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  1. thank you guys for the big attention The bottom of the car is almost ready as I wrote it is very simple kit, almost everything molded to the chassis,and there is no spring/shock absorber...so it's not a big challange to build it... let's see the interior: The plan:the upper part is black, and the bottom half is beige/brown but first i made a backplate for the seats
  2. This is my next model. It's a quite simple kit, there is no engine, the suspension also very simple. I think, It can be fast to build... I started with the body
  3. Hello Again! I disappeared for a year. In the Summer time i didn't have time to make modelcars. So in the winter I started two Subaru Impreza. Sorry I didn't make pictures of the construction
  4. finally I could not save the stickers.So i made the white stripes with paint, but it was not nice. The lower stripe is too thick
  5. Thanks! I think yes The original kit was made in 1993', but it is also available now
  6. Lancia Delta HF Integrale
  7. This is my next kit: It is a very detailed kit from Fujimi Enthusiast Series I want to use pearl white on the body (Volkswagen Onyx white)
  8. Thanks! the best moment: When I put together the (almost finished) body and the chassis first time
  9. "Houston, we have a problem" ..... I try to repair it with brush....
  10. Thanks! There are several aftermarket wheel set, but i bought this wheels long time ago, so I used them
  11. great project! i really like the suspension
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