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  1. What kit would have a good Chevy/GMC 454?

    Thank you everyone for the replies. I will check out the Monte Carlo. My K30 has the stock (17K original miles) 454 with THM400 and a 203 or 205, the cast iron one. I did fine that BNL resin has a 454 and they also have the Dana 60s and the transfer case I need. I think I may get the Monte Carlo for the engine and use the rest for another project, would be about the same price as just the engine. BNL also has the dually wheels that I need. BTW the Revell Chevy Wrecker is total garbage. The engine is molded as part of the cab, the cab has the visor molded in, the hole is cut for a sun roof, but a crappy plug with lights is in the kit. The chassis is molded with the other half of the engine in it as well as the exhaust. The wheels are junk, the frame is not right and they put a solid 2wd axle in the front, GM never used on in a 1 ton truck, only the larger trucks. On the whole, the kit is really bad and not worth the time or money. The Amt Deserter however is a great kit and I may buy more in the future.
  2. Hollywood Knights 57 Chevy

    Very nice, where did you get the big block chevy?
  3. I am looking to build a replica of my 1984 Chevy 1 ton 4x4 service truck (ex Fire Truck). I plan to scratch built the bed and I am using the AMT Wrecker and the 1984 Chevy(Fall Guy truck) to get the parts needed to look right. However, I need a 454. I have looked at Hobbylinc and I can find several with a 409, and tons with a Small block(ie 350 or 327) but no 454(or 366) Big Blocks. Can anyone suggest a kit that would have a good 454? I don't care if it has a blower, but as close to stock as possible would be nice, however I will work with what I can get. I just don't want a tiny small block in my truck.
  4. Looking for ideas for a International DT-466T

    At this point I may just skip worrying about the engine and just use what ever 6 cylinder diesel I can find and paint it to match my engine, or at least mod it to be closer. It seems there is no 1/25 scale DT-466. I will have my work cut out for me on the ret of the bus, so engine detail may just have to be close enough.
  5. amt kenworth k123

    Amazing build, perfect weathering and details. Hard to tell that its not the real thing.
  6. My Volvo FH16 Box Art build

    I like the Italeri kits due to everything fitting and the details are great. I am working on a Pete 359 with NOS Peerless log trailer. I get annoyed every time I pull it out due to the poor fit and finish of every single part. The interior tub is so bad I just junked it and built my own. I travel a lot, every week. I mostly fly, but sometimes I drive. When I drive I will take a few kits and supplies with me on my trip to work on in the hotel. I got one the the AMT Gravel trailers and started to sand off all the flash. By the time I was done with it, it looked like I had a Cocaine party in my room, there was white dust everywhere! I can only imagine what the maid thought.
  7. Looking for ideas for a International DT-466T

    Please let me know if he does do a resin of it, I would love to buy one from him. You wouldn't know if its a DT466 or a DT466E? The E is the electronic version and the other is mechanical. Id be ok with either, but have a DT466.
  8. My Volvo FH16 Box Art build

    Thank you. My next Italeri is a Scania 143H 6x2 with stake bed. I hope to finish it with much more detail and less of a out of the box build.
  9. So, I wanted to build on of the Italeri 1/24 kits. This was my first. I must say the quality of the kits are far better than the AMT/ERTL etc kits. This kit I wanted to just build mostly box art style. However I did decide to paint the frame a metallic blue. So, its no show truck, but it turned out OK.
  10. Looking for ideas for a International DT-466T

    So this is my personal 1:1 1985 International School Bus. It is a conversion, or Skoolie. I have turned it into an RV. The front end is not a problem, I can get a resin cab and hood, its the engine that is my issue.
  11. I am wanting to build a 1:25 replica of my 1985 International Blue Bird School Bus. It has a S1800 nose and I found that, but I have no lead on a DT-466T Its a 6 cyl. Any ideas what kit might have a good engine to make into a DT-466T?
  12. HELP!!!!! Civilian Trucks in Military Service

    The first pick is a Ford Econoline, I think there is a kit out there for that one, or maybe a Jimmy Flintstone conversion. The last photo is super easy, its just a Ford C-600. AMT currently sells this kit as a stake bed, but it includes the parts for a C-900 like pictured. All you will need to do is change to dual headlights. https://www.amazon.com/Round-Ford-C-600-Stake-Truck/dp/B002UWXRQ0 Ford Econoline Van, could be modified. https://www.ebay.com/p/?iid=382046031874&lpid=82&&&ul_noapp=true&chn=ps The tank trailer could be a modified version of the on with the Dodge L700. http://www.hobbylinc.com/lindberg-dodge-l700-tractor-with-shell-tanker-plastic-model-truck-kit-1:25-scale-118 As for the Chevy trucks, the cab is the same as the C10-30 like this kit. Its a start anyway. https://www.hobbylinc.com/revell-monogram-1966-chevy-fleetside-plastic-model-truck-kit-1:25-scale-857225
  13. The donor car, I couldn't take apart.

    As the others have said, it looks great with the red rims and 57 hub caps. I like it a lot. fantastic save.
  14. My transtar

    I love it, that is my favorite truck ever built. Paint color combo is perfect. Great job