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  1. Kind of, but a bit different looking. https://www.curbsideclassic.com/blog/engines/advertising-classics-the-gmc-60-degree-v6-an-almost-forgotten-entry-from-gms-most-creative-period/
  2. So, I'm working on a project and want to make sure I have the right Transfer case for a 60s-70s Ford. Assume you had a 302/351 with a C6, would a Dana 20 or a NP205 be best? Driver drop I assume? Since I am modeling it, would an Atlas be more desirable behind a custom small block?
  3. Those would be rather easy to make, I can add it to the list, but as I have said, I design, I don't print. So, I can create them and you will need to print them or find someone that can. I work out of town 5 days a week and like to spend time with my family when I am home. This leaves no time to b printing stuff other than some test prints for project to verify they are right or stuff for my own projects. I design while in hotels on the road. This picture below took me about 3 minutes to draw. I would need some dimensions to make it accurate, but super easy to do.
  4. Its kind of funny how things go. I am the one that asked Rico to design the hood and grill for the Ramcharger/Trailduster a few years ago. I hated the 80 grill/hood and wanted something different and had no way of doing it myself. Several years later and I am designing and selling stuff myself. Rico does awesome work and I am very thankful for his efforts in making these great grills and hoods. He also does other cool stuff for other kits. @camaro69 If you want to work on the Chevy truck grills, go for it. I know you can do a great job on them, and create a great product. I am not sure how soon I will get to them.
  5. Making the "High Top" for these vans could be done. I have both a Ford and a Chevy, but no Dodge kit yet. To make a top that is universal to all 3 kits could be done, however it would require that it be made oversized and the buyer would have to trim it to fit. This might put off some people as this would not be an easy task. However for me, it would make the job a lot easier as I could design 3 or 4 different styles that would fit all 3 vans. Keep in mind though, anybody willing to print a part this large is going to ask a fair price for it. This would be a big print and the price will reflect that. Reach out to Texas 3D Customs for a quote, you may decide it is not worth it. In this case I think it would be most cost effective if there is a resin caster that is willing to take a 3D print and cast a bunch. This would bring the cost down a lot. That way the cost of the print is divided across many parts dropping the total cost. Any resin caster interested?
  6. I may just do that. Between your skills and knowledge, plus better resins, I think you can get it to print right.
  7. Multiple compound curves of the grill are a challenge, but I think I have it figured out. Now if I can get ot to print right.
  8. You may have seen I have been working on one of these for a little while. If you need a back end, let me know.
  9. I'll add it to the Chevy van list. Don't think there will be a lot of demand though.
  10. The first print told me I need to make some adjustments. I may try to add a back to the grills to add some strength. I also need to correct the side profile. Last thing is to figure out how to print it so it doesn't warp.
  11. I have those wheels covers made for the bronco kit if anyone needs them.
  12. Oldmopars


    I have several sets of the Cragar Coke Bottles, Let me know if there is a specific kit or something you need. Mine are from newer kits.
  13. OK, Good news, well kind of. I made some progress on the grill. I am going to try to print it and see if it comes out anything close to what I want. There will need to be some slight hand finishing as I just could not get the curves at the outer edges right, but as it is resin, sanding will be super easy and take less time than me beating my head on the wall getting fusion to make it right. It is currently 7 parts. 2 turn signals, 2 headlights, 2 grill inserts and 1 main grill shell. This will make it much easier to paint. Sorry, the FORD letters are just too small to print separately, but have a nice recess for paint. I am going to put it on the printer this weekend I hope.
  14. A U-Haul body would be a lot easier and cheaper to make out of sheet stock. Check Evergreen and Plastruct for tons of options.
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