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  1. My Daily driver The weekend and good weather toy
  2. Superb job, cracking paint job, haven't built a truck in age's, you've just got my interest back with this one !
  3. Looking forward to seeing more on this, the last photo of the red Aston (573 NOJ) was registered in Birmingham, the next largest town to me, and it was first registered the year i was born ...
  4. GeeBee

    '66 Vw Bug

    That's one very cool looking bug, colour really suits it,
  5. I have just had to do the same with the Austin Mini I'm building, I modified the mini Cooper bumpers but needed to de-chrome them as i'm going to spray them with Alclad, i used Caustic soda crystals mixed with cold water, didn't take long for the chrome to pop right off, i use the same stuff to strip paint
  6. Very nice, can't wait to see this one finished ..
  7. You'll have fun with that one, cracking kit, built a few of them, and still got a few on the go,
  8. In December 1960 Triumph was bought by Leyland Motors Ltd with Donald Stokes becoming chairman of the Standard Triumph division in 1963, Triumph then merged with British Leyland Motor Corporation (BMC)in 1968.
  9. Very nice Diorama, looks very realistic ...
  10. very realistic weathering, what did you use for the light bulbs ?
  11. Mainly ebay for me, these's a few online store i shop at 1/ http://www.modelhobbies.co.uk/ 2/ http://www.emodels.co.uk/ For tools and spares i go to http://www.shesto.co.uk/ We used to have a model shop about 1.5 mile away, but that closed down many years ago, never did sell many car kits, even though they got asked to stock them, they said "There was no call for them" ?? the next one we have is around 7 mile away, and never has a great selection of car kits, so i only pop there now and again, to be met by the same un-helpful staff, thank god for the internet
  12. I use Methylated Spirits for thinning and cleaning up of epoxy resin, works a treat
  13. I usually dry them on some paper tissue first to remove most of the paint, then give them a good wash in Isopropyl Alcohol, then rinse in clean water, then reshape the bristles and then just leave to dry
  14. Yes, some over cleaners do work, as there main ingredient is ..... Caustic Soda, Mr Muscle was a very good one over here, until they weakened the mixture
  15. Very nicely done, great detail, i wish those Scale Kraft kits were still available ....
  16. I've tried many things over the years, but now i used Caustic Soda, cheap to buy, simple to use, and never found a paint that it can't remove and does no harm to the plastic,
  17. Yes, it is the Tamiya Mini Cooper kit
  18. Depends on where the orange peel is .. Did you sand out the primer before applying the top coats ? if not you may have orange peel showing though from the primer, in this case you won't get rid of it, if it's in the top colour coat, you may have to flat past the clear to get rid of it, if it's simply in the final clear coat, a light sand and polish will sort it out.
  19. Very nice, brilliant job on the bumper, couldn't tell they were scratch built .
  20. Bought mine many years ago from Graphic Air Systems, been a very good unit. http://www.graphicair.co.uk/acatalog/Graph...tion_Units.html
  21. Very nice work, brilliant conversion, I bought the hasegawa panel van when they first came out, and i was dissapointed that they had used the wheels from the '66 Beetle kit, also the molded in from VW emblem put me off, so i sold it on, and when the relesed the samba, i had a look and found the same problems, so i never bought one, glad to see revell come to the rescue, it may be harder to build being a multi piece body, but i've had a look through the parts, and it looks like it will build into a nice model. Still nice to see someone backdating a model, and the colour is bang on ... I've always had a soft spot for VW buses
  22. GeeBee

    Pug is done.

    Very nice job, brilliant paint finish and cracking detail ..
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