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  1. Great job. Being more of a Chevy van guy myself, I had to go look at some pictures of the side doors, and you got them spot on. Chevy vans always had asymmetrical side doors, but looks like Ford used symmetrical doors. Always learning
  2. I know nothing about it, but it does say that it is Die Cast. That thing must be HEAVY! Unless it is smaller than 1:25 scale that thing would be a beast. I want one.
  3. Actually, this is the Dozer that I thought was beyond repair. I was able to use the Dozer you sent to copy the needed parts and make this one work, while being able to save the one you sent to use in a future build. So, between the 2 kits I was able to make 2 complete kits even though both were missing things. It worked out good, thanks.
  4. I love how you turned that Sows ear into a Silk purse. You did a great job and the truck really looks the part. It looks like a well used farm truck. I used to see these all the time where I grew up and this looks just like the ones I remember. Great job.
  5. Please add me to the finished list. I just posted "Under Glass"
  6. If you read the build thread on this you will see that this was built to honor the brave men and women that fought the fire that came through my land last year. They worked really hard and due to their efforts all I lost was a bunch of sage brush. We were so blessed. This is a tribute to all of the fire fighters that helped us, and those around the country that work hard every day. I wish I would have had decals that were more local, but that just did not happen. Here it is, all done, for now. This is this years entry into the Big Rig Build Off. This started its life with me as 3 glue bombs. I got these in a box of parts from a member on this forum with a bunk of other truck parts. Lucky for me, while they were glued together, there was little to no painting that had been done. This made things easier, however the glass in the cab was complete junk and had to be remade out of sheet clear. Several parts were missing or broken, so the parts box helped out there. The truck F2674 International, was taken apart, cleaned and then I shortened the frame by 2in to make it fit the plan better. The roof top spoiler was also removed and holes filled. I scratch built the mud flaps and hangers from wire metal foil and some old flaps I had. Roof top lights are from a Ghost Busters computer monitor and spot lights with red lenses. Aluminum tube replaced the stock kit exhaust pipe and decals from an Italeri kit donated the cab marker lights. Fine screen from a coffee maker filter basket is used behind the grill. AMT Rescue van gave its decals for the doors and flags, parts box fender lights finished the cab. All paint on this project is Rust-oleum Painters Touch Gloss Apple Red. The trailer was treated the same way with a full tear down and clean up. The 6 sets of wheels are parts box from a trailer kit I got in the deal. Balsa wood decking and some new parts box lights added to the look. The tops of the rails and the rear ramps are covered in metal foil before the paint, then scratched off after paint to have "metal" showing where the tracks would have scratched off the paint. A little light weathering and rust completed this part. The Dozer required the most effort to make look good. There was a huge amount of glue holding everything together. The rear of the Dozer had to be completely reworked. I added a heavy plate and bolt details to the rear and part of the side. Small details were added to the tanks, the Hydraulic rams, and the blade arms. The blade and the arms were both covered in metal foil before paint also with the same treatment as the trailer, but more aggressive. An extra plate was also added to the front of the blade like is done to reinforce the center. The engine was detailed with plumbing and wires, the exhaust stack is full scratch build out of aluminum. The rams are also aluminum tubing. The grill was cut out and more coffee filter screen was used. Lots of weathering was done on the Dozer to show use. The dirt is soil from my yard and worked out well.
  7. I love it, this is cool. If made into a 1:1 that thing would be fun to drive, all that weight removed it would be pretty fast. Good job on this, it looks great.
  8. I like what you did to the trunk on that I did something very similar to the trunk on my 41 Plymouth Peking car. I added "Ribs" and then covered it with cloth. I used clear Elmers to glue it and painted it flat black for the Canvas effect.
  9. We have color! I hope the color combo screams 1975, that is what I was after. As you can see there are a few flaws in the paint I need to sand out before a clear coat. But, it is moving along. In the background you can see my major B.R.B.O. project and why this is taking so long. I have much to do, but I should be on track to have this finished by the end of the year.
  10. I like where this is going. Are you going to keep it as a panel van or add the windows to a family hauler?
  11. I would love to see it, but the pictures are not showing up for me.
  12. Is this the dually kit? If so are you keeping the dually set-up? I am in need of the wheels and tires from a dually if you are going a different direction. PM me.
  13. My Square body is still a work in progress. I am not happy about the wheels, and plan to replace them with some resin ones or from the Ford F350 Dually kit. I still have a ways to go, but it is going to be a replica of my 1:1.
  14. So, as many of you know the Big Rig Build Off has been going on for the last several months and it is coming to a close soon. This Dozer is part of the set I am building. There will be a truck, trailer and this Dozer. I figured I would post this here on its own, then when I am done I will put them all together as a set. Last year a huge fire came through my are and burned over half of my land (15 acres). My house was not touched due to the efforts of the fire fighters. Lucky for me what did get burned was just sage brush and so I lost nothing to the fire except weeds. Some of my neighbors lost fences, trees, bushes, but only 2 structures were damaged. So, this build is a tribute to the men and women that worked so hard to save our houses. I built this mostly from the box, but with a lot of details added. The weathering on this is light as the fire crews take good care of their stuff and will paint it when it gets beat up looking. The Hydraulic cylinders and the exhaust are both aluminum, the cross bar behind the blade is brass and the blade arms and the blade surface are both covered in foil to give it the steel look. I painted the arms then scraped off the paint to expose the "steel" under the paint like it had been worn off over time. Where I live we have really fine soil in areas and I used that to weather it. The mud, or dried on dirt is dirt from my yard mixed with Future and in some ares some paint. Its fine nature is perfect for the scale. The engine and hydraulic cylinders are plumbed and the engine was oiled up with some Tamia XF-1 black and Future for a was. Never saw an old Diesel that didn't leak oil, so it needed it. Paint is Rust-oleum Painters Touch 2X Gloss Apple Red with Rust-oleum Matte clear. Enjoy. Oh, and this was not a new kit. This was a glue bomb I got in a box with other stuff. It was a mess. Much of the details were required just due to the original parts being junk. SOmeday I may add a roll bar/cab, but for now time is about up and I need to finish the rest of the project.
  15. Due to the time issues, I think I am going to call the Dozer, Done. I need to get working on the trailer, it still needs a bit to go and if I keep going on the Dozer, I won't hit the finish line. So, here it is.
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