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  1. 1950 Ford junker - Learning curve thread

    For the interior you might try to make a seat frame out of wire, thicker for the out frame and thinner for the springs. Then use some cloth or paper towels to partly cover it and paint to look old and ripped up. You could use ball point pen springs, a lot of them, for the springs in the seats. Use some cotton balls for the padding under the fabric? I would fill the floor with dirt and old car parts. You could even make the top frame out of wire and styrene with bits of the top still hanging on. I may even use these ideas on an old 53 I have.
  2. Tire history?

    As I have been building this Gasser I have learned a lot about the early Gasser history. One thing I can't seem to find is a tire history. I know that M&H Race Master tire were around from the 50's. but when did they stop the Pie Crust side walls and go to a smooth side wall. Someone said the Goodyear Blue streaks did not come out till 1964 or 1965? What other tires were out there and when were they produced? Is there anywhere that has a history and timeline for when the different tires were made and what they looked like? Google has not been much help this time.
  3. Pie Crust Slicks wanted

    That would be perfect, I was not able to PM you and so I was not sure if you were aware that I still wanted them. Thank you and I do still want them.
  4. Pie Crust Slicks wanted

    I have been working on a 40 Ford Gasser and to be correct for the era I want I need some Pie Crust Slicks. I have some Blue line ones to trade or ?. I am really wanting to have this car accurate for the time, so if you have an extra set, let me know.
  5. L700 with a 40 Ford Gasser

    Well, in a way, yes. I took the rear half and used it to make a flatbed. I extended the frame and moved the axle rearward. I think it will better represent the double duty truck that I wanted. I want it to look like a farm rig that is used to haul the family race car to the track on Sundays. I don't have any pictures, but I fixed the rear axle. The way it is from the kit the axles are weak and misshapen. I cut off and drilled out the axles and replaced it with .125 Evergreen tube. I pushed it into the axle about .5in to make sure that it is strong. Way better than the way the kit has it.
  6. 1940 Ford A/G or B/G Gasser Build

    I have been moving a little slow on this, but I did get some work done on the seats. I figured that in 62 there was no Simpsons seat belts, or if they were around, Air Craft seat belts were way more affordable and available. So, I put a set on the drivers side only as the Ford would not have had them factory or needed them for racing. Added a little weathering to the seats too. Got a little paint on the dash too. I also mocked up the truck that it will be paired with.
  7. Looks cool, are you going to put the motor in it?
  8. Did you ever get the rims you needed. I have a few I can spare I think.
  9. So, I am working on a new project. My plan is to build a L700 and put the 40 Ford that came with it on the trailer. However the Ford is really bad and so I decided to make it a period Gasser from 1962. I have the build for that here: As for the L700, I have started it. I have spent a bunch of time first getting the stance correct so it does not look like a stink bug. I also got the doors fitted before the paint so I could make sure they fit right.
  10. 1940 Ford A/G or B/G Gasser Build

    In an attempt to keep this correct to the era, I pulled the manifold off and put the 3 duces from the 58 Chevy kit on it with the air cleaner from the 40 Ford. I now have added a hood scoop made from an old roof top Air Conditioner from a Peterbilt. I added some wires and painted the engine. The header do not show in the picture, but they are fender exit style that became legal in 1962. Max 2 exits, ending in a collector. I went with the stock style distributor as I did not know what custom ignitions would have been right, and stock I know would be. As you can see, the engine is a really tight fit. The wires are too close together and all come out of the center of the cap and can't be seen, so they are not necessarily in the right order, but look good anyway. I am having a slight delay, I need to get into town to buy some primer. I work from home and only go to town once every week or so. I live kind of out in the sticks in the foot hills. I should be able to grab some Thursday.
  11. Comparing the AMT and Revell 1940 Ford Coupes.

    That is why my build of a Lindberg 40 Ford is being made into a 60's era Gasser. I have cut off or replaced most of the problems and fixed what I did not remove or replaced. To make anything like seen above would take more time and skill than I possess.
  12. 1/16 Scale Army Vega Funny Car - Finished Pics

    While I did not follow the last 7 years, I have cured through the build over the last few months. I am blown away buy the detail you put into this thing. It is truly outstanding. Many of the pictures
  13. Comparing the AMT and Revell 1940 Ford Coupes.

    Does anyone know the history on the Lindberg '40 ford? I am building one right now, and let me tell you it would take a lot of work to get on to turn out as nice as the 2 kits here. However, the kit looks to be the same as the AMT kit. Everything is identical, just that the Lindberg kit seems to be made out of old worn out AMT tooling. Body lines are more of a hint that a grove, the flash is bad and details weak. I am spending hours just fixing poor body lines and fixing fit issues. Is it possible that the AMT and the Lindberg kit were at one time the same kit?
  14. Austin Mini V-Tec rear engine

    I love this, it turned out great!
  15. 1940 Ford A/G or B/G Gasser Build

    I would love a set. I tried to PM you but it says that you can not receive messages. I have a P.O. box, so I can just give you that. P.O. Box 591 Naches Wa 98937 Thank you so very much, it will help me finish it in the right era.