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  1. So, this has been a slow month for modeling. The sun is coming out here and the weather is getting nice and my brain is more focused on my Motorcycle and motorcycle trips this summer than on building models. ADHD sucks sometimes. However I did get the trailer painted and played with some deck options. These are made out of Popsicle sticks. It puts the 1:25 scale size to just over 7in wide. I did some light weathering and scratching through to the "Metal" BMF I put under the paint. Still have more to do, but it is getting there.
  2. Are these both AMT Rigs? Help!

    Look for Castrol Super Clean, same stuff.
  3. Wood Trailer Decking Question

    Well this is my second attempt. I need to weather it up a bit to make it look more like the deck of a truck used to haul a Dozer, but I think I am getting there. These work out to a scale 9in, so a little wide, but not too bad.
  4. Yep, I used to live on the WET side, but I moved a few years ago to the dry side, where the sun shines. I still work for a company in Kent, but work remotely from home. I have friends and family over there still too. I have not been sorry yet that I moved. Even if just for the difference in traffic it was worth it. I never go anywhere that I can't exceed the speed limit if I wanted to because there is no traffic even at "rush hour".
  5. Very cool. I live in the Yakima area.
  6. Nice project, it looks like the sleeper is custom made using the original doors from the kit(molded in Yellow). I have this kit NIB and plan to do it someday, I will be watching.
  7. VW Beetle Mooneyes

    Very nicely done, the weathering is outstanding and all the little details really make it pop. The interior is full of details too. Great job.
  8. Wood Trailer Decking Question

    I am working on the deck of my low boy trailer. I want to use real wood and found Craft Sticks in several sizes at HL. Now I need to decide the proper width for the boards. I did some looking on the web and all I have been able to find are 3in, 5in and 7in deck boards, however when I measure the deck boards on the fake wood that comes in the kit, it is 10.75in wide. 10.75 in scale is .43 and would require fewer cuts and fewer overall boards. Have you seen 10+in deck boards on trailers? I have done some redecking of trailers and I just do not remember how wide the boards were.
  9. B.R.B.O has taken all of my time, the deadline is sooner. But I may drag it out this next week and do some updates to it.
  10. Italari American wrecker truck

    I like it, looks good. Coffee cup and clip board are a nice touch. I did the same on one of mine. Very nice
  11. Well, not a lot to report here, but I have been moving forward. I got the trailer put back together. It was in pieces because the previous owner had done a very poor job. Huge gaps, tones of glue, mold lines everywhere, sprue tabs, and total misalignment. Now it is back together and is not perfect but as good as I can do with what I had to work with. Some parts I just could not get apart due to the massive amount of glue. Those I had to just sand in place or do what I could. I found some real thin Balsa wood at a Airplane hobby shop in town. I may use it to replace the wood on the deck. I can stain it and even dent it up a bit. I still have the original deck "wood" so if it turns out bad, I can try to make the plastic "wood" look good. I plan to add some Foil to some area where the tracks of the Dozer would run. This way I can scratch up the paint down to bare metal to look like the real thing. As it is, its not real impressive, but it is progress.
  12. Revell 60’s Beetle Baja Bug

    I love Baja's. I have owned several and wish I still had one. I look forward to seeing this progress, your doing great so far.
  13. 1989 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am GTA Rebuild

    Back in the early 2000's when I was still in the Air Force, I had an Airman working for me that had a Trans Am GTA or W30(I think). It looked just like this, I think it was an 89. We spent a whole weekend installing a bunk of performance parts including new headers and a cat back, pulleys and all kinds of stuff. When we got done it was pretty quick for what it was. It was in near perfect condition, white,leather, etc. Beautiful car. The following Tuesday (2 days later) he was late to work. Some moron in a pickup ran a red light and ripped the front end right off the car. Totaled it. I ended up selling him a 4 door Dodge Aspen that looked like it was a former Government car so he would have some wheels. I felt bad for him, the TA was a really nice car and it would be worth a little bit today as it was a low production optioned car. This one that you are doing is the twin to that car, brings back memories. I look forward to seeing it done. It looked like this:
  14. How do you display your rigs??

    I would post a picture, but I am too embarrassed by what I have currently. As of now I just have a shelf with my models collecting dust. I would like to have something better, but it works for now. In truth, I enjoy building them, but once built I take pictures and share them here, but other than that, no one else cares. I never show them to anyone and I don't think my family has any idea what goes into them either. So, some day I may box them up and sell them or rip them apart and build something else. I don't ever see me having a large display case full of my finished models. I have been building models for over 40 years. The only ones I have are the ones I have finished in the last 2 years. The rest (many) are long gone.
  15. 1/43 Kenworth Day Cab Better Pics

    I agree, I am glad someone else is doing the 1/43 stuff. I have enough trouble with the 1/24-1/25 stuff. I can barely hold on to the parts. Can't tell you how much time I spend on the floor looking for parts I have dropped. Straightliner59, it is looking good. I will enjoy seeing the finished product.