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  1. Great kit! I finished mine a few months ago.. indycals is a good place to get replacements. be careful with the fuel injection pump and inlets on the cylinder heads, they are super brittle.
  2. A little update: Rear brakes and shocks done...getting these to fit was a chore, but in the end it worked out.
  3. Bruce the engine looks great!! As far as therapist, I had some cheap guy I found on line, basically said get padded room or brick wall to hit your head on 🤦‍♂️🤔😁😁
  4. Got the brakes done, it has been a long time getting this done... weather doesn’t help when you paint in the garage.
  5. If I remember I used black thread from the wife’s sewing kit? I also found some PE zip ties on line that I have also used. Also I have tried thin wire I got from a craft store ( jewelry section)
  6. Your doing a great job on this kit!!! I built this a few years ago... I will tell you that the fuel injection nipples on the cylinder heads and pump are super brittle, if your mindful you’ll be patient on installing the fuel lines. just trying to help Chris
  7. Lots of seams to fill Bruce, coming along nicely!
  8. Thank you gentlemen for the kind words. Tim you are correct, it is a lot of stuff to put inside. But I fear there is a lot more to do...
  9. I got the radiator installed. Decided not to use the supplied fittings and lines. I used some RB Motion fittings and some Pro Tech steel braided lines, for realism. I also decided not to paint the shocks. Just look at them, hiding them behind paint just seems wrong. the upper A frames where a pain to line up, but I got them. Thanks for looking Chris
  10. I got a request for some outside photos, so here ya go?
  11. Just one photo. I have a idea for the display, I just need to figure it out.
  12. To tell the truth.... I have tried Molotow, Alclad, Testors. And I had the worst luck with them for one reason or another. Each product works well for different applications, but for me not on the wings because of the handling need to put on the end plates and decals not to mention mounting them. So I used the stock chrome parts ? It might be the easy way but it’s not that bad , considering the frustration I endured
  13. It’s been far too long since I last worked on this! so as it sat in the corner wile I started another project I kept staring at it. So yesterday I put the Porsche to the side for a couple of days and got back at this. Honestly there isn’t much left to do to complete it, mostly motivation. Well I found some. Hope you like. And thank you for looking Chris.
  14. I was able to do a little bit on the Porsche. It has been slow going, but at least it’s still going. Thanks for looking Chris
  15. It’s just fabulous, I am amazed every time I stop over to see your progress! every time I see an update I get wowed! keep it up my friend, it’s just fantastic. Chris
  16. Looks fantastic! The new camera does your build justice. I am digging everything about this car... just don’t get overly critical. Way too easy to overthink or over analyze what you have done. I think your doing a outstanding job!! Chris
  17. Turning out great Bruce! I’m sure you spent hours on the windshield frame. It looks fantastic. Can’t wait to see this in person.
  18. Taking shape my friend! Only a matter of time before she’s complete.
  19. I sprayed the wings on a Tamiya 312T in Molotow. I really like the finish just would like a sealer that will allow me to handle the parts without ruining the finish. I saw this thread during a search. I ordered it off of eBay. e7 website is as vague as the directions for use. I am sure the paint line works great. But I assumed the sealer was not water based. Just trying to safe and not ruin #1 the parts and #2 my airbrush. thank you all for the feedback Chris
  20. So this is a small update. I forget how much you need to be three steps ahead to make sure everything fits as it’s supposed to. I got the tub drilled and painted, the front frame painted, fire extinguisher finished. Peddle assembly constructed and painted. trying to figure out the right color to paint the brake reservoirs, still need to build shocks and get the radiator together. Thanks for looking Chris
  21. I know this an old thread, I was curious on what air pressure you used and also what you used for cleanup? I just got this sealer to try and not very good directions for using and been trying to finish this project. Any help would be greatly appreciated Chris
  22. Bruce, buddy! This is coming along nicely. I am so glad you decided to take this kit on, cannot wait for more updates!!
  23. Looks good Bruce! I see you decided on the distributor....definitely not cool, to tell you “you do the research “... but remember not all cobras where built the same...
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