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  1. Kenworth W980?

    I kind of like it, it still has a little of the classic truck style, but with a modern look. They have to keep moving forward, if not they will die. Compared to several other modern trucks, this looks really good. I would build a model of one if someone makes it.
  2. Can't wait for these to be done, I need to make one for my Daughter, and one for me, and one for.......
  3. 2018 Cannonball Run

    Making slow progress but getting there. I finally got around to putting some paint on the Septic truck. I had planned to go with the Stool Bus theme, but could not find a good graphic to put on a decal that I liked. So, it is now going to be a septic truck for Universal Construction. Right now it is very "clean", it will not be when I am done, it will have evidence of the produce it hauls all over the outside when I am done.
  4. Thanks, I will ponder the ideas. Kind of a shame, I wanted to put the slant 6 in it, but the engine compartment is terrible, huge gaps and poor detail. It would be a waste of a nicely detailed slant 6. I may do the Dio thing or make it a "barn find" rust bucket on a trailer with no engine.
  5. I have this kit that has been on my shelf for a while. Every time I open it up, I just seem to put it back out of frustration. The kit is just bad. The chassis is zero detail, the fit is poor at best, the body is not very good, the grill and head lights are not even close to the 1:1. I know some have put the Duster chassis under it, but for me, that would be a waste of a good Duster kit, I like them better. My plan was to put a slant 6 in it, and so I gave the engine away. I wanted to make a very basic, low trim level 'Cuda If anyone has any suggestions of how to turn this Sows Ear into a Silk Purse, let me know. Otherwise it will go back on the shelf or be traded for something I can use.
  6. Keep in mind that the grill opening of the C60 truck is taller than the C10-30. The grill would have the Chevrolet letters on top of the grill, where the C10-30 it is stamped in the grill. You would need to have 2 front ends, and graft them together to get the right grill opening. It can be done. https://www.purplewave.com/auction/150429/item/F7609 VS. https://www.autabuy.com/Vehicles/Details.cfm?VID=42187510&Year=1965&Make=Chevrolet&Model=C10
  7. It is the Italeri #3899 it is molded in white and has Italian flag colored graphics.
  8. I have had this kit started for several months, but I kept running into a block as to what to do with the paint. Nothing seemed to hit me right. No color seemed to speak to me, so I asked the question if OD green would work. I got a response that the Swiss Army has a contract with Iveco to supply them with trucks, and the Stralis 4x2 was on the list. So, inspired I build this truck. I put the EcoStralis decals on it, because it seemed like the thing the Swiss Army would order. Some Swiss plates and no chrome.
  9. Detriot diesel 6.2 or 6.5TD engine as a model?

    If it was me, I would modify a 454 to look like a 6.2/6.5L Diesel. Unless the Chevy truck you are building is 1/24 scale, the Meng motor will be a bit large. It would not be too hard to make a 454 look like a 6.2. The intake could be modified and the carb removed. Then add an injection pump and delete the distributor. Then use stiff wire for the fuel lines and bend them to look like fuel lines not ignition wires. A big thick aircleaner with 2 wings nuts and your set. If you do it right, you will be the only one to know if was not a 6.2L Diesel to start with. I am sure the Meng is nice, but they are not a cheap way to get a motor.
  10. Military Iveco Stralis Hi-Way?

    Lucky for me the kit came with Swiss License plates. I am excited about this build again. Its back on a new track.
  11. Military Iveco Stralis Hi-Way?

    Thanks, mine will be a Stralis 4x2. Just need to add some military stuff to the trailer when I get it.
  12. Military Iveco Stralis Hi-Way?

    Well, I said the heck with it and took it out and shot it with OD green. I like it so far. I will have to post some pictures in the build area.
  13. Military Iveco Stralis Hi-Way?

    I have an Iveco Stralis I have been building for a little bit. I keep running into a blank when it comes to the paint job. So I have been throwing around the idea of painting it OD Green. However, while I have visited the UK/Europe I know very little about the military and don't know if a truck like this would even be used. My plan is to get a 1/24 or 1/25 scale tank(rare) and maybe a 1/24 Land Rover to put on a trailer someday. Would this be totally wrong, or would this be something that is seen on the road in Europe/UK? I guess it would be more Europe then UK as this Iveco is Left hand drive.
  14. Modelhaus Shasta w/ 60 Chevy SD resin build thread ..

    Great Idea, but I think you are right, the Shasta looks more like 1/24 or larger and the Chevy 1/25 or smaller. Maybe a 1/24 car or truck would be a better fit. I love the idea though.
  15. Hubley Metal 32 Chevy.

    Very cool, I will be following. I have 3 Hubley Fords I am working on. I have at least 2 hours into trimming and sanding on one of them.