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  1. I got these today. AMT Chevrolet Titan Just need the GMC Astro now to comlete my Chevy, GMC line up of trucks. Already have the General and Bison Also thinking of buying 2 astro,s and having one with the detroit engine and the other with the turbine engine. Amt Lowboy trailer for the Bulldozer i alerady have The transtar 4070A And 2 of these wreckers The plan for those 2 is to make one out of the box. The other to be converted to the Duel truck The one i already have i plan to make a needle nose Peterbilt wrecker of I had first planed to use my california hauler to convert in to the Duel truck but seeing how much people are asking for them now i just cant cut it up and modify it. Not going to sell it either but just keep it as a stock california hauler.
  2. I am finally done woth the move and there were only small damage to some of the models but those vere the ones that was to big to fit inside a box so the had to stand by al of the other boxes in my suburban. Now to try and find everything again... Sofar i only seem to have lost a peterbilt conversion kit from aitm because i cant find it right now and have no idea of what box it might be packed in or where that box is at the moment.. The worst part is that we have so many buildings now that we have put our stuff in so i dont even know where to begin looking for it because those that helped us move stuff took box after box and put it somwhere while we were moving furniture in to the house. Me and my girlfriend were able to buy a farm that has been in her family for over 240 years now and no one really knows when it was first built. There are a few dates in or on some of the buildings but its not certain that the farm looks the same now as it did in the beginning with where all the buildings sits now. Here are a few photos of some of the dates we found on the walls of some of the buildings. The scoop thing we found just laying around in one of the buildings. Date on one of the barns: Date in the "main" barn (not sure if we should belive it) The words in swedish means someting like A.D Foundation of the house 1881 so sometime the old house was replaced and this was built: Scoop thing:
  3. I want to start building my KW mixer that i bought at a local store to where i live now. But i cant because all my modeling tools,glue and paint are at my old house 400 miles away from where i am.. I could buy some new stuff but it fells unnecessary when i have 2 full boxes of supplies that soon will be here. I also want to order a few models online but i must wait because when they were to arrive me and my gf no longer live where we live now (her house) The other problem is i cant order them to the new adress because if they arrive earlier it will show up to the current owners of our new house. The 3:rd problem is i dont even now what the adress is to our new house yet, i only know the streetname but not the postalcode. I cant use my adress to my old house becuase i will not have time to drive 400 miles to pick them up if they show up down there after i have handed over my keys to the new owners of my house. So i just have to wait.
  4. I have started the whole moving project now and did a test run with a few models. I got some movingboxes and a roll of bubblewrap. Also found out i only can get 4 trucks in one box so there are room for other smaller models in the left over space in the box. Put the bubblewrap on the bottom of the boxes and then put down a few truck models in them and after that i took some more bubblewrap and put between the models and box to lock them in so they could not move or touch eachother. It worked and none of the trucks i used as a test got any damage at all. I also tried with the most fragile of them all (Mack wrecker) and no damage at all. Now all i have to figure out is how to pack the trailers i have for some of them. They are to long to fit in the movingboxes so i am thinking that i have to wrap them in bubblewrap and pack them standing up. The ships and oilrigg will be "interesting" to pack and move.. For now they will have to stay in the boxes untill i have them where i want them so i can unpack them and put them on shelfs again.
  5. Ads covering titles are back again. I was on here using my phone and ads were blocking threads in each section.
  6. Not yet but its due in the next 4 weeks as i start my new job at the new location next month. But the models will be carefully put in movingboxes and they go in my car on the trip up. The only one to pack them is me, as my gf dont want to touch them because she is afraid of accidently dropping one. The unbuilt ones can go with the rest of my stuff. Unfortunatley i have about 30 airplanes that i just know will break nomatter what i do with them. The tanks and millitary vehicles will most likley survive. 4 sailingships that probably also will get some sort of damage to them, the other ships (battleships, aircraftcarriers, submarines) i am not that worried about Also not worried about the passengerships as they are already falling to pieces on their own. The one thing i want to be as carefull with as the trucks is my model of the north cormorant oilrig but when i built that i did never glue down the cranes or drilltower (no idea what its called) so they are removable. But it is still big and wide with those removed.
  7. I dont have the Titanic (i want but my wallet says no right now) but i know they have been around in that scale for a few years. I have the USS missouri in 1/200 it has over 1500 parts but not yet built it because i have no room for it as it will be a bit over 53" long. It comes with a ton of photoetch for railings and other things. There are detail sets with even more + either tan or blue wood deck available for it.
  8. Anyone had the invisible ads yet? They happen mostly while looking at the forum on the phone. If i want to go in on for example wip big rigs and heavy equipment i click on that like normal but instead of going to all the posts it will redirect me to whatever ad was hiding there. It can be any section of the forum and you never know where they hide because of the invisible part of them. Sometimes they are worse and sometimes they are not there at all, its been a few days now since the last ad tricked me. But while on my phone i dont have adblocker on to help a bit but they can atleast show where they are so you dont click on them by accident.
  9. Thanks again for the help with ideas. I will try to carefully pack them in boxes and then i am going to be the only one moving them. Hopefully only small things will break on them and nothing big. Most of the mirrors and antennas are attached using superglue so they will probably break clean of the model if something happens to them.
  10. Thanks for all the suggestions. Some of the things mentioned did i not even think about myself.
  11. I am in the process of moving to a new house with my gf and have no idea of how to pack my built models so they survive the trip. The new house is 400 miles away from the one i have now. I know there will be some damages to them but i want to minimize that as much as possible. Many of the trucks will probably still loose their mirrors, antennas and stacks no matter how carefull i am with them. There must be some people here who have moved and brought their built models with them? What did you do to make them survive the trip?
  12. No like button. The only thing that i going to happen is that when someone asks a question or want help with something else they have problems with, their thread will have a bunch of likes and not a single answer. Thats not helpfull at all for that person or anyone else that might have the same problem later on. I would rather have one real answer that might help me or not but that is way more helpfull then x amounts of likes.. I appreciate that some person took their time to write and try to help me with whatever problem i might have run in to or discuss an idea to see if it is possible or not. A like icon will not help anyone getting anywhere.
  13. I irked myself today. I wanted to see how hard it would be to clean the white parts of my house (corners, door/windowsurroundings and balcony) from dirt, moss and algae ( my house is surrounded by forrest) To my surprise it came of easily so now i am forced to clean the rest of them to avoid it looking weird. As a bonus i also have to repaint all of those parts as the paint flaked of on some.. Well atleast i have something to do now when i dont have any motivation to build anything..
  14. Haha, yes it is toasted. I think i am going to disassemble it to be able to see how the bearings looks like.
  15. Probably, but they were probably so small so they just flew out again with the exhaust. The most damage was done on the exhaust side and any larger pieces from that are stuck somewhere in the exhaustsystem.
  16. Same with plastic used in the enginebay of any vehicle old or modern. You dont want to touch it because it will break and if you have to and not being able to work around it without disturbing the plastic part you better be prepared to have a replacement on hand or be very very very carefull. EVAP lines, vaccuum lines, fuellines, electrical connectors and any other plastic part will break when you are just looking at it for to long when they have been in thousands of heatcycles.
  17. Nice. The decals looks really good on a black paintjob. I also have 2 of them. One that i built about 20 years ago and are just falling appart now. I think about resoring to how it is supposed to look but its no more then a thought at the moment because alot of parts are missing so there will be alot of scratchbuilding on it. The other is still in a box and i dont know if i should build it or just save it for later when i have room for them both.
  18. Not MPC yet. But i had a AMT Bandag Bandit made sometime in the 70's and i accidently dropped one framerail when i was trying to unwarp it and it shattered in several pieces. Many Airfix kits to that were very brittle and if not being carefull the parts would break on the sprue when another was being removed. Some small 1/72 ICM kits were so brittle that i just never used some parts because they would break. They have gotten much better now with their modern kits then those that were from sometime in the 90's
  19. About a month ago the turbocharger in my 6.5 suburban suddenly developed a horrible grinding noise when i was about 3 hours from home in the middle of the night. I had 2 options, shutting it off at the side of the road on one of the major highways here (not a good idea) or keep driving it and hoping i would get home before something more catastrophic happend. I.e. axle snapping and engine feeding itself with the engineoil and making it a runaway that will revv it self to death. Since the damage already had already happend i choose to keep driving to get home and then park it untill i could fix it. Yesterday i finally got the part i needed and started replacing it. When looking at the old one the bearings in it must have had a serious failiure seeing the damage made to the impellers on the turbo. Fortunatley the housings survived the damage and were okay to reuse. The irk part of this is that the part i had to replace was only about 1500miles old... I replaced it because the oem part had developed a odd sound at certain enginge revvs that i did not like so i wanted to replace it before something happend... Found out later that the "new" part was made in china.. The new part i have now is made in USA and hopefully have better quality then the one i had to replace again.. The first pic is of the exhaust side where apparently most of the gringing came from. Second is from the intakeside that also had some gringing going on. The last 2 shows the play in the bearings + there is also some in and out play of the shaft. (On a turbo in and out play is a big no no, upp and down play is okay but not severeal mm as this has)
  20. Found these 3 aoshima Delorean's on ebay so i bought them all. I have not yet decided if i am going to buy 3 more just i can have all of the movie versions on display at the same time, all three can be built in 2 different ways.
  21. That explains it. I got confused bu the exhaust manifold and intake manifold just having 4 ports connecting it to the head.
  22. This must be the oddest truck i have built. Also the first ever 4cylinder powered truck i have built. Nothing extra added, just out of the box build. It has some fitment issues even if the frame is straight. I had to mount the cab with a slight turn in it to get it to line up and close the gap between the cab and the hood. Its still not perfect but good enough for me. The paint is from greenstuffworld and is called burning gold. It was supposed to be red that turns to yellow/gold so i have no idea where the green came from. Its hard to find a paint that works with darkbrown metallic as the decal stripes are but i think this works without being to wierd Sleeper window is painted in Tamiya clear blue. The paint splatter in some pic's are the result of a malfunctioning airbrush... Still have no idea what the chrome things on the fenders are for, i thought they were us style air cleaners but nothing is connected to them The intake pipe from the turbo goes to the one behind the sleeper.
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