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  1. It is just clear plastic that I have for making windows and I "Tinted" it with some spray bumper coating paint. I just sprayed it very lightly
  2. Good to see you are still going on this. Hope I am around long enough to see it finished.
  3. Thanks. What really makes me cry is there is a International 4070B for sale on Craigslist with trailer for a really decent price, but I just don't need it. I have always wanted one, but I can't explain to my wife why I need a real 4070B with 40ft trailer when I don't even have a CDL. Nor do I have anything to haul with it. I guess I will just keep looking for a 1:25 ERTL 4070B
  4. I picked up this Revell Snap KW W900. I realy don't like the Aerodyne sleeper it has on it and I am looking for a nice day cab for a future trailer build. So, I am cutting this one down into a day cab. I have the cab cut, the back wall installed and most of the body work done. I still have a few minor spots to finish up, but I will address those after I get thew rear window cut out and installed. I did a search for the back of the cab, day cab, and could find 1000 pictures of the front of a W900, but I think I only found 2 pictures from the back, but that is all I need. I still need to figure out about the wheelbase. It seems like it is a bit too long, but unless I use some custome step type tanks, I can't cut it down too much.
  5. Well, I am done. Or as done as I will be for this one I think. There is always something else to add or tweak, but I am happy with it as is, so its done.
  6. After many attempts to post I cut my post into smaller bites, 2-3 sentences. I kept editing and adding them back in one at a time until it would not let me edit anymore. I then started a replay and finished adding. No words were changed from the original post. Is there a limit on number of words? I have read many posts many times larger than mine.
  7. The high top is not from any van kit, it was made out of a top from a MANN truck cab. I had to build it, cut it down the middle to narrow it, then cut it in half and lengthen it. This took a lot of work, but gives the van standing room inside for more comfortable travel. I left ir removable so I could photo the interior. Inside the van is where even more work was done. I created a full camper interior to include a bathroom, sink, stove, bed/couch, table, fridge and several drawers. The front doors received door panels that were missing from AMT design. I also created interior walls for the inside of the van like the real thing would have had. The front bumper from B&N got the winch and "Bull Bar". The paint is all Rustoleum and in colors to match the 70's theme I was after. I finished it off with a large Indian decal and several cation and warning decals on the different doors and propane tank. As for the engine, well it is in there. It is a Stroker 383 (because I said so) with enough performance mods to move this beast down the road at race speeds. However it is all hidden by the bodywork and once sealed up all you get to see is the oil pan and transmission, but I swear it is all there. I spent a ton of time on this one, 10 months and I am mostly pleased with the results. It was a fun build and cool to get to build my dream camper van.
  8. So, this is my entry into the 2019 Vannonball Run Community Build. My goal with this Van was to build a Van that looked like it was from 1976. I wanted a 4 wheel drive van that could head off the main road should the cops be looking for us. Being a full camper it allows the drivers to rotate out and get some sleep between driving shifts. It also have a full kitchen and toilet so stops can be reduced to get more time on the road. Then, once the race is over the van can be used to tour the country and camp in and have more adventures. I started with an AMT Rescue Van, it is a G20 2wd. This kit is OK, but really lacks details of any kind. There are no interior panel, door panels, etc. I also wanted this to be a 4x4 and it was not. I started with some parts from B&N and Fireball. I got wheels and tires from Fireball and the axles, and front bumper from B&N. I had to remove all the 2wd stuff and build custom springs for the front. B&N also supplied the transfer case. Custom drive shafts were made to connect it all. The body needed a lot of work. I removed the lower trim to give it the older look. I opened the rear doors and converted the side sliding door to 2 hinged doors. The drip rail was and missing body line at the roof were added as AMT left them out. Various small additions were made to the outside of the body that would be on a camping van(water, power, sewer, heater, etc.) I cut in a side window and added a propane tank under the drivers side.
  9. OK, its done. I had a full description, but the stupid "securities" on this site kept giving me a 404 error. I will have to post more in small bites till I find the keywords it does not like. But here it is till I figure it out.
  10. I have been trying for 2 days to post in the Light truck underglass section. I have tried 3 different browsers, with and without pictures, changed the body, changed the title all with no success. I just keep getting a 404 Error, page not found. But it will let me post here. What is going on?
  11. I have thought about making wrecked models. Instead of melting the plastic, I am thinking of forming the fenders, hoods, doors etc out of thin aluminum like from dollar store roasting pans. I like the idea. Yours look really good.
  12. This may be a strange question, but as I look at my models and why I build them I wondered why other build. What I see is a range of builders, it seems that some people build just to build. To have fun building. Other seem to build to display the models and have other see them, be judged at show. Recognition. Do you build just to keep your hands or you mind busy? Do you build to show off your skills to others? Do you care if anyone ever sees your finished project? Do you proudly display your stuff, or put it in a box to never be seen again? Do you build and sell to others to enjoy? Is it something you do because it is an obsession, or a passing interest? Are you always doing it or do you get into it for a while and then take a break for a while. Is this your primary hobby, or do you have others. For me it is something I do while I work from home. Without going into a long explanation of my job, I have time where I am not actively engaged doing something with my hands. I spend a lot of time on the phone, and a lot of time waiting. So this fills the gaps. I can be on the phone with someone and be sanding a part, or gluing parts together. It keeps my hands busy. It also keeps my mind working. Most of what I build will never be seen anywhere other than here. I will put it on the shelf for a little while, then put it in a box to never be seen again. My family is not overly interested in them and I don't have any friends that care about the either. So, my budget for them is rather low and I may take a year to finish one, or 2 weeks. My other hobbies keep me busy. Motorcycles, Overlanding and Camping. I prefer the out doors, but when I am forced to stay inside, I build models. So, I get more done in the winter than the summer. What about you? Why do you build?
  13. Lots more to do, but it is getting closer. One by one little things are getting done. The front end is done for now till I find a hook for the winch. Once I get the interior done I will be calling it done. I think I will leave the roof removable so you can get a look at the interior. Even with the opening doors, the interior is not very visible.
  14. Anything to report on this build? I know mine has been slow, so I can relate to a lack of progress. I would love to see you get this done by the end of the year. I need some competition to keep if fun.
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