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  1. After seeing the OUTSTANDING work you do and the work you put in on that revell Mustang refab any comment you leave me is like receiving an award of achievement . Thank you Maindrian !
  2. Nice Job ! I really dig this ! Alot of work in the paint job WILD!
  3. nice and clean ! This is a cool stocker here i like the color alot
  4. I got these this Tuesday just been to busy to post so here they are . Got these on trade with am73grand Thanks Ron.
  5. I would think as long as your trade involved something model related it should be cool ! I would rather see a builder or collector have your plastic then the dumpster . WHat do you have to trade ? you never know what we might have to trade you with LOL !
  6. I would want would be a 79-81 ford fairmont , 79-82 malibu, a newer style holden wagon i think would be cool to play with !
  7. Great Trade with am73grand ! Awesome deal , fast shipping, SUPER EASY to deal with ! Hands down will trade again ! Thank you Ron !
  8. I MUST AGREE WITH 66BELAIR ! Dude you have some awesome skills ! That dash work is outstanding !
  9. Love these wheels !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the details are killer
  10. Wow Ron this thing is a beast . I have a few items i plan to do a few builds as drag cars but after seeing this i got to step up my game LOL !
  11. dang nice idea these look killer . Are these the 19 inch rings right
  12. nice work Eso ! I dig the headlight work ! Mini
  13. And here is finished up build as a whole I be back soon ! Keep the glue fumes flowing !
  14. I started this build with a Johan 77 cadillac promo in poor shape . Here it is all apart Here is the new interior . I added a ton of detail to such a dull area .
  15. WOW SUPER SICK DEECEE ! Im a lowrider nut and this is awesome !
  16. WOW ! WOW ! WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant say anything else ! This is just OUTSTANDING !
  17. Thanks for letting share another one everyone . I'll be back soon with another build see you all soon !
  18. This build was for a facebook page MODEL CAR WARRIORS BUILD OFF . The teams were to be 4 men per team but my team fell apart and it was done with 2 men vs the 4 on the other team . We only had like a 3 month time frame and at the end of the build we shipped the kits back to the page owner and then auction off . My team called this build "BURNING GREENS". I have to give credit to Chris Lewis aka BIG C for the great detail he used to complete the interior and a big thank you for staying in the build and doing his part in the time we were allowed. So enough of the BS here are some pics ! Hope you enjoy .
  19. What sacle is this and could you share the company and where you bought it from PLEASE . I own a Hyundia and Kia i would like to get this kit , I would love to find a 2011-2013 Kia Optima kit , i have found the 1/18 scale diecast but i'm after a kit . Thanks for any help you can share ! Mini
  20. I started the skirts out of plastic sheet stock then i just shaped them tell they looked right to me !
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