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  1. I have never seen the movie, but from the pictures this is looking spot on. I love the work you are doing, fantastic.
  2. Looking great. I love what you are doing by updating/fixing without taking away from the original idea of he car. I was also thinking how scary the real car would have been to drive with the 2 engine set up the way they are. I bet it handled like a dump truck also.
  3. Mods: Body: Opened side and rear doors, converted from slider to 2 swing out doors Opened roof and built custom "High Top" Added RV item, vents, doors, etc. Custom bumper, winch, brush guard. Added side window. Interior: Full camper interior: sink, stove, toilet, drawers, table with map, fridge. Door panels, rear interior panels custom center console Suspension: Full 4x4 conversion Dana 60 front and rear, 205 Transfer case Other: Propane system Fireball wheels and tires 2 tone paint and mural of Indian on the side.
  4. I have never been a fan of Snap-Together models, but after doing this one, I may have to do a few more of these trucks. It was so nice to be able to put it together and take it apart without any glue. This made mock ups easy. So, this is a truck that will be used in a future project where the trailer will be the main focus. I will be scratch building a Fruit Straddle trailer. They are used a lot around here to haul boxes of fruit to the processing plants. This started out as a W900 Aerodyne sleeper cab. It was all molded as one part, so I had to cut the cab from the sleeper and make a new back panel to convert it to a day cab. The wheels and tires that come in these kits are junk, so I used some rear wheels and tires from my junk box to give it more of a working farm truck look. Leaving the chrome fronts still gives it the little dress up that some farmer do without the full Bling that it came with. A little matte clear on the fronts toned them down to have the aluminum look. I did not get into any extra details, just let it mostly box stock as I want the focus to be on the trailer I make later. But for now it looks ok and I am satisfied with it.
  5. That thing is looking great. I love the stock look of it. BTW, the transmission that is in the car, is a manual. In your first pictures of the engine and trans you can see it is a manual trans. It may have been easier to just add one more peddle. This is not a criticism but thought I would point it out as some don't know the difference between a Auto and Manual from the look of them. An auto will (Almost) always have a flat oil pan/sump.
  6. I agree, I would get some small rod and make one. You can take the old one, whatever if left of it and trace the shape on paper, then use the rod and a candle to heat it and bend it to match the shape of the original. Even if you screw up 5-6 of them it will take less time and money than locating one. Small rod is dirt cheap and it should only take a few minutes to make it.
  7. I cut some small thin .020 sheet and glued it to the inside of the cab. This acted like a guide to align the two cab halves. I also sanded the cab halves flat on a flat surface before gluing anything. I hope the pictures with help. In the end the cab went together really easy and the fit is great.
  8. Very nice, I will be watching. I have this same kit on the shelf. I already did the SD version of this truck and made it into a Septic truck. I will do the DD version next. DID CF ever have a DD version?
  9. It is just clear plastic that I have for making windows and I "Tinted" it with some spray bumper coating paint. I just sprayed it very lightly
  10. Good to see you are still going on this. Hope I am around long enough to see it finished.
  11. Thanks. What really makes me cry is there is a International 4070B for sale on Craigslist with trailer for a really decent price, but I just don't need it. I have always wanted one, but I can't explain to my wife why I need a real 4070B with 40ft trailer when I don't even have a CDL. Nor do I have anything to haul with it. I guess I will just keep looking for a 1:25 ERTL 4070B
  12. I picked up this Revell Snap KW W900. I realy don't like the Aerodyne sleeper it has on it and I am looking for a nice day cab for a future trailer build. So, I am cutting this one down into a day cab. I have the cab cut, the back wall installed and most of the body work done. I still have a few minor spots to finish up, but I will address those after I get thew rear window cut out and installed. I did a search for the back of the cab, day cab, and could find 1000 pictures of the front of a W900, but I think I only found 2 pictures from the back, but that is all I need. I still need to figure out about the wheelbase. It seems like it is a bit too long, but unless I use some custome step type tanks, I can't cut it down too much.
  13. Well, I am done. Or as done as I will be for this one I think. There is always something else to add or tweak, but I am happy with it as is, so its done.
  14. After many attempts to post I cut my post into smaller bites, 2-3 sentences. I kept editing and adding them back in one at a time until it would not let me edit anymore. I then started a replay and finished adding. No words were changed from the original post. Is there a limit on number of words? I have read many posts many times larger than mine.
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