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  2. Hey Steve,  we share a birthday  2 years apart! 

  3. I'm sorry if I come across harshly,  didn't intend to.  I appreciate all you did. I overall like that kit. It may become my first gasser kit,  as a gasser doesn't need a correct top. I am beginning to think you may be right that the problem is that thick ledge. But I usually build factory stock and had hoped perhaps to kitbash it with amts 66. I guess really I can't afford to do that either lol. I'm not a rivet counter and this is really the first time I've been concerned.  I never did see the issue with the Revell jaguar.  I'd really like to see a breakdown on the stock kit.  Again  sorry. 

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    2. Classicgas


      Sounds interesting.  Would be nice to not have to kitbash. I would have sent a pm, but it says you can't receive any.

    3. Classicgas


      Tim, can you clear out your pms so I can pm you 

    4. tim boyd

      tim boyd

      Lea...thx for the heads-up on the mail stash...I have now cleared out at least some of the stuff, should be OK for now.  TB  

  4. If you want to get in touch with me pm ctmodeler. He has my email.

  5. Hey nick, tried to pm you, it says you can't recieve any.

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