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  1. What a great build, sir ! TCB, Adam
  2. Absolutely fantastic work on this build Wolf. I also corrected the front headlights on my '71 Cuda project. TCB, Adam
  3. That's a lot of great work you've done. And the wheels are awesome ! TCB, Adam
  4. Nice Paint ! TCB, Adam
  5. Yes Chris, you were correct. I realize now I was spraying my coats on too thick. After I stripped & sanded the body, I sprayed Zero Paints grey primer, then about 5-6 thin coasts of the Zero Paints Lime Green with positive results. Will do a very light sanding with 4000 to get rid of the dust particles then apply the decals. Let it dry over the weekend and then apply the 2K clear with thin coats. TCB, Adam
  6. Great Job Roger. Nice color & modifications. Yes, it is difficult to hinge the 67' Mustang trunk, with all its curves. I had a hell of a time on my Eleanor build to get it working properly and to have it close nice & clean. TCB, Adam
  7. Great detail & work again Phil ! TCB, Adam
  8. adamelvis

    57 Chevy

    Great Classic build !
  9. adamelvis

    Ford GT

    Smooth & Fast !! Great build.
  10. Hello Guys, Sorry its been a while since I posted on this build. I have been working on this project for 2 1/2 years on and off. It started to get to me after a while and was turning into work, rather than a hobby. It didn't seem like I was making any progress. SO, I figured I would take a break from Eleanor and start my Fast & Furious Paul Walker Tribute Project (3). First build would be the Mitsubishi Eclipse and I thought I could just bang this one out and say that I finally completed something..!! But, I have OCD and the need to add more detail to my builds, LOL. Well.... Six Months Later and this build is about 70% completed. Just need to paint the body, complete the engine details and do final assembly. You can check it out at my other topic under "Brian's 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse from (The Fast and the Furious)" As for the Eleanor ...... I'm still working on her. LOL !! Stay tuned for updates and new photos. TCB, Adam
  11. Sadly, this body had to take a bath in Super Clean. First time I had to do this, so went to Walmart and picked up a jug. Had to redo all the body work that I had on there previously. I had a base layer of Tamiya Grey primer, then a top coat of Tamiya white primer. Sprayed a few layers of my Zero Paints Lime green and afterwards I noticed that the plastic body had a bit of a reaction to it all. After stripping it with Super Clean, I can see the plastic body surface is all textured now. Spent a couple days sanding it down as best as I can without loosing too much body contours and edges. I bought Zero paints grey primer and I will stick with the same brand for primer, base & 2K clear. Going to wash it with Dawn, then wipe it down with a cotton pad with diluted thinner. Air dry and then use latex gloves when handling it again, prior to paint. Prime it nice & easy, with 2-3 thin coats. Will wait a few days then spray base color coat with 2-3 thin coasts. Wait another day, then finish off with another 2-3 coats. Wait a week then proceed with spraying the 2K clear. Haven't used the airbrush in about 20 years AND I haven't used basecoat/clear coat paints before either. So, there could have been many factors that might have caused my paint issues: Bad mix, dirty surface, sprayed outside, sprayed too hot, getting old in age... etc. Anyways...... I bought a new air compressor with tank and a new gravity feed airbrush. I will disassemble the new airbrush and give it a good cleaning before my first use. After this, we will see if the techniques and skills pull of a decent paint job !! TCB, Adam
  12. I owned a 87 Mustang GT HB as my 2nd car. I loved it !! TCB, Adam
  13. Great work on the engine, grill and other details. The body turned out beautiuful. TCB, Adam
  14. I can just jump right into that aqua paint job. Nice !!
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