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  1. There are 3 (or more) ways to get flat on the interiors. 1. flat clear. I use Rustoleum, but any will work, there are Rattle can options and air brush option. 2. Use Testors or other favorite Matte paint 3. Craft paints are dead flat and work well for interiors. BTW, looking good, these are cool trucks.
  2. Thank you, and feel free to use any ideas or techniques you want. I am also happy to share my limited skills and knowledge.
  3. I love this idea. If you need another dirty dump Autocar for inspiration, I did this one during the first part of covid.
  4. Look closer, that is painted,not that they won't do it,but those are paint.
  5. That is so cool. If R2 does reissue it, I will get one. I love Neo-classic cars. This has a bit of the Neo-classic style. Zimmers and Excalibur’s are cool cars, overpriced and somewhat impractical, but I still like them. This will be a cool build.
  6. I was able to get some work done on the frame. Using the pictures of the Hackney I made the drop frame. I still have some work to do on the box design.
  7. More work on the truck today. I was able to get some paint on the cab and some work on the box. I added a chimney for a wood stove inside. Window, door. I also got my tires and wheels in the mail. I painted the door on the right side a different color and one of the hood sides tan. Sme dents in the fenders will add to the worn look I want. I was also able to gett he front axle cut to size and I made new springs to get the axle under it.
  8. My uncle had MS and was severly disabled. Hehad very limited use of his hands and arms, no use of his legs. He had a van that had a system like this, but not as fancy. It was like an aircraft yoke out of the floor with a very very small steering wheel in the middle. He pushed it forwards to go forward, back to stop and steering was 1/4 turn lock to lock. in the middle of the steering wheel was buttons that controlled the shifting, turn signals, lights etc. It allowed him and my aunt, also disabled, to get out and go places on their own. They were both wheel chair bound and this gave them freedom. However, it took my uncle a while and lots of training by the company that built it for him to safely drive it. So, I don't think everyone should drive a car like that, I am glad it was available for him.
  9. I know that there are several really good solvent based glues out there that people are really happy with, if so, keep using them and move on. However, if you feel like it is cheaper to buy drugs than that solvent based glue, I have a cheaper solution for you. MEK, Methyl Ethyl Ketone. Also known as Butanone. This is the solvent used to make your favorite glue. Tamyia Thin, Mr. Hobby etc. I can buy MEK for about $10-15 for a gallon. A many year supply. I do a lot of scratch building and this is the best glue I have found. It "welds" two parts together almst instantly, just like the name brand "thin" glues do. I have also found that if t is too thin, or I want a slighty thicker glue, I take another bottle squeeze out a tube of Testors style tube glue and then add MEK. This makes a more medium glue. MEK can also be used to make "Sprue Glue" or a plastic based filler. Yes, I knowt hat there are hazards with using MEK, however as it is the base of most solvent based glues anyway, you are already exposed to them. This is by far my favorite glue, per ounce a fraction of the cost, and it works superr quick, dries with no residue, leaves no trace behind other than a glued part. Can be applied with a small paint brush, or reuse that old name brand bottle. As always, use at your own risk. It is a solvent after all and as with ALL solvent based products we use there are health effects if not used properly.
  10. Congratulations Kurt. Superb build. A very well built Subaru.
  11. I found this, the company that builds these is called Hackney. A picture from the web site has good info on what the frame and body look like.
  12. Cool truck, that is the idea I am going for. I have been wanting a C cab truck anyway, I may get one to steal the gas engine from and stuff the C with the Diesel. The wheels would look good too. I do plan to go with the dropped frame. I will be swinging by a Hobby Shop this next week to stock up on the supplies I need for that conversion. It seems that even with all the Evergreen stock I have, I never have what I need.
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