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  1. Stretched Big Rig question

    If the suspension was left stock, the long wheelbase might help smooth things out. But most all of these trucks are lowered and have very little travel. In my mind, the long wheelbase can only be for looks, the ride I'm sure is not as good as a stock truck. I am of the age when mini trucks were popular in the mid 80's. I had one and they rode like garbage, but it was all for looks, forget your back and kidneys, we were young.
  2. The Vanagon from the factory is not fast, the air cooled (1980-1982) were slugs that had a bad F.I system. The 1983+ were the Waterboxers, they were better but still only 1.9l, and 2.1l. However, the aftermarket has come to the rescue. A popular swap for these things is a Subaru engine (EJ?) But, I have seem a guy in Tacoma Wa. install a Subaru H6 in one. I understand this thing is SCARY FAST! A friend took a ride in it and he about wet himself. Good news is, swapping a Subaru, or even a Porsche engine in one is way cheaper to do in 1:24/1:25th scale then the real thing. Check this out, 230HP Vanagon! See this: https://smallcar.com/conversions/the-230hp-vanagon-vx.html Small clip from the article:
  3. Great Traders List

    Rusty92, great trader. Thanks for the great transaction
  4. That would be great, I will PM you
  5. I have build several of the Italeri kits, and every one of them is a multi piece cab. It is a pain because they want you to build the cab around the interior. This means you have to paint first them assemble. However I have found that with some creativity you can build most of them by putting the cab together and paint it, then shove the interior in place. However, you need to do a bunch of test runs to be sure you know exactly how the puzzle goes together. After I figured this out, I love the Italeri kits. The fit and details are in a whole different league than anything from AMT/MPC. Just be aware that they are not always accurate. They are known for using old engines in newer kit, adding new looking parts to old engines to "simulate" newer engines, and wheels with the molded in axle hubs are generic, not accurate to the different trucks. However, most of these things can be fixed or are not noticed by most builder and so they build up into great looking trucks. I have 4 on the shelf now and looking for several more.
  6. How is this progressing? I have been watching for updates. If you are like me, the Van is on a slight hold due to the B.R.B.O. having a much shorter deadline. Anyway, look forward to seeing more.
  7. BRBO Mack R685ST

    I don't know if this will help any as its from the DM600, not the R, but this is how the rear trunion looks on it.
  8. So, work has been moving ahead on these, however it is evidence of my ADHD, or schizophrenia. A little here, a little there. For the truck, I have shortened the frame, it was way too long. I took out 2.5in. Had to repair the frame from the damage it suffered being in storage. The front spindles were broken off and the wheels were glued on solid. I had to drill out one of the axles just to get the wheel off and make a new axle stub. I then had to drill out the king pins and make new ones so the wheels will steer. Everything on this truck has needed major clean up. I am not fond of glue bombs, but I can't buy one of these, so I have to fix it. The front wheels are way too wide for the tires in the kit. I too 1/8in out of them to narrow them up and make the tire fit correctly. For the dozer same thing has been happening. Its a glue bomb too. I had to make a new track link as it was missing one. I made the mold from a good one using the thermo plastic that you heat in water, then some epoxy resin from Ace Hardware. It turned out almost perfect, just a few air bubbles that will not matter, its a track and should look a little chipped up. I added the weight plates on the front, the kit only has an outline of it. I am also fixing the track rollers. The holes where the bearing go is way bigger than the shaft on the rollers so they just flop around in there. I have been drilling each roller out and inserting a 1/8in rod, the same size as the hole. I have also done some work on the drive gears. The edges are very sharp, but in real life they are never sharp, but very rounded and worn. So, I have taken all the sharp edges off. I will also be adding a ring of bolt heads and cutting the segment lines into them. Other than that, it has been a lot of cleaning up glue and flash and mold lines.
  9. A "how-to" link for detailing the CAT D8H

    Thanks, I found this a few days ago and have been pouring over it as the D8H is part of my B.R.B.O.
  10. Big Rig Build Off Entry List 2019, Rules and Updates

    Just under 12 hours (less if you are on the East Coast) to go, itching to get started on this one. I will be spending my afternoon clearing off the build bench of current projects.
  11. B.R.B.O. Mack DM 600

    I had the same issue with my DM600. I clipped off the horns, lights and exhaust and everything else went in the pond. What were they thinking? It's a working truck, construction, truck, it would never have any chrome on it. Just leave it in the pond till tomorrow.
  12. BRBO 2019 Dodge W500

    Now that is cool. However I would be so distracted by the 1:1 that the 1:25 would never get done. Good luck on this, I look forward to seeing it progress.
  13. Peking to Paris Rally CBP

    Well, I got my build done a bit early. So, I decided that what it really needs is a truck to haul it to the rally. So, this truck seemed like the perfect vintage truck to do the hauling. Paint will also compliment the P2P car and I will use the extra decals.
  14. Firetruck?

    Now that is too cool not to build. Add it to my list of stuff I want to build in the future.
  15. eBay: contest for record highest asking price

    What a deal, free shipping!