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  1. Engine built up, it will be primed,then the gearbox will be airbrushed in steel, then masked to airbrush the engine in Chevrolet engine orange
  2. Spent around an hour cleaning up the bodyshell, removing the mould lines from the top of the front wings and along the middle of the bootlid, along the corners of the front scuttle and on the tops of the rear wings, rescribed the panel lines as they were pretty shallow, cut the bonnet and chassis of the parts tree and cleaned up where it was joined on the parts tree, both dry fitted just fine, this Revell plastic is certainly softer and more translucent than the AMT plastic on my other 57 Chevy
  3. There was a few colours i was going to go with, in the end i went with the Highland green, I've seen photos of it without the 2 tone roof panel, but I do like the two tone option, I found it very hard to find photos of the 2 door sedan in this colour though.
  4. While waiting for the Molotow liquid chrome to dry on the small parts on the AMT version I'm building, I got this one down from the shelf, I thought While I'd got it down, I might as well make a start on it, I've had the paint for a little while, supplied by MCW Finishes. I thought it was pretty much the same as the AMT version, but the interior apart from the dashboard is totally different, there's a few other things are different, like the front bumper, I'll be painting it in Highland green with a Surf green roof. I'll be building it factory stock, of course......
  5. Luckily my next build comes with a decal for those emblems
  6. Hood rockets fitted, they were cut off the parts tree, after sanding the ends smooth and rounded off slightly, they were rechromed using Molotow liquid chrome and fitted to the hood using 5 minutes epoxy resin.
  7. Cheers David, hopefully I'll get it finished soon.
  8. Pretty much, yes, minus the rear wheel covers, I'll be painting it in Highland green with a surf green roof panel.
  9. Welcome aboard Dave,look forward to seeing some of your build.
  10. Superb builds Gareth.....
  11. You'll love my next build then, I've got the paint which was supplied by Mike at MCW finishes,I've got the Mr Color blue green metallic on order, it looks pretty close to the photos I've got of the interior.
  12. Business got in the way of modelling today, although I did get chance to fit the wheel centres, and prepared the rest of the small chrome parts and touched up the cut off points with Molotow liquid chrome, the Chevrolet V's and Chevrolet scripts need airbrushing in gold, I'll be using Mr Color gold paint, the radio aerial didn't look good, so I cut the mast off, drilled the base and inserted a cut down dressmaking pin.
  13. Rear end built up, no problem here with parts fit
  14. I've had it before on AMT kits, the rear bumper on the 57 Chrysler 300 had the cut off points right on the top, ended up stripping the chrome off and redoing it using K Colors chrome, the build would have been so much easier if they had just put the cut off points on the bottom of the part.
  15. It's tight, but it fits....
  16. The V emblems are supplied on the chrome sprue, but they need to be stripped and done in gold, I'm still thinking on how I'm going to do that, the Chevrolet script is supplied on the photoetched sheet, but still needs painting gold.
  17. And for me, I once photographed this car when I was the Midlands correspondent for the Classic Car weekly magazine.
  18. I've just done a dry fit, now the front bumper and grille has been fitted, it's tight, but it fits and looks OK
  19. I had to drill out the mounting holes on the trim, nothing too major, the worst thing is that AMT put the cut off points on the parts tree on the top of the part, so the part was sanded smooth and covered in Bare Metal foil and then polished, and then fitted to the bonnet using 5 minute clear epoxy.
  20. So far, so good, I'll find out tomorrow when I get to fit the chrome trim to the front edge of the bonnet, (Sorry,Hood), I've got another one in the stash that I want to turn into a four door, I'm not sure I'm skilled enough to try the conversion myself, I've been after the resin transkit without any luck.
  21. I'm not 100% happy with the front emblem which I hand painted, but even with a 10/0 brush and my magnifying lamp, it's the best these old eye's and hands can achieve, the fit of the bumper was pretty good, a little 5 minute epoxy soon had it permanently fitted in place
  22. GeeBee

    1968 Volkswagen

    As does the later issued kit in 1:24th scale
  23. Looking very nice, I still have this urge to build another truck.....
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