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  1. Snow Cobra

    I think its cool. I would like to know what meds they have you on, must be some good stuff. I love the tracks, where did you get them? This thing looks like it would be a blast to drive if it was real. Light weight, lots of power, fun fun fun.
  2. Peking to Paris Rally CBP

    I see that I am not the only one to go with the flat black hood idea. I have made more progress on this, I am rounding the finish line. As you can see the hood is black to reduce the glare. I added mud flaps, I think the rules say you have to have them. I added a small skid plate under the oil pan. Got the decals on the doors, but still need to do the smaller ones. Roof rack mounted and rope added to hold everything in place. Working on making custom shocks, the kit ones are too short with the raised suspension. A few more details like the mirror, etc. and it will be done. It is starting to look the part.
  3. Trying a larger scale

    Cool truck, I love it. I looked into a larger truck like that, but my insurance company will not insure anything bigger than a 1 ton. So, I found an Ex-Rescue Fire truck, like the 1 ton paramedics truck used on Emergency. Its a 84 Chevy K30 with the Medic service box. I love owning a truck that was former public service/government. Good luck with the restoration of your very cool truck.
  4. 2019 Cannonball run ideas

    For me this is easy, I have had a dream van (1:1) rolling around in my head for years. Now I am going to be able to build it in scale and have it on my shelf. I was going to build it no matter what, this just gave me a reason.
  5. Peking to Paris Rally CBP

    Well this weekend we got snow, so I couldn't do much outside, not that I wanted to anyway. So, I got more done on the Plymouth. I got almost all the BMF done, I did my best to match the photos of the real car and how the chrome is on it. I wanted the hood to be flat black, like you see on some school buses and trucks, it reduces the glare from the sun. I figured this would be good on a Rally car. I still have a lot of details to finish up, but here is a mock up to show where it it headed. No bumpers yet or headlights. They will be added shortly. As well as the door handles. It is just mocked up, so it is not sitting fuly down on the frame, that will happen during final assembly.
  6. Purple Pond question

    I have had this issue with brand new CSC and an AMT Corvette. The chrome just would not come off. I put in chrome from another kit, it came right off. Some AMT kits have a chrome coating that is just super stubborn. I left it in for 2 weeks and still had to scrub and scrap to get it as good as I did, and all the chrome did not come off.
  7. You do know that MEK is what Model Cement is made of right? Plastruct Plastic Weld says MEK right on the bottle, Testors and Tamiya solvents are MEK. So, if I wanted to stay away from MEK, I would get out of doing models. I am only doing this for fun, I do not have any grand plans to start making hundreds of parts this way even if it does work. If it does work and I can get decent parts out of it, it will be more like 5 parts per year, hardly the exposure level that will kill me. I will get more exposure to MEK with every model I build.
  8. I am aware that this would never work for anything of any size. But, for a small part it may work. Making a mold out of silicon and casting it is a fair bit of work for one small part. I am hopeful that this could work for real small parts and be faster and easier. If nothing else, it will be fun to play with. Only loss is an oz. of MEK and some old sprue. I have plenty of spare time.
  9. MB Actros MP3

    Well, I got some paint work done on the cab. I fought me a lot. O got everything done, then hit it with a clear coat and the red wrinkled. I had to sand it down and redo it. Royal pain, but it looks better now. I have a lot of details to add, but its getting there.
  10. So, the other day I bought a can of MEK to use as a solvent to join styrene (AKA model glue). It "melts" styrene. This gave me an idea. I took some sprue and chopped it up into real small bits and put it in a jar with the MEK. I stirred it till it all melted. I now had "melted" styrene. I did not have modeling clay handy, so I used some silly putty. This is where the part failure came in, I did not know that Silly Putty reacts with MEK. However it did give me enough positive results to want to explore this further. I could only cast things like hub caps or other things that are one sided. The melted styrene needs to be exposed to the air to off gas, so I can't pour it into an enclosed mold. But, it shows promise for replicating small items. I could mold in 2 halves and glue together. This is no replacement for Resin casting or 3D printing, but could come in handy to make a replacement for a missing hub cap, valve cover, etc. I think I need to try this with Modeling clay, or some other non-chemical based clay. Something organic would not react with the MEK. Anyway, here is the first try with a silly putty mold.
  11. Peking to Paris Rally CBP

    Here are the cars that I have found with the same type trunk lid. So it is more than one, and clearly OK by the rules. Maybe it is for weight savings?
  12. Peking to Paris Rally CBP

    So, I have posted a few pictures before , but I have made some more progress. My 1941 Plymouth. The engine is a 1941 Desoto 242, because it looks just like the Plymouth engine and has a lot more horse power. I have added a roof rack, made some sleeping bags, tarp and tool box. I made 2 spare tires as well. On several of the P2P cars from this era, I have seen that they removed the trunk lid and replaced it with one made out of canvas(nylon). So, I did the same thing. I took the stock trunk lid, after cutting it from the car, and added some ribs to simulate the construction of the ones I saw. Then I covered it with fabric to give it the right look. I have painted it black now. Wheels and tires are from the AMT rescue van, they have been widened to better fit the wheels. I will be building the van for the Cannonball and it does not need the wheels or tires. A nice forum member gave me an extra set of the rear tires so I have 4. The interior is done. I have added a center console to hold the SAT phone and shifter. The trans if a Tremic 5 speed from a Mustang/Thunderbird. Seats are out of a Plymouth Prowler, steering wheel is from the parts box. Roll bar is from the 57 Ford I think. I removed the rear seat from the interior to allow for more storage and to save weight. Suspension has been raised to allow for the new tires and give more travel over rough roads. Skid plates will be added later. Fenders have been trimmed and the running boards removed for clearance also. First picture is the inspiration for the color choice. I have had to redo the paint, the first time had some bad spots and was not smooth. I have corrected that.
  13. 2019 Cannonball run ideas

    I am suffering the same problem. I have all these ideas, I am collecting and ordering parts, but the kit and all parts ordered are still sitting in the box un touched. And its killing me. However I am enjoying the planning.
  14. Modelhaus Offical Update/SA

    I know this is getting off the subject, but I bought a 1986 Yugo GV when they were new, right from the Yugo dealer in Salem Or. I had that car for a few years and absolutely loved that car. It had 50K miles on it when I moved and sold it. I had customized with Fiat parts and some custom made stuff. It was a fun little car. The Alternators were junk, replaced 4 of those. I was young and I abused that little car and I wish I still had it. But I am odd that way.
  15. Modelhaus Offical Update/SA

    OK, I stand corrected, $8,000 for a YUGO? https://jalopnik.com/5368942/worlds-nicest-yugo-for-7999