start to what I'm sure will be a nice build of an interesting subject. In regards to the SMH chassis, since you only used the back half how would you rate the overall quality and would you use one again? I've looked at them online and think it would be a time/work saver but never have seen any reviews. Thanks, Glen
  10. Marcos, to finish a build this nice from a vintage AMT kit says a lot about your talent. Great job!!!!!! Glen
  11. Well Francis imagine my surprise that your background was not as a master Swiss watchmaker!!!!!!?. Just out of this world what you are doing with this build. Glen
  12. Tom, congrats on a very clean and accurate build. Glen
  13. Mike once again the only thing that comes to mind is outstanding craftsmanship! Glen
  14. Actually Ron they do not have chutes when they leave the COPO build center, but are added to the Factory Showdown cars as their MPH is over 150. It would not be required for the class claimed on this model. Decals are from Slixx. Take care and merry Xmas. Glen
  15. Joe, thanks very much Ron, thanks to you also. Glen
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