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  1. Yes, it was. I think it was a small diesel engine. I have been so busy at work I have not had a chance to work on it much.
  2. That looks like a nice project. First off, it would not be a 3/4 ton, but a 1 ton. The dual wheels in the rear are 1 ton only, unless it was modified. All 1 tons would have had leaf springs in the rear. Strange, but in the 1/2 ton-3/4 ton there seemed to be no pattern to the leaf spring vs. trailing arm that the kit has. BTW, this is also true of the 67-72, could have leaves or trailing arms with coils. I installed 3/4 ton coils in my dads 69 1/2 ton and it fix the bumper wanting to drag from the lightest of loads. As of 1973 ALL GM trucks had leaf springs. I have a 65 C10 that has coils. But as pictured above the books show 63-66 with leaves. It is as if they were converting over, but just pulled a number out of a hat to decide what to put on each truck. Also something to know, if it is a GMC, it would have had the big V6 in it. They were torque monsters and nearly all the 1 tons had them. The Chevy did not get the V6. For the rear axle, it will be an Eaton. This will look just like the axle in the pictures above. The "pumpkin" will be perfectly round like a ball with a ring of bolts around the edge. The axle you have is a half ton Dana 44 or Corporate 12 bolt. The frame you have narrows after the coil buckets, this would be straight on a leaf sprung truck. Have fun, this will be cool.
  3. So indulge me a bit on this one. Back in the 60's-80's Ford made the C600-900, then some time in the 60's or 70's Ford made the Two Story Falcon, a C series cab jacked up and made into a heavy duty Over the Road type truck. Well I got to thinking what if there was a "In-Between" truck that Ford made for more than the C900 could do, and less than the Falcon. It would be the C1000, a 1 1/2 story truck. The truth is I have a Revell Volvo truck that the cab is too ugly to even think about using, a box full of C series cabs and some left over wheels and tires from the Linberg L700 and an Italeri truck. The Volvo was a twin screw, but I thought it needed to be single so I re-worked the rear to fix that. The engine is the huge Volvo unit and was too large to have the cab sit like a C600 would, so it got lifted and the fenders skirted. The bumper was cut from the grill insert and the bumper will get dropped down. I filled in where the stock bumper would sit. So, this is really a parts box build brought on by the "Stay at Home" situation we are all in. It has been one of those builds where I dig though the parts box and see what I have, then attempt to attach it in a meaningful way. Very fluid build with the final outcome developing as it goes.
  4. I am always amazed at how you guys can take a 10lb lump of crummy resin and turn it into the works of art that you create. I love what you are doing here. It also shows why they used a lot of V8s in those trucks, they fit better. The Cummins is a beast.
  5. with all the time on my hands I found a video of a Reo getting pulled out of the weeds. However when I returned to your build I realized that the truck in the video is the same as the resin cab you cut off, not the one you are building. Oh Well. You might like it anyway.
  6. I am finished, but if it will help others get their builds done, I say lets do it. I would love to see everyone cross the finish line this year. I understand the supply issue. I need a few things for my other builds and the only options are on-line and some of those are limited or way behind on shipping.
  7. WOW, I will watch this. That is going to be a very challenging build. Those are really cool trucks. I am sure you can do it and I will enjoy watching and learning.
  8. A couple of mine from a couple years ago:
  9. I would not buy the kit based on the 4x4 parts. They are not that good. Several resin suppliers offer much better stuff and good prices.
  10. BTW, that Post-Apocalyptic back drop is my back yard. Now with the CoVid thing, it feels that way.
  11. Thank you all for the comments. It was a fun build and kept me sane for a few days longer.
  12. Believe me, the thought crossed my mind when I built the Septic truck 2 years ago. I saw that picture and wanted to do it, but felt it was in bad taste. But in case you wanted t do a septic truck, it can be done. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/135273-cannonball-run-septic-truck/?tab=comments#comment-1969314
  13. I decided I need to get more done on this one today. I got the hydraulic cylinder built and installed and I built the basket for the operator to stand in. I have more details to add, but its a start. It is starting to look like something now. The boom does extend, the boom will rotate, and the basket swings and will pivot up and down at the end. I will post pictures of that at some point. Thanks Sam I Am, I keep digging through the and fining things I can use. I do have one or two of the other kits I got from you in the works also.
  14. This turned out to be a 5 day build. Opened the box Friday afternoon and finished it today, Wednesday around 3:30. Crazy what a "stay at home" order will do for your model hobby. It was a fun break from my more serious builds. See the finished project here:
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