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  1. Nice work...I love that body style.
  2. rpthomas

    40 Ford

    Wow. Very nice indeed.
  3. Great job. Looks like a great kit.
  4. Really nice looking so far. Good work.,
  5. rpthomas

    57 Ford

    Nice job, looks good.
  6. Thank you Nick. That helps clarify the sequence better for me. Beautiful paint job on the Mercury. Love that vintage car. Only hope I can at some point lay down a paint job that nice on one of my future builds. I have 10 kits already...on the first one, Lindberg 64 Dodge 330. Going with the slant 6 engine. 50 Olds Custom is next and the final paint job is important to me. Anyway thank you for the help. Bob
  7. I'm painting my first model with Tamiya rattle can paint, I have the body primed and ready. I have read that I should put two or three mist coats on before the wet coat. Some say one wet coat others say 3 or more? My question is how long to I wait between mist coats? Do I need to wait 15 to 20 minutes between each mist coat? Then when I have applied the mist coats how long do I wait to do the wet coats? If I'm to do more than one wet coat how long do I wait between wet coats? I have read once done with the wet coat or coats to wait 24 hours or so to polish. Any help would be apprecitated. When I watch some of the video's of painting it looks like they paint a mist coat and then immediately do a couple more mist coats without waiting for the first one to cure and then the video showed the painter applying the wet coat immediately after the mist coats. Thank from a rookie builder. Also I'm not using enamel paint. It's the Tamiya TS paint. Great forum and talented modelers. Bob
  8. Paint looks great. Good luck at the show.
  9. Thank you...was going to use flat black so didn't think primer was necessary.
  10. I'm working on my first model car build and wonder if members use primer before painting the undercarriage or just paint it the color it's going to be. Any tips appreciated.
  11. Thank you...looking forward to the forum.
  12. I am 64 and brand new to modeling, starting my first build ... 1964 Dodge 330. Looking forward to the forum to improve my skills. I have already built the 383 V8 from this kit and not too happy with how it turned out so am in the process of building the slant 6 and improving on my work. Cheers.
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