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  1. I agree...I worked for Pro-Petroleum here in Az. for about 2years...Spent alot of time staring at my real trailer thinking of the Revell model! Jeff
  2. Hehehehe...still better than the 'old' AMT kits...I put the re-released 'Freightliner' back in the box! Jeff
  3. Wow.....Great info! So 1995-2004 for the kit. The 2005 or newer window mods and mirrors should be easy. Did they go to the square spot window on the lower pax door in 2005? The other thing that stands out is the wiring harness/plug cover on the bottom drivers side. The top six pictures you posted only show the openings for the harness', but I seem to remember the the cover on the Super 18 I drove and it was a late 2004. Man I should have taken pictures of that truck! Arrgh...I was thinking 2005.I have yet find a specific truck yet to do though. Tim thank you for your help...you seem to have pictures for everything possible!...Now if I could only get you over to the dark side.....Kenworth..... Jeff
  4. Ouch.......... Neither did I. $50.00 is what I gave if memory serves...It had survived a move to current house and sitting at the bottom of the packing box. So when I pulled it out the other day and had look... What was once nice chrome had some scratches and a lot of broken glue joints! So the decision was made to start fresh. But yours sure does look awesome! :D Jeff
  5. What do you do with a $71.00 chrome plated tanker? http://www.hobbylinc.com/htm/rvl/rvl07554.htm Strip it and use it as a test bed for 'Alclad'....Fingers crossed... This thing wouldn't fit in anything so I could soak it in simple green! So i pulled out my blue magic polish and had at it! I started this kit about 4 years ago and shelved it, and I'm glad I did! Now I can put it together and not have to worry about messing up the chrome. So I borrowed a friends CD... Alclad CD And I'm gonna see if it works like it did for for him! I never heard him say "abracadabra..." So I don't think there was any magic involved? Jeff
  6. Well...after thinking it over....Here we go right or wrong! Took every thing off...filled in the holes...You don't really know how much is missing until you get the fire wall cleaned up! I ran across this in another forum. Thanks Daniel. Daniels' firewall pic's Jeff
  7. Love um....I really like your color choice on the "389"! The 386's by the fence look real!!! Jeff
  8. Sweet...... Thanks for the heads up! Jeff
  9. Oh boy....This will be good! Instructions???... I thought they were used to keep the glue and paint off the wife's dinning room table? Jeff
  10. HEHEHE...Aftashox....I'd much rather claim it's a $25.00 resin firewall... Anthony...I was thinking about the AMT hub thing, Nobody seems to have them in stock at the resin places. I have a friend who does small castings, maybe I can get him to cast a few sets for me. I do have the "377" in the paint shop right now and it will need it's own set. Tim... Thanks for all your pic's and documentation of the "Pete's"...I would have thought for the price they would have fixed the hub's and some of the smaller things also? They are gorgeous kits...I spent 3 or 4 days just on the frame of the '377'. My son laughed at me saying I was getting slow in my old age! He has only built the Revell 359...Hehehe..what does he know? I may just 'Fix' the fire wall... Jeff
  11. Well I have a bit of a complaint. I recently purchased and started building the "New" Italeri 378. And I noticed that they seemed to have molded the firewall incorrect? The first pic is the model cab. The opening for the intake on the passenger side...Which I haven't opened up yet seems to be to high up the firewall? From Tim's site... And off the web... I never had the original 379? so I don't know if this is a carry over from it or not...Kinda like the "Drive axle hubs!" Any way I would love to see one the guys who does those fabulous cabs and stuff offer a "Proper Firewall" for the 378. It looks like several things things are out of place on it,or am I just being picky? Jeff
  12. Gregg Thank you for the links...I couldn't make it but a friend of mine told me about the big yellow and white wrecker! And you got some great photos of it! Now I can see why he was so excited! Jeff
  13. I've never understood why the 1/16th scale have never been re-released? Monogram had always been one of those companies that would seem to keep kits in rotation. A friend who used to collect would always joke "Don't pay for out of production Monogram kit's, they will redo them with in a couple of years!" He seemed to be right. But if my failing memory serves me these have been of the market for a long time? Man I do miss them! Jeff
  14. Ohhhhhboy.............. Can't wait for this..... Jeff
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