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  1. from a tamiya 935 porsche kit, then I modified the grill
  2. My replica using the Revell Germany 934 porsche kit
  3. One day looking at cars in the internet, I ran into a page STANCE WORKS. There I saw a Porsche 934 that I recognized from my youth. Love to built porsche and I new I wanted to do a replica of it. Got a Revell Germany Porsche 934 1;24 scale and started working. The decals I made my self with a laser printer and decal paper.
  4. Love this car, looks great man!
  5. Thank you all for your comments, The reaction has been so great that I Started shopping for my next onesssss!!!! Got a 76 Vega funny car to make the Snakes Army Vega F/C and yes I got the decals stached up somewhere and I found them in 1;24 AND A SET 1:18. Ordered a set of the mongoose Vette decals and later Ill be checking the resin body. also got a AMT Trojan Horse Funny car to conver to the Blue Max....also got a set of decals. but that body is going to need work, I found out after I payed. I recomend using the competition resin boddies. for that one to look decent I going to cut and section the roof back to make the nose look longer and the engine blower to show as the real car did. But I promise my self, no more buying, no more buying and more building what you have collected for so long
  6. Don't remember right now, but I'll check the can and let you know.
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