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  1. Being a local has its advantages, I'll be there for sure, and I can't wait to see you guys again, last time was so much fun. Hopefully I will have more than one model to enter this time ??
  2. Looks great! The 2k clear looks tough enough to take a rotary polish! So happy that you enjoyed the paint! Can't wait to see the rest of the build ??
  3. Absolutely stunning Curt!!! Jameston has been telling me about your build, and I must say its a real beauty. I have seen this truck in person and your model captures it perfectly!
  4. I have been following this on Instagram, so cool to see it all finished up. Absolutely beautiful build, you have done an amazing job!
  5. Looks great! Can't wait to build mine, and I love that Scalefinishes paint, looks great every time!
  6. Chris....wow...this just keeps getting better. I can't wait to see this at next GSL....it was stunning as an in progress model, as a finished one it will blow everything away!
  7. That civic and M3 already have me excited, can't wait to see what else shows up. Thanks for posting this up!
  8. Chris it was so cool to meet you and see your builds, and yes it was an incredible show. Thanks for posting up the pics. I can't wait for the next show, so I can see more and get to hang out with all you guys again. Thanks again for being sooooooo awsome Chris!
  9. Mark, I hear your doing a machining demo....I hope I get the chance to chat with you!
  10. I will be there, I hope to meet some f you that are coming! It'll be my first show, and I live in salt lake...
  11. That looks really good, great job. I agree this kit is very impressive for a snap kit, and yours shows how awesome it can look with a little extra work.
  12. I'll be there, it's kinda sad I live in salt lake and I have never been....but this year I will be there and have a model entered. I hope to meet some of you guys!
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