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  1. Oldmopars added a post in a topic Looking for ideas for a International DT-466T   

    At this point I may just skip worrying about the engine and just use what ever 6 cylinder diesel I can find and paint it to match my engine, or at least mod it to be closer. It seems there is no 1/25 scale DT-466. I will have my work cut out for me on the ret of the bus, so engine detail may just have to be close enough. 
  2. Oldmopars added a post in a topic amt kenworth k123   

    Amazing build, perfect weathering and details. Hard to tell that its not the real thing. 
  3. Oldmopars added a post in a topic My Volvo FH16 Box Art build   

    I like the Italeri kits due to everything fitting and the details are great. I am working on a Pete 359 with NOS Peerless log trailer. I get annoyed every time I pull it out due to the poor fit and finish of every single part. The interior tub is so bad I just junked it and built my own. 
    I travel a lot, every week. I mostly fly, but sometimes I drive. When I drive I will take a few kits and supplies with me on my trip to work on in the hotel. I got one the the AMT Gravel trailers and started to sand off all the flash. By the time I was done with it, it looked like I had a Cocaine party in my room, there was white dust everywhere! I can only imagine what the maid thought. 
  4. Oldmopars added a post in a topic Looking for ideas for a International DT-466T   

    Please let me know if he does do a resin of it, I would love to buy one from him. You wouldn't know if its a DT466 or a DT466E? The E is the electronic version and the other is mechanical. Id be ok with either, but have a DT466. 
  5. Oldmopars added a post in a topic My Volvo FH16 Box Art build   

    Thank you. My next Italeri is a Scania 143H 6x2 with stake bed. I hope to finish it with much more detail and less of a out of the box build. 
  6. Oldmopars added a post in a topic My Volvo FH16 Box Art build   

  7. Oldmopars added a topic in Under Glass: Big Rigs   

    My Volvo FH16 Box Art build
    So, I wanted to build on of the Italeri 1/24 kits. This was my first. I must say the quality of the kits are far better than the AMT/ERTL etc kits. This kit I wanted to just build mostly box art style. However I did decide to paint the frame a metallic blue. So, its no show truck, but it turned out OK. 

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  8. Oldmopars added a post in a topic Looking for ideas for a International DT-466T   

    So this is my personal 1:1 1985 International School Bus. It is a conversion, or Skoolie. I have turned it into an RV. The front end is not a problem, I can get a resin cab and hood, its the engine that is my issue. 

  9. Oldmopars added a topic in The Truck Stop   

    Looking for ideas for a International DT-466T
    I am wanting to build a 1:25 replica of my 1985 International Blue Bird School Bus. It has a S1800 nose and I found that, but I have no lead on a DT-466T Its a 6 cyl. 
    Any ideas what kit might have a good engine to make into a DT-466T?
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  10. Oldmopars added a post in a topic HELP!!!!! Civilian Trucks in Military Service   

    The first pick is a Ford Econoline, I think there is a kit out there for that one, or maybe a Jimmy Flintstone conversion. The last photo is super easy, its just a Ford C-600. AMT currently sells this kit as a stake bed, but it includes the parts for a C-900 like pictured. All you will need to do is change to dual headlights. 
    Ford Econoline Van, could be modified.
    The tank trailer could be a modified version of the on with the Dodge L700. 
    As for the Chevy trucks, the cab is the same as the C10-30 like this kit. Its a start anyway. 
  11. Oldmopars added a post in a topic The donor car, I couldn't take apart.   

    As the others have said, it looks great with the red rims and 57 hub caps. I like it a lot. fantastic save.
  12. Oldmopars added a post in a topic My transtar   

    I love it, that is my favorite truck ever built. Paint color combo is perfect. Great job
  13. Oldmopars added a post in a topic Why is it called a "California" Hauler 359 ??   

    I believe it is because Peterbilt was founded in Oakland California and the 359 was built there. So, it was called the California Hauler. 
  14. Oldmopars added a post in a topic Ford LNT Snow Plow   

    I have been working on fixing the wheel issue, the painted Alcoa wheels look bad. Here is what I have so far. I do have some more that do not have bubbles in them, but I did not get pictures of them. I now have a new respect for people that do rain casting of truck parts/kits. What a pain. 

  15. Oldmopars added a post in a topic Polish, clear coat Plastic bodies?   

    The rest of the kit I am painting. I assembled the frame, and painted it, the engine, etc. I have painted every part of the truck, but the body is just so nice, I hate to chance it with paint.