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  1. I wish we had a local model shop, but the nearest on is the other side of Solihull, and to be honest they just don't make you feel welcome, pretty strange but other people I know feel the same way, we have a decent model shop in Birmingham, but they basically sell kits, diecast, but no detail stuff, so I really have no other choice but to shop online.
  2. Is there anywhere in England you can pick up a copy ??? I would really like to take a look before I take out a sub', I used to subscribe to the other mag', but that's just ran out,
  3. Very nice, love the colour, Typical Beach Buggy colour
  4. Done a bit more this morning, how I was going to do the rear screen surround was driving me nuts, but was pretty simple to do in the end, masked off with Tamiya tape, then the body was covered in clear food wrap to stop any overspray, and was then sprayed in satin black lacquer, the roof was sprayed in the same paint, here's a photo with the roof attached (Only temporary) as tamiya give you the option of open and closed roof, I'm not sure which one I'm going with at the moment.
  5. Well, I've been busy this afternoon, got most of the small parts painted, seats dried up o.k, I'm pretty pleased with the colour, I think I've mixed up enough to do the door panels !!!
  6. Front & rear seats painted, I couldn't find a pre-mixed shade, so I had to have a go at mixing it myself, I was aiming at the colour in the photo below, I took the photo just after I had painted them, hopefully they will dull down after they have dried out, as I used satin gloss paints to mix the shade ....
  7. Got round to painting the wheels, bumper and front grill in Citroen Gris Rose cellulose
  8. I've been working on this for the last few days, I wanted to do it in Citroen Jaune Primevere (Primula Yellow)I ordered the paint from paints4u.com, hopefully it will look like the one in the photo below when it's finished !! while I was ordering the paint I also had a small amount of Gris Rose mixed up for the wheels and bumpers, the interior is a brown/orange colour, which I will more than likely have to mix up myself. Yesterday I started work on the bodyshell and body parts, there were a few mold lines to remove from the bodyshell, two that run on both sides of the 'shell from the front windshield to the boot, didn't take too long to remove with a medium grit sanding stick, the bodyshell and all body colour parts were cleaned up,and then given a good soak in warm water with dishwasher detergent added, followed by a scrub using a toothbrush and some smokers tooth powder and then a rince in cool water, all parts were then left to dry on paper towels.I have started building up the the engine and gearbox which needs to be painted in aluminium, small parts need to be picked out in semi glass black, apart from a few ejector pin marks there wasn't too much to clean up, care had to be taken to fix on the front inboard brake drums withour glueing the driveshafts, as they need to move to line up with the wheels when finished, Finally block sanded the primer and put on it's gloss coat, I put a few thin coats on to start with, there were a few dust spots to deal with, those were sanded out, then i changed the needle set up in the airbrush and put on a couple of wet coats, I will leave it to dry for a week or so, then it will be time to polish.
  9. I'm just starting to build Tamiya's 2cv, the Revell version looks like a later model than the Tamiya version, so I've got to get one of these, thanks for the post.
  10. I have the very same compressor here in England, I can do nothing but recommend it, it's pretty quite and cuts in and out when needed, for the price I don't think you can do better.
  11. Yes those AMT instructions were a bit off, but you made a good job of it in the end,
  12. Yes, I still have that one to do, I managed to buy another 2 of them on eBay, but sold them on.
  13. Not sure if the filter is washable, the front one is a 2 part as it's blue on the outside, but has another white layer on the inside, then there's another white filter under that, you can buy new filters for it over here in the U.K for about £6.00 ($10)but as I bought this spraybooth last christmas, and I have used it a lot, the filters don't need replacing just yet, I reckon they should last another 6 months at least. Yes, I do use the unit indoors, I have it upstairs in my hobby room, and simply pop the window open and put out the extraction hose, you only have to open the window about an inch, because of the shape of the end of the hose.
  14. I've got one of these, had if since the beginning of the year, and use it with the ventilation extra hose that fits onto the back, I've used acrylic's, enamel and cellulose lacquer in it, I've just cleaned out the filters this weekend, and while I got out quite a bit of paint dust out of the filters, non had got through to the back part of the filter, so I don't know why they say "Please do not use this spray booth with hazardous materials, flammable or explosive paints or materials" I line the inside of the booth with greaseproof baking paper, saves the plastic parts getting all messed up with overspray. I've got nothing but praise for this unit, and for the price, can't be beaten.
  15. In the past I have tried it over black lacquer paint, while it did go on o.k, I wasn't really happy with the results, this time when I was doing to wipers on the Beetle I tried it over Revell gloss black enamel, however to make it dry quicker, I thinned it with lacquer thinners, this time it turned out much better, much more like real chrome than my previous attempts.
  16. Thanks for all the comments guy's, I would have finished it ages ago if I hadn't had so many health issues over the last 3 years, but it gives me plenty of encouragement to crack on with the next model which has been staled for many years, and 1932 Chrysler Imperial.
  17. Very nice work, looks very authentic, superb detail on the engine, can't wait to see this one finished.
  18. This was started way back in Jan' 11th 2008, finally got it finished ...
  19. I bought one a few years ago, don't how I ever did without it, but I use a lot of lacquer based paints that need a good stir if they've been left sitting for a while, for the money it really is a cheap way of mixing up paint.
  20. Headlamps, front Indicators and Bumper Fitted, number plates were done frst by covering them in BMF, then using a small cotton bud, rubbed the VW logo and badge with lacquer thinners. Rear lamps were first masked off then painted body colour, then re-masked and painted clear orange, then masked again and painted clear red, because the way Tamiya moulded them as one unit, not there best idea, it would have been a lot simpler if they had made the lamp lenses as seperate parts
  21. Have a read of this .. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/story/2011/06/17/postal-strike-friday.html
  22. Very nice build, I like the extra detail you put into the engine
  23. Very nice model, turned out very nice.
  24. Very nice, that colour really suits it, I must try this nail varnish one day, the finish looks superb.
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