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  1. I love what you are doing with this. These are great trucks and I think it is cool you are making an Ambulance. Great work.
  2. That’s not me, but I guess the same kit b
  3. If you want a bus like that, you might have to make one. I did out of a "Bonnett Bus" and a 65 Chevy truck.
  4. I have a 1996 issue of the Monogram Green Hornet kit. Not sure when the first issue was, but this is a copy down to the box art. This one was issued in 1996. This kit is new in the box and still shrink wrapped. Basically a brand new 25 year old kit. What do I want in trade? Nothing specific, but I might like a Japanese car kit, something different. Tamiya, Hasagawa, etc. Maybe something in 1/6th scale, any trucks, semi or pickup, vans, etc. What do you have? No race cars, muscle cars, or domestic cars unless its a wagon.
  5. I love where this is going. I converted my Ecto-1 into an Ambulance not a hearse. These are fun kits and to me, a great looking car. Converting the rear into a stretcher/Ambulance area was a challenge too, but I just cut it all out and rebuilt it.
  6. Yes, that is decals that came with the Moebius trailer. the trailer is a Moebius 53ft with Reefer. I used old Italeri decals.
  7. Progress has bee a bit slow on this. However I am almost finished with the trailer. I chose to use some decals from another trailer build I had. These are what was left over after last years Agents of SHEILD truck. They seem to fit this trailer and build nicely. I still need to finish the Thermo-King unit and add the lights, but its getting there. Right now I am struggling to make progress due to too many real world and scale projects and being gone out of state every week. I am only home on the weekends.
  8. This is looking really great. I love the new color. Also, in the picture below you will see a guard around the step, this is for shipping only and should be removed. It is there to protect the delicate step. Keep up the great work.
  9. Looking great. I did one of these a while back, a resto, and it was a great kit. I got lucky and mine was an unpainted assembled kit, with all its parts. I like where you are going with this.
  10. Well, not a lot of progress to report on this build. Still on the fence about the paint/theme. I am really tempted to change to the ERB decals in the trailer kit. Or I may change the trailer/load to something else and build this trailer for my Prostar truck. Somehow I am just not liking this build with the newer cab and trailer. I am thinking I will do Elenore again only with the correct classic truck. Anyway, I will post pictures later.
  11. Well, not much of an update on this one. I spent some time working on the sleeper and the bed. The beds in these always looks so fake and and plastic. I wanted to give it more of a real look. I mixed up some Elmers glue, Future Floor polish and water. I used this to spread a tissue down over the plastic bed. This gives it some better effects and it looks more like a blanket that would be in a sleeper. A little paint, and we are done. I then assembled the sleeper around it.
  12. Looking good, I like the water tank. I did one of the AMT logger kits a while back, and it was an older release, but from 80's-90's not original. It was not too bad, some flash, parts fit was reasonable. But I agree, not the best kit out there.
  13. Well, I am in for 2021 with the AMT FLC and a Moebius 53 foot with Reefer. Doing a modern rendition of the Truck Elenore from the Great Smokie Road Block.
  14. Looking great, I did this one recently and it is a great kit. The weathering and details are fantastic.
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