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  1. Way to go, I figured it was something simple. Be sure to show us what you made.
  2. Did you ever get it figured out? I am no expert, but I have learned a lot from my many failures. I would love to see you get if figured out. There is a learning curve. At first I think I was 50% or more failure rate. Now, I think I am closer to 90% successful, but failed prints still happen. However I am getting better at identifying possible failures before they happen because I have seen it fail before. Some parts I look at and just say no, not gonna happen. As I get better, I venture into harder prints, but going in I am prepared for it to be a learning opportunity (read failure). Anyway, let us know how we can help.
  3. I have the Eco Tank and I have no issues with decal paper. Try a different paper
  4. So, quick VW history. Up until 1971 the VW Van, or Type 2 had an engine that looks like the Type 1 or Beetle engine (there are some minor differences). This engine was available in markets other than North America till production ceased. However, in NA and maybe a few other markets, the 1972 Van/Bus got the engine from the Type 4. This is the 411 and 412 engine. Also the same as the 4 cyl Porsche 914 with different heads. This is the same basic engine as the Porsche 912e. While in 1:1 the VW and the Porsche engine are somewhat different, in scale it would be hard to tell. So, if you wanted a "Pancake" engine like in the 72+ Bus/Van you could use a 914 or 912e engine. Also, any Vanagon up to1982 will have the Type 4 air cooed engine, but 1983 on will be the waterboxer. Another option would be the Corvair engine from the AMT Piranha or U.N.C.L.E. kits. Many VW Bus/Vans were upgraded to the Corvair 4 or 6cyl. Mostly 4 cyl, the 6 is a tight fit.
  5. There is a bunch of info on the car here: https://www.c-we.com/piranha/UNCLEcar.htm
  6. I think the difference is that nearly all the Die-Cast I have ever seen are pre-built. Nearly all plastic models I have seen are kits. Those that want a shiny built truck/car that they can just unbox and put on the shelf will still buy die-cast. Those of us that enjoy the fun/challenge of building it ourselves, will still buy kits. They are two distinctly different markets and buyer. Die-cast are seen as collectable, model kits can be too, but most are purchased to be built, not collected.
  7. Interesting that they clearly use the 4WD body, but on a 2WD chassis. This is something I have considered doing in 1:1. The 4WD fenders have the flares stamped in on the fronts. Adding them to a 2WD would give factory flares as in the kit. Anyway, I like it and will follow. You are off to a great start.
  8. I have had that same issue with the tape. I have found that it is not residue, but that the base paint was not cures enough and when I stuck the tape on it, it left a tape pattern behind that ruined the paint. I think what is happening is that because the paint is not fully cured, the paint is still gassing off and when the gasses are trapped by the tape, it causes that tape pattern to be left behind. I have found that if I leave it for a week or 2, then that does not happen. Also, it only happens with solvent based paints, not water based paints.
  9. I sure hope you didn't throw it out, I love those old C900 Fords and would hate to know that it was trashed. If you want to find it a new home, PM me and I will show it some love.
  10. I built his kit about 25-30 years ago. So, my memory isa bit fuzzy, but as I recall it is a good kit. I had no issues I remember. While I like this kit, and would not turn one down if I had a chance to get it, they are very dated. The car was done in the 80's and reflects that to the extreme. Billet everythnig, colorful stripes, very dated wheels, etc. All in all a solid kit, just dated due to the subject matter.
  11. I have these tires. There is no markings, but they could be scaled to 1/16. I think they are Michelins, but not marked.
  12. If you can live with the 77, I have one. If it needs to be an earlier one, be prepared to spend big money to get one. I've been looking and it's a lot for such a poor kit. They changed the molds to make the 77, so the older ones are bringing big money because they are all old and no new ones will be made.
  13. I have done 3D modeling and have designed a tire with that tread pattern or close. The issue I have is that I can't make them bulge. I wish I knew how, I love the look. Maybe blender?
  14. Looking good. If you are interested there is at least one guy on here that is in need of some intakes.
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