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  1. Use the same tub but took a rear end from another pro stock kit and narrow it more make it work.
  2. Like my mother said "QUERER ES PODER" Thank you!
  3. A few years back Kevin Prior contact me about making a replica of his nostalgia pro stock. After I got more info it happen to be a 1:1 replica of the Profesors Mr. Waren Johnsons Pro Stock. Funny! Art imitating art. The challenge was how because there was no resin bodies out there of this rare model of oldsmobile and less it was produced by any of the model companies. The only thing I had in my stash was this Pontiac J2000 show car kit that I wanted to built for my self. After I study the reference photos and the lines of the body I got to work with blind faith not knowing how I would get everything I needed. The graphics were very simple to get by using NASCAR DECALS. So I went to work.......
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