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  1. I will probably use some of these drawings when I build my Lowboy trailer. It will not be 3D printed, but modified from 2 AMT Lowboy trailers. This will help out a lot. I wish I could wait for you to off this as a kit, but I'm ready t go now.
  2. So, I ordered 2 AMT 880 Lowboy kits. My plan is t cut them up, make the lowboy into a much lower trailer like see above, narrow the front to a Goose neck style and add a Jeep Dolly. I may add a drop axle to the rear also. This is going to be fun. I will have 20lbs of styrene and need a huge shelf for it. Below is the direction I am thinking. A bit shorter on the front dolly, but I like the drop down axle at the rear as opposed to a long extended version.
  3. I am thinking I need to order 2 lowboy kits and make a drop deck trailer. I am thinking that the overall height may be too high. If I drop it down, make it longer and maybe even create a dolly it should work. I will extend the sides too.
  4. Well, I now have a direction for this. I did a mock up of what the final product will look like. I used a AMT Lowboy trailer from another build to see if it will work. I think it is going to take a big of creativity to make it fit, but some extensions may just do the trick. I built up the frame, engine and dump box this last week while in a Hotel near a job I was working. Next week I have to fly to to the job, so I can't bring it with me. Anyway, here is where it is currently at with the truck, Payhauler and the type of trailer I will use. I will get a new trailer as this one is in use.
  5. Thanks again, I thought I had a truck with this on it and it turns out I have the perfect kit. I have an old issue ERTL International 4300 Eagle that I have been slowly working on, but had stalled as I did not really have a vision for it. However it is a perfect compliment to the IH Pay Hauler and it has the Hendrickson suspension that was suggested. However it looks like I may need to add a drop axle.
  6. What kits would have the Hendrickson Walking Beam? And would it work with triple drive, or just add a standard drop axle?
  7. Here is a picture I found. Looks like the trailer would be a lot of scratch building. I count 5 axles on the trailer alone. However I did find other pictures of it on a 3 axle trailer. Not sure what is right.
  8. I just got the new released AMT/ERTL Payhauler 350. What a nice kit. I want to build a truck and trailer to haul it and I want it to be realistic. The truck brand does not matter, but what should I look for/build to make it able to haul this huge load? How many axles? Would I need standard 2 driven and a drop axle? 3 Driven axles? I assume I would want a larger flotation front tire, but what about the rears? I want it to be era correct, and heavy duty, thinking maybe a Mack DM600, Mack R685ST, White or a REO? It would need a big engine too, any suggestions? Trailer, I know it will need to be big, but how big? How many axles would I need? Would it need a gooseneck dolly? I really have no idea how much trailer I need, and what a good starting point is. Please share your wisdom on this with me. I know there are truck drivers on here as well as just truck nuts.
  9. I think you would be safe either way on the fire wall. There is always so much "Stuff" on the fire wall that they look black in most photos. However they are painted body color from the factory. They always have insulation and black plastic panels that cover the body color. So, black would be a fine choice as that is what you would normally see. As for the build, you are doing a great job. This thing is fantastic. I love all the extra details you have put into it, great job, keep it up. Oh, and the added fender extensions here in the USA are called "Fender Flares" if aftermarket or "Wheel Arch Moldings" if from the factory. You did a great job making those, they look perfect.
  10. I am in need of some AMT Ford C600 glass. I can use more than one set if anyone has some extra hanging around. I acquired 3 trucks and there is no glass in any of them. Thank you.
  11. So this build is going slowly, but at least it is still moving. I have decided to do some weathering on it to give it a bit of an older well used look. I have just begun and so bare with me as I have a long way to go. I still need to do a lot to the chassis as I am working with a previously built chassis. More to come.
  12. Well, a C141B in 1/25th scale would be 6.74ft long, 6.4ft wide, and 1.6ft tall. It would consume more space than I have for building, and use 100lb or more of styrene. Cool idea, but not real practical. I would need a shop with machine tools and a water-jet.
  13. Thanks, but I was a C141B guy. A 1/25th scale C141B would take my whole room, and I am not that skilled.
  14. I did get some paint on the cab and the interior, but the paint I used takes almost a week to cure, so I have not touched it and have no pictures yet. Not forgotten.
  15. Thank you all for your interest. I have traded this for something I wanted. I am glad to send it on to someone that will do it justice and not sit unwanted on my shelf. I return, I get what I was looking for.
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