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    Mazda Miata

    Very nice build, and it seems that the steering wheel is actually on the correct side !!
  2. That turned out very nice,I love the colour, I have a few to build, but don't get time at the moment, too much magazine work on the bench !
  3. Try Here :- http://www.hiroboy.com/catalog/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=flocking&osCsid=b07b032e920641d071258483ba3e04c4&x=77&y=8
  4. I've been using these acrylic showcases since the mid 1990's and I get them custom made to my measurements
  5. I must have missed the build up on this one, but that's a Brilliant build, that paint is So smooth,love the shine, and the foil work is faultless, I also use a polishing compound on my foil and never had a problem with it oxidizing ...
  6. It is, here's the instructions from Revell, the RML is going to a cracker though by the looks of the shots I've seen of it http://www.revell.de/manual/07130_AUSTIN_FX4_LONDON_TAXI.PDF
  7. If the original wheel has a recessed back, you would be better off making a 2 piece mould, takes a little longer, but you'll get better results.
  8. Very nice build, your work is very impressive, can't wait to see it finished .....
  9. Not sure if you get them over there, but I've had one of these for the last year, and it is pretty quiet when it's in operation, and because of the airtank, it hardly runs when your using it. Ref: AB-AS-186 Ultra quiet (54db) - can be used unobtrusively in the home Maintenance free oil-less piston design with lightweight aluminium construction Built in carry handle - light and easy to transport 3.0 litre Receiver tank - ensures pulse free output, and use of up to two airbrushes simultaneously (adaptor required) Industrial type Pressure regulator with gauge, water trap and air filter Pressure relief safety valve Rubber feet
  10. I've got the model, but I can't imagine seeing a full size one coming down out High Street !
  11. What make is that kit ? I wouldn't mind tracking one of those down !
  12. Very nice clean build, I must get back to building more trucks !
  13. I don't use too many enamel paint these days, however I do use it under my Alclad, and for this I have been using Revell thinned with cellulose (Lacquer) thinners, comes out really glossy and dries a lot quicker, I've also used the same thinner in Tamiya acrylic paints and that works very well as well, I've also used the same thinners with Humbrol enamel, so far no problems,
  14. I've not used them yet, but I would like to get a set for my next project (a Peterbilt 378) they do look good, and as for them not being to rotate, well as all my models sit in a showcase when I've finished, I really don't see this as a "Negative"
  15. Ask as many questions as you want, that's the only way we learn .... The only silly questions are the one's you don't ask !! I haven't used any of the Vallejo primers, but while your at Halfords, get yourself a can of Halfords plastic primer, depending on the colour your spraying, it's available in white, grey and red, you can decant it out of the aerosol into your airbrush, which is what I do, if you have an independent auto store look for Hycote paints, there the same thing as the Halfords only cheaper ....
  16. Yes you do, if you don't prime the plastic the nail polish will eat into the plastic, to thin it use Lacquer (Cellulose) thinners, which you can get from any auto store, Halfords has it in stock at most of it's stores.
  17. Here's the last photo I have of me, taken last year in Turkey ...
  18. That's exactly what I do ! I usually set myself a day to do all the casting I need to get done, a lot less waste of resin that way ....
  19. So there goes my promise of not buying anymore truck models !! well done, it's nice to see some modern U.S trucks being made in 1/25th ....
  20. Then why not give the stuff I use a go, easy to mix 1:1 pours like water, and sets very quickly http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/110723466918?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649#ht_933wt_905
  21. Can't wait for those to come over this side of the pond, I hope the hobby shop I bought the Lonestar has them !!
  22. Yes, about a year and you'll find the stuff will be shot, where are you getting your resin from ?? Have a look here, as they do a complete resin casting kit, http://www.sylmasta.com/acatalog/Casting_Kits.html It's not as hard as it sounds, just follow the instructions and you can't go wrong, also have a look on Youtube, there's a few good video's on the subject on there.
  23. Very nice clean build, you've done a very nice job of a very nice car, always did like the Alpine's
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