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  1. Happy Birthday Tony. Enjoy your special day. Best wishes.

  2. Absolutely beautiful build..I have this kit..you did a great job on it..I can only hope I build mine half as nice as you did
  3. Hello is there anyone that can point me to any info Or YouTube videos on how to put on photo etch parts on such as body emblems...thanks
  4. All around nice work. I like the interior detailing and very nice finish on the paint.I'm working on a revell 62 impala myself but my paint didnt come out as nice as yours..great job...
  5. So a couple more coats of clear before sanding and polish?? Cool thanks for the help..any other advise appreciated
  6. Can anybody give me advice on the best way to smooth out this orange peel..the paint went on just fine but when I applied the clear it got bad orange peel...the hood and fenders seem to have it the worst..
  7. So here is a kit I've had sitting on the shelf for quite some time. I started it about a year-and-a-half ago. I completed it to about 99% and set it back on the Shelf in the Box for some reason or another I can't remember why.. I thought I better finish it because I told myself I wouldn't buy any more new kits until I fully completed at least three that are on my shelf now.. So here's #2...#1 being the foose 67"coronet some of you may have seen. This one is an older monogram kit I picked up at a swap meet. It's pretty good quality kit everything fit pretty good I had a few issues with some of the fine detailing but I think it came out fairly well. I painted it with testers Arctic Blue the gray is metallic silver which is very sensitive to the touch. I had to repaint the Grey part twice because while handling the model the gray scratched very easily and started to turn black so I made sure to spray clear on it as soon as I sprayed the gray again. the interior sort of matches the exterior I used the wheels off of the 62" Impala California Wheels kit I had.. The small Chrome detailing such as the door handles / wipers / rear view mirror. We're very difficult for me due to the shakes I've recently developed I had to use two hands to steady myself... Anyway hope you guys like it thanks...
  8. Hey guys it's been awhile since I've been able to finish anything.. I picked up this kit a while back and thought I'd give it a shot. Well as far as fitment and parts quality it's pretty good.. Unfortunately the finished product looks nothing like the box art.. I painted it with testors one coat lacquer dark cherry red it went together very well although I personally am having difficulties these days due to I recently developed hand tremors so detail work is a bit difficult for me I don't know where that came from hopefully I can get it under control and it won't last too long.. It was fun to build but I was disappointed that it did not look like the box art. The suspension sets the car way too high and the tires are much too big and another thing is the Chrome molding on the hood is molded too thick causing the hood to not close properly .. but it was a fun build anyway hope you guys like it
  9. Wow nice job..well done looks great.. funny though Im working on this exact model painted the exact same color..I hope mine comes out as nice as yours...Ive been working on mine for about 4-5 months but now since baseball season is over for my team the Dodgersvery disapointed...I can devote more time to building..oh well go cubs!!
  10. Hello guys. Here's my latest build It's A Lindbergh 1/25th scale 53 Ford Victoria. Painted in testors metallic red straight out of the little bottle thinned with lacquer thinner then clear coated with tamyia glosscoat..this kit took me way too long do too too many obstacles in the way of model building time. Getting the lowered stance was a bit of a headache but hopefully it looks pretty good this is a great kit it just has lots of detail small parts..hope you guys like it...
  11. Beautiful job.. Sagging bumper minor detail in the big picture of such a nice- looking build. I have this kit myself and hope it comes out as good as yours...great job thanks for sharing
  12. Heres an update got suspention done..interior also..sorry guys but went with the stock flathead motor..tried to put a motor from an extra kit i had but it would have taken me too long...I dont get much hobby time so trying to hurry through this one and figured the stock motor is just easier..besides its kind of a cool looking motor..thanks
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