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  1. Great job, turned out great. I am working on the very same kit as I view this. Its a great kit and it takes a ton of time. I like it and am inspired to keep going on mine
  2. Don't get your hopes up, it is about the same as the MPC TA. Not to say that its a bad kit, but I have both and I can't say one is any better than the other.
  3. I got the new issue of the 57 T-Bird and when I was figuring out the color, only one color seemed to be right for this build. I also built it for my wife to put on the piano. I added some details to it, but not a lot. I shaved all the details off the engine compartment and added them back myself. I added the wires, and a scratch built washer fluid bag. Wired it with orange wire and not the kit supplied stuff. I added carpet flocking and lots of BMF all over this build. Other than that it is mostly OOB. It was fun and got me into a 1/16th scale kit. I also have the Trans Am and a Lindberg Serpent Show Rod, with a Bull Horn on the way.
  4. I too will be watching this build. I have been working on this same kit off and on for about a month. The kit has a lot of short-comings and can use some added details. I am not sure you can even call the kit carburetor a "Holley" it is a lump of undefined plastic that has a minor resemblance to a carb. I have spent some time searching for a proper Rochester Q-Jet and there are none being made in 1:16 scale. Even though it is wrong, I may get a 3D printed Holley just because it has more detail and looks correct. Anyway, great job so far, I look forward to what you do with it.
  5. I wish I could do some of these 1/8th scale Eaglemoss and the like. Just too much money for me. I am also impatient and waiting for a year or more to get all the parts would drive me crazy. However I do have 3 1/8th scale Monogram kits, 2 Corvettes and an IROC. These things are huge and take up a lot of shelf space. As of now I have no idea where I am going to store/display them. Your kit is looking great, very nice kit. Do you plan to add more details? It looks like you could or just display it as sent. In the end I am sure it will be beautiful.
  6. I am glad you said that, as this is my plan and I am doing it because it will be more challenging. The body I have planned was never used as a "Stock Car" and so I will have to heavily modify the chassis to fit it under the body I chose. As it worked out, I have 2 kits that I just have not had any real inspiration on. Then this was suggested and I pulled them both out to see if it was possible, and it will be. 1 kit I got at Goodwill for $6 and the other I got at an Antique store for $7. So, I have room to add and make it fun.
  7. That would be fantastic, PM me and we can work out the details.
  8. Not that it can’t be done, but it would take a very skilled builder to even change the Courier into a Mazda Rotary truck. Almost every panel, grill and tailgate were different. I love those trucks and if there was a kit I would get it.
  9. Any chance you would be willing to 3D print that Distributor cap in 1:16 scale? I would be willing to buy a few. Let me know.
  10. Do a search here, there are several tutorials on hinges.
  11. I like to add details, but in 1:25 it is really hard. 1:16 and 1:8 makes it a lot easier for my bad hands
  12. For all interested. This should help clear up what all the bumps and details are. Also included are the real thing
  13. I just found these: https://www.shapeways.com/product/6AZK5PZ7H/1-16-carter-4-bbl-carburetors?optionId=41095056&li=marketplace Now, I know they are not the Q-Jet, but they are very close. For these kits it may be close enough for me. The kit carb is bad, these are not perfect, but a huge improvement.
  14. I feel your pain on this one. I have this very kit and it is lacking in details. I guess for $40 what do you expect? I also looked at Shapeways and found the tree of 5 carbs, but no Q-Jet. I may just order them and use the Holley. I am going to work on the distributor, scratch build one. If it turns out OK, I will let you know and make you one. I will just cast them. I have wondered if you were to contract someone that sells 1:24/1:25 stuff on Shapeways, if they could scale it up and re-list it. With the issues I have with my hands, I have purchased several 1:16 and 1:8 scale kits. It would be nice to have some detail parts to go with them. Let me know if you find any other 1:16 scale part to help these R2 kits we now have.
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