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  1. GTX just saw your post... I had also heard that the interior from a '71 Charger would work. To that point though, I should test this out. I have both a gluebomb MPC '71 kit at home and a recent release '74 kit. I will confirm what fits and what does not.
  2. Well, since you aked: 3D 1972 Plymouth Road Runner What Dave Van said. If they are making the '74 Road Runner, the '68 Road Runner, then they have the licensing. BTW, you don't need WB licensing to call it a Road Runner. If you want decals, there are plenty of aftermarket decal makers. Or, bust out a printer. Dave, respectfully, I just don't understand - they retool parts all the time. And they even make kits from scratch. Their stated reasons couldn't be the problem. It's something else... The last time I asked them was three years ago and I was very polite, but I got the stone wall. The only way you get obtuse companies to acknowledge anything - I have seen - is to wadge a campaign. I'd even be happy if they acknowledged all this with a real answer... or a good reason. Like, "We really don't like the kit and Tom isn't a fan of the '71/'72 B-bodies. He'd rather put the resources elsewhere." I could actually accept that one with a bit of resignation, because their other reasons seem flimsy: they do 'X' for other products, but say they can't do it for for this one? Yes they can. What is it really? BTW, aside from this, is it possible to 3D print polystyrene? Because with advances in manufacturing, there's got to be a better way to do this now than the traditional injection mold method.
  3. Those are gorgeous... How did you get rid of the air grabber? I looked at the toy version of Dom's 71/72 Franken-runner. The rear bumper is terribly molded... but, it's the only 1/24 '72ish bumper that is out there. I'm surprised a scale model version hasn't been released... I was hopeful it would...
  4. I really liked that kit. I had one but unfortunately I turned that kit into a glue bomb. But the advantage the MPC version had was you could put a '72 grille insert in it. Couldn't do it with this one. Hmm... maybe I should harass Revell into making a 1972 version of this with the standard RR hood. Perhaps they'll be more receptive than Tom Lowe, who seems a bit tone deaf. He should pay better attention to these communities. His customers are hard-core and loyal and right here. It would behoove him to listen and interact with them.
  5. Well, I never said they'd sell a million of them. But I think they'll sell. If I had a million of them, I'd sell them slowly. To keep the market price up
  6. Alright, I'm going to play devils advocate for a second: It was last reissued around 1987 by MPC/ERTL, AFTER the '74 was reissued by MPC, so I think Round 2 might have the body, interior and trim somewhere. I think the big problem is that the tool won't produce bodies that won't warp. Yes, but that didn't stop MPC from reissuing them in '87. The kits that have been built have held up just fine. I built three of the '87 reissues when I was a youngster. I never saw the warping issues and it wouldn't bother me anyway. So what if it warps? So what if it's fragile in the windshield area? Is R2C that obsessed with it that it keeps them from reissuing them? If they rebuilt the tooling, it could be corrected. I think they mentioned that there were issues in the '74 tooling that they corrected. It was one of the selling points. Also, it does share some tooling (chassis, engine) with the '74 kit, which ALSO seems to share some of these things with the Dodge Monaco cop car. Exactly, which is why it would make sense to reissue it. It wouldn't take much investment. Again, if they had the resources to make a brand new kit, they could easily do this. They simply don't want to for reasons that I suspect that make as much sense as "how now brown cow". (actually, make that a GY9 cow) And unfortunately, the '71-'72 cars never got as much love as the '68-'70 B Bodies in the 1:1 world, so I don't think we'll see a retool. Ehh... I think the real car world and the model car world is apples to oranges. There is much love for the 71/72s especially now-a-days. If the 74 sells, the 71/72 will sell. If there is a Petty version, most definitely. I hate to say all of this, especially as I'm a fan of these cars, having owned two of them, BTW, my mom had a '72 RR that I came home from the hospital in as a newborn, and since I was able to crawl, I've lusted after one of these kits because I loved the car. Sure I could buy a used one, but I can't justify paying $250 for a plastic kit that should be back out there in the age of retro-reissues. The 1/24 kit that Revell does is widely available and a pretty good representation, too. I'll cosign on that one. The monogram Satellite had it all over the MPC. Beautiful detail. I built that one too. I pretended it was a '72 But, MPC was the one that built the '72 and R2C has the rights to MPC... I would like to see somebody do a '72 rear bumper and grille for that one. Why they won't is beyond me. Add the standard RR hood to that as well. (It was on the Monogram Satellite.) It is ridiculous that they haven't. Especially after that FF8 Dom's GTX monstrosity. They molded the '72 bumper for the Jada version (although not well.)
  7. Because that's one I like and I'm willing to squawk about it. Tell ya what. Let me get this one back on the shelf, then you tell me what kit you'd like back and I'll make a stink about that one...
  8. Alan, it's not about me though. It's the greater good (if that makes sense). If it was about me, then sure, I'd just buy a kit. But I don't believe that. I want it out there. For everyone. The corporate misinformation about why they're not just doesn't add up. Someone in the company doesn't like the car and doesn't want it out there. They could fix the issues if they wanted to, but they won't for reasons beyond...
  9. See, now that proves my point. They *COULD* do it, if they wanted to. If they could tool that kit from scratch, they would certainly have the resources to - if not fix the damaged tooling - create new tooling to for a handful of parts. They don't even need to do the rest of the kit. Everything else could be borrowed. You can't tell me there is no demand. Nope. Won't buy it. If they are willing to reissue multiple Road Runners, then they obviously know there is a demand for the kits, or else, why bother? I'm not an industry insider, but common sense tells me it would be far LESS expensive to make tooling for a few body parts, than it is to make a brand new Camaro kit. (bleh). I'd bet the 71/72 RR kit would sell better. A LOT better. So, you can't tell me demand isn't there. It is. Again, cost? If they are willing to make new kits, they have the money to make just FOUR TO FIVE body parts. Hood, bumpers, grille inserts, body. That's it. So, tooling, money, demand etc. I aint buying it. It's something else that goes beyond logistics/finances and common sense.
  10. That is deflating. I'd contact them, the challenge would be figuring out a way to get around the corporate stonewall boiler plate, cut and paste answer "not in our plans, etc but we will consider it"... Do Round2Corp people read this forum?
  11. Ya know.... Since you mention it... Call me crazy - and everyone here certainly has a right to - but if someone from Round2Corp could chime in with a figure of much it would actually cost to repair the tooling for that kit... I swear I'll put up a gofundme page for it. No joke. Businesses do it all the time, but I'll do it for them. Hey, If the gofundme page flounders, they they were right. Mia culpa. I just don't think it will though. My hunch. I've wanted that '72 kit since I was five years old. And it's a crime that it hasn;t been reissued. In fact, I WILL BUY an original (which go for hundreds of dollars) and DONATE IT TO THEM, to help get it done. (Obviously, they'll need more than just a donor kit)
  12. OK, I won't flame throw this time... I'm just going to ask a question: Are ALL of the kits they release based on tooling that has already existed? They don't make/create (or in this case, repair) original tooling?
  13. You are correct, they own AMT, not Revell. My mistake. I get the two confused. They do however, own Autoworld and Autoworld releases 71 B-bodies all the time. I don't buy the damaged tooling excuse. Again, if they have to retool stuff, the amount of retooling they'd have to do is minimal. Hood, Body, Bumpers. They have everything else. If guys can produce resin versions on their own... Fix the tooling. The demand is there. I mean, seriously... where did the tooling for this kit come from?
  14. Dearest Round2Corp, I don't understand this... I mean I REALLY don't understand this. Another '74 Road Runner retread? COME ON! Tooling, demand, cost, blah blah blah. I don't buy it. Somebody over there has it in for these kits. *IF* they feel there is demand for the '74 kit, then why would they feel is ISN'T demand for the 71-72 kit? I call bull... Again, I don't get or buy their reasoning (more appropriately, I think they're full of BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH). Here's why: - Tooling? Or lack there of? Revel has been selling the '71 GTX 1/24 kit for years. They own Revel don't they? Autoworld seems to have no problem constantly reissuing there 1:18 scale model '71 RR and GTX kit. THEY HAVE THE TOOLING!! Wrong scale? Make it a 1:24 kit! - Or how about this: BUY A <BLEEPING> 3D PRINTER!!! Scale it down. If regular people are able to make resin replicas of the Body, grille inserts and bumper/tail lights for the '72, how can they say they can't do it or don't have the tooling?! Now-a-days, making things like this is a heck of a lot cheaper than it use to be. Don't give me the cost excuse. - Also, THEY HAVE three quarters of the kit ALREADY TO GO!!! The interior pieces/engine/chassis from the '74 Road Runner or '71 Charger fit PERFECTLY!! COST should NOT be an issue!! NO MORE EXCUSES ROUND2!! If you say, cost, tooling demand is an issue, but you can also reissue this kit out of the blue you're lying to us. Don't give us some boiler play lame response about "no plans at the present time" PUT IT IN YOUR PLANS!! DO IT! NOW! Thank you for your time... Enjoy your day.
  15. If you ordered a the stripe delete option on the 73/74 you would get a hard nameplate with emblem on the C-Pillar. (in same place as the stripe) If you ordered a full vinyl top, you would get a hard nameplate and emblem that was pushed lower on the C-pillar and looked kind of awkward. I didn't know the Coyote drove a Ford
  16. Yep, that's exactly what they told me. I suppose you can't expect them to say much more than that. What they said to me on their YouTube channel was a little more disconcerting, saying it isn't in their plans at the present time. But, plans can change. I hope. I'd probably buy ten of them if they reissued it. (Well, ten of them if it's the '72. I'd only by five of the '71 )
  17. Yeah, looks like we got everything except the message. What exactly did the say?
  18. You'd need: - Body - F/R Bumpers (71,72) - Grill inserts - Hoods (air grabber/Stock hopefully) All the other stuff can come from the '74 RR kit. So basically 3/4 of the kit/tooling is already done. How much could that cost? I'd bet the house that they've spent more money on resurrecting other kits that haven't sold nearly as well as this one probably would. But, as they've stated, it's not it their plans so whatever...
  19. BTW, Rustic Mist is a pretty good stand-in for Tawny Gold Metallic. (Although it goes on like @#$%!!!. I have a lot of sanding to do on the other side)
  20. Not a link, it was Round2's response when I asked them whether or not they will reissue the 71/72 MPC Road Runner. It was posted on their Youtube channel Round2foryou.
  21. Here you go folks. Right from horses mouth: (Round2foryou) Translation: A vague nebula of "don't hold your breath" Given what's been said around here about the condition of the tooling, it probably ain't gonna happen.
  22. For the record... My brother's 73 Road Runner. blueprinted 400 with 440 heads:
  23. Yup, I have that one too and it's kind of a stinker. Wrong decals and the box art is completely inaccurate. At least it's modeled in white. The original issue was modeled red but the box art was accurate for the decals.
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