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  1. Thanks, about todays cars, They are starting to make some like the C7R Corvette and the FORD GT. also there are other manufactures making the new PORSCHES. and the BMW, ACURA and AUDI. Dont care much for the IMSA prototypes right now but the GT classes are on fire
  2. I think kit batching a factory capri with the GTO. Need the hatch back with oval glass, tail lights and the front I think I can scratch built with plastic, no real headlights, there were stickers. Again, let me say is just an idea but have not have time.
  3. Thank you, If I ever get to it, I would like to Make Willy's Roush Capri, using the mustang as a base.
  4. My latest completion. A Revell SCCA MUSTANG. I think it raced back in 91 or so in the Trans Am Series. I added some extra details not included in the kit. Also corrected the front clip, attaching the front spoiler to the chasie and covering the scribe lines from the hood lines. the race car does not have that. the seat belts and net and toe loops are scratch built, the kits decals were ruined so I got a new set from indycals.
  5. Woooooo!!! great subject and very well executed.
  6. Make sure you order two, they do not sell them as a set. I found out the hard way.
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