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  1. 72 Ferrari 312PB Model Factory Hiro 1/12. It took me 3 months to complete. I really enjoyed building this kit, but I was amazed that I completed it in such a short period of time… Hopefully you like it.
  2. Thank you all gentlemen, I appreciate the kind words! Im done with this one and I truly enjoy building it. I will be posting glamour shots in the under glass section 😁😉
  3. I will have to say, That’s probably the best compliment I could ever receive. Thank you!!
  4. A few small bits left..I’ll be taking more photos later
  5. Looking good Bruce! I don’t see anything wrong with the seats 😉
  6. Looking mighty sharp! All those little things will add up in the end. Thanks for the kind words on my build, I really appreciate it
  7. Thank you for commenting, I may have to look into dulling down the shine on the seats. And thank you for the kind words.
  8. Great subject, awesome size! Looking forward to seeing this come together
  9. I really like your thought process. I’m sure what ever changing evolution your design is, it will be amazing.
  10. Spent a good amount of time polishing… I mocked everything up just to get a good look at this sexy beast 🤣
  11. Some paint and decals added. Still need to apply clear to seal and some serious polishing
  12. Tim: simply amazing! Your journey over the last couple years is showing. Can not wait for more
  13. Everything your touching is it’s own little masterpiece, looking forward to seeing it all come together
  14. Bruce my friend, as always outstanding craftsmanship and execution!
  15. Gentlemen thank you for your kind words. Dave, go for it it’s only money 😉🤣
  16. Tim… As always, appreciate your feedback! I do plan on massaging it a little more, seems a little too blotchy 😉
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