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  1. Oldmopars added a topic in The Truck Stop   

    Looking for ideas for a International DT-466T
    I am wanting to build a 1:25 replica of my 1985 International Blue Bird School Bus. It has a S1800 nose and I found that, but I have no lead on a DT-466T Its a 6 cyl. 
    Any ideas what kit might have a good engine to make into a DT-466T?
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  2. Oldmopars added a post in a topic HELP!!!!! Civilian Trucks in Military Service   

    The first pick is a Ford Econoline, I think there is a kit out there for that one, or maybe a Jimmy Flintstone conversion. The last photo is super easy, its just a Ford C-600. AMT currently sells this kit as a stake bed, but it includes the parts for a C-900 like pictured. All you will need to do is change to dual headlights. 
    Ford Econoline Van, could be modified.
    The tank trailer could be a modified version of the on with the Dodge L700. 
    As for the Chevy trucks, the cab is the same as the C10-30 like this kit. Its a start anyway. 
  3. Oldmopars added a post in a topic The donor car, I couldn't take apart.   

    As the others have said, it looks great with the red rims and 57 hub caps. I like it a lot. fantastic save.
  4. Oldmopars added a post in a topic My transtar   

    I love it, that is my favorite truck ever built. Paint color combo is perfect. Great job
  5. Oldmopars added a post in a topic Why is it called a "California" Hauler 359 ??   

    I believe it is because Peterbilt was founded in Oakland California and the 359 was built there. So, it was called the California Hauler. 
  6. Oldmopars added a post in a topic Ford LNT Snow Plow   

    I have been working on fixing the wheel issue, the painted Alcoa wheels look bad. Here is what I have so far. I do have some more that do not have bubbles in them, but I did not get pictures of them. I now have a new respect for people that do rain casting of truck parts/kits. What a pain. 

  7. Oldmopars added a post in a topic Polish, clear coat Plastic bodies?   

    The rest of the kit I am painting. I assembled the frame, and painted it, the engine, etc. I have painted every part of the truck, but the body is just so nice, I hate to chance it with paint. 

  8. Oldmopars added a topic in The Truck Stop   

    Polish, clear coat Plastic bodies?
    So, I have an Italeri Volvo FH16 kit that I am working on. It came cast is several colors, but all the body parts are white, and very nice. I wanted to paint it white anyway. Is it possible to just clear coat the white plastic? I love the detail it has and would hate to loose it to primer and paint. Could I polish it? What would you suggest? Also, if I do one of these options, do I do it before or after I assemble the body?
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  9. Oldmopars added a post in a topic Ford LNT Snow Plow   

    I am also working on resin casting some wheels from the American La France fire truck kit to put on this one. They are 5 hole steelies. 
  10. Oldmopars added a post in a topic Ford LNT Snow Plow   

    Thank you, I spent longer on the dash of this truck than I ever have on any model before. Of course I am spending way more time on this than I have in the past. It is therapeutic 
  11. Oldmopars added a post in a topic Ford LNT Snow Plow   

    Well still working on it. I got the interior finished, the windows are taped in in the photo. 

  12. Oldmopars added a post in a topic Ford LNT Snow Plow   

    I am in Graham, its not too far from Puyallup/Tacoma area. Near Ft Lewis/McChord. 
    Are you in Washington?
  13. Oldmopars added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    Ford LNT Snow Plow
    Well, I am new here, been lurking and reading, but thought I would post up a project I am working on.
    I have been out of the model building hoody for a lot of years, did it a lot when I was under 16, then took it up again while I was in the Air Force in my 20-30's, then have been a way from it again. Now in my late 40's I am getting back to it. 
    So, this is my second project, first was a C600 Ford. I wanted to do a work truck, something with no chrome. So, I found this NIB Ford Snow Plow. I love the old Fords and felt it was a good one to build. 
    Most all of the chrome was stripped, I wanted to use different wheels(and still might), but stripped the ones it came with and chose to go with the UPS truck style paint on the wheels. (body color with silver paint edge)
    I stripped the grill and mounted it before I painted the cab/hood. I will detail it soon by adding black in the holes. I am doing some light weathering, but nothing deep or heavy, just making it look like a used but cared for DOT snow plow. So, here is the current progress, hope to add more soon.

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