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  1. I keep plugging away at this project. I got the interior finished. I used some tissue painted with some thinned green paint and Future. It caused it to wrinkle up just right as I did it. I also got he engine installed, the old guy that owns this had to replace the engine with one from an 80's Chevy. It is dirty and I wired it. It is hard to see the ignition wires, but they are there as well as the coil. I've got he wheels and tires on, weathered the wheels. I still need to get the grill and the front bumper dechromed and painted white, then weathered. But I am getting there.
  2. I plan to replace the rivets, just looking out for the best method right now. And yes, just swap the left side to the right side. I could have got it a little lower, but this was the first time doing it. I will get the lower next time.
  3. Let's see your TV and movie cars!

    I love this, that movie was so bad, but I still remember it from 30years ago. I would never had thought to do the car. Maybe it was the best "B" movie ever?
  4. Great choice on the Fire truck theme. This is my own personal Ex-Fire truck. Its a 1985 Chevy K30 4X4 with Reading box converted to Fire/Medic use. It still has all the labels of what goes in each cabinet and the Cert for Emergency use. And best of all, it only 17K original miles on it.(Documented) I am building a 1:25 copy of it just for fun.
  5. '57 Ford Del Panel

    WOW, WOW, WOW!!! That is Awesome! I love the paint, though never a big fan of the "Low Riders" that is one outstanding model. Good job. I too have one in the Que, but plan for a "Showroom" stock version.
  6. John Deere Backhoe

    Very nice, looks perfect. The Dio is spot on too. You did a great job. I want to do one of these and a Dozer, the Dozer is being reissued, hope this does too.
  7. Well, I still need to do some painting on the interior and the wheels are now primed as well as the frame. I am getting closer. Today I added a few details to the exterior. I did the lights on the rear, wipers, glass and added some Dull wash to tone down the shine. I fought with the wipers, tried several times to glue them on. I finally drilled and pinned them, this worked the best. When I move out of this RV I am living in I will get the rest of it painted.
  8. I know that we are a good bit into the year on this, but i will be joining this with a Revell 1980 Dodge Ramcharger converted to a 1974 Plymouth Trail Duster with 3D printed hood and grill. I have to finish my Cannonball Run "Stool Bus" and TAT Pete first, or at least get close before I devote too much time on this. But I will be joining soon.
  9. Corvette America

    I had one of these many years ago (mid 80's) It never looked ugly to me back then, but now I see how ugly it really is.
  10. So, I made a little more progress on the Cab of the Stool Bus. I needed to figure out how to lower the headlights. I saw how some others did it, but just did not like the idea of cutting of the bumps and then cutting in the new recesses. So, I did it my own way. I basically made a box around the headlights, cutting wide at the bottom and tight to the headlights at the top. This way I could flip the parts side to side and they would lower the lights. See the pictures as it makes sense. Also, in the last picture you can see that I drilled out the vent below the headlight on the passenger side. I will be adding a fine mess screen after paint. Now I need to find some very very small rivets to add back the ones that got removed doing this mod. I am also thinking about removing the wipers, sanding back the window trim to fix the top of the cab(casting lines) then add back the trim. It is really poor and shallow anyway. Then get some PE wipers.
  11. Correcting the White Freightliner headlights issue

    This is the Rivet detail I want to restore
  12. I have been working on correcting the White Freightliner headlight issue, them beeing too high. I cut them out and flipped them side to side(will be in my build thread), but not matter what I tried, I just ended up loosing the rivet details. Is there any way to do this without loosing the details? Anyone sell very tiny rivets that I can add back? Any other ideas?
  13. No, not a plumber, just good with Google and I have seen them in person so I have taken pictures of the trucks I see.
  14. Rat rod kenworth

    Looks great. I have been wanting to do a Rat Rod truck also, I will be following
  15. 1960 Chevy "Hard Luck" Impala

    You did a great job on this, looks great. I love the light weathering on the chassis. I also am working on this kit, with a sordid history. My kit can from Goodwill for $6. Someone started it and used a half a tube of glue for the 5 or 6 parts they put together. Then lost 3 or 4 parts too. I have replaced a few of the parts, but still need a few. I pull it out and work on it for a while, then get frustrated and shove it back in the box not to be seen for a month or so. Someday I will get it done and hope it looks as good as yours.