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  1. I would love to see Revell offer this as a kit,they could combine the 69'Daytona and the 69'charger and tool a new grill,would be far superior to the Round2 kit.
  2. How did you open the grille on the orange 69?,it looks 100% better!.
  3. Todays mail,3d printed grilles from Ebay from Icemancollections🤠
  4. Very sharp looking color,looks like a 1:1 in some pics.
  5. Great looking build!, i built a 69'vette last year in fathom green.
  6. Todays Ebay arrival🤠, seller listed as new in the box,but never mentioned there was no body in the kit.😐
  7. I seem to remember them in Lindbergs 94' Jurrasic Park ford explorer,but they're 1/20 scale.🙁
  8. Looks great in that color!,glad to see you never gave up on this build with all the setbacks.
  9. Yes they are,i can now start the repaint on my 68'Camaro.
  10. Looking forward to how this turns out.
  11. I still have half a bottle of paint left ,so i stripped it and will start over again,plus i'm waiting for new decals from keith Marks for it.
  12. Okay,so clearcoats were applied,but unfortunately i color sanded to much and left streaks in the paint and when i clearcoated they really show🙁.I used a old Fred Cady decal sheet and don't have another,So i'll try Keith Marks again and see if i get a reply back.
  13. Got these today off my local Facebook marketplace.🤠
  14. These arrived in the mail today🤠,can't buy enough of these!.
  15. Looks good! and the decals over the body just don't fit properly,when i get around to mine i'll leave them off or paint them on.
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