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  1. Thanks, I did read through that and it was confusing. As I read it, it’s a 351 and a 429 CJ. Any idea where to fine a 460 that would be correct in a Van/motor home?
  2. So I just got the new 007 1971 Mustang kit. I watched HPIGuys video and he said there are 2 engines in the kit. One is a 351 but I don’t know what the other one is. Any chance it’s an FE big block? It might be a 429? Just not sure what it is. I have not opened it yet, as I don’t think it would help me ID it. Can anyone enlighten me?
  3. Thanks, I have another set of the slicks, 8 extra Corvette tires, and 2 full sets that came with the 32. I also have a set of Big T rear cheater slicks. So I have lots of tires. But thanks.
  4. So I have been working on this project for about a year now. It started life as a Lindberg Big Red Rod, but only about 1/3 of it still remains, and most of that has been re-worked. The Big Red frame was Z'd about 12 scale inches, the front suspension mounts were relocated to flip the springs above the mount and lower the front. The front axle was reversed to put the tie rod in front of the axle due to the location it would have had to go through the frame. The front axle was drilled for looks. Reverse acting shocks were added to the front to replace the friction shocks. The rear axle was modified into a quick-change rear end, new drive shaft was built. I altered the rear spring location to allow proper ride height and travel. The Body has been channeled, new dash from a Monogram Big T was used. The Big T also donated the seats and center console. The big T dash allowed me to create a frameless windsheild for clean lines. The steering wheel is from a Jaguar. The big T also donated the pickup box, but it had to be modified to fit. The grill is from the Big T with the Motometer from the Big Red kit. The headlghts are stock Big Red. The firewall was smoothed to remove the 1915 look, and make it resemble the 1923. Lots of other minor mods were done to the body including a ful raised floor for the channelling. As I was after a "show car" look, I painted it in a Bronze/Black combination. This was not my original plan, but when I painted the body, the plan fell into place. The front tires and wheels are from the Big T, the rear wheels are Big Red with Ebay tires. The stock kit wheels had to be modified to fit the larger tires. The hub caps are from the Big Red kit, but were meant to be stands for the show ropes. I filled the holes and made them hub caps. The engine from the kit was tossed in favor of the Monogram 82 Corvette engine with the Big T manifold and Big Red carbs. The exhaust is a combination of Corvette parts and scratch built. All wires, hoses and brake lines have been run to include the headlights and single taillight. This was a really fun kit to do. I know there is more done than I listed. If you like the laarge scale T bucket, this is worth the money as it has so many possibilities. Hope you enjoy.
  5. Very true on the chrome, however it does work really well if you want a more subdued chrome for a weathered vehicle or just to tone down the kit chrome. The toy like kit chrome is just not right on an old dirty work truck or rusty car.
  6. I love how this turned out, very nice. I see you used the stand bases as hub caps, I did the same on mine, it looks like they were made for the job. I hope you decide to build more of these, they really are a fun kit and you did a great job.
  7. I have purchased 3, 2 from the same Amazon listing and one from EBay. All 3 came with no chrome. As long as you know before you buy, $60 is a great price. I am tempted to buy one more, but still have one unbuilt. Lots of things you can do with these.
  8. That is part of the kit. Despite the lack of chrome and 2 part plastic tires, it is a really nice kit. It does have a lot of good details and is every bit as good as the Revell kits of the time, other than the tires.
  9. I agree with Chassicgas. Duplicolor is great for painting bodies, I use Rustoleum for frames, engines, etc. Duplicolor dries fast, lays down well, gives great results. It is my go to for a great finish.
  10. Looking good. I am also working on mine at the moment. I like where yours is going.
  11. Thank you all for the comments, I am committed to getting all of my WIPs finished, even if they have been a problem.
  12. I just recently did the 55 Cameo Coke edition, the glass fit perfectly. The fit was so good, I barely used any white glue to hold it in. I think Round2 must have fixed the molds, or I got really lucky. The bed is still a pain in the rear, but the glass fits great.
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