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  1. I decanted my first paint today. Dupont Acrylic Laquer Semi Gloss Black. Did it like Bob Downie recommends and it worked great. I was spraying it about 15 minutes after I decanted it. I put a little Walmart Lacquer thinner in it and it sprayed beautifully. This paint looks great out of the can but went on much better through my airbrush and I hardly used any compared to what I would have used spraying out of the can. Dave Thibadeau is a fan of this paint I noticed on one of his new videos. If you haven't seen his videos, you should check out his YT channel. Some really great info learning from one of the masters.
  2. Looks awesome! I love the engine colors.. what did you use?
  3. So you did this with Acrylic paints... What did you clear it with?
  4. I love the pro stocks.. this one looks cool! Wish they would sell more of these new.
  5. Best first post I've ever seen. That is sweet AF.. and what a cool name.. I. McLaren!
  6. Can't wait to see this one! Where are you getting the decals?
  7. I love Pro Stocks.. this one looks great. I think those cats think you are making them a toy to play with.
  8. Looks great to me Jonathan! I couldn't see any flaws... Looks like box art
  9. Thanks.. check out scalehobbyist next time and see what you think. I think their prices are better and they have a better selection and better shipping cost. They pack the items really well and ship fast.
  10. Also just got a shipment in.. even with good deals this stuff adds up quick.
  11. Local hobby shop closing.. got these at half price. Where is the best place to buy Tamiya paint online now that I can't get it locally?
  12. Just got this one from @afxwho is great to deal with and a very fast shipper even in this corona virus craziness.. got a big paint order coming soon with some other goodies inside.. more pics to come
  13. Looks great Don... I love the metallic planes. What is a good one to start with if I've never built a plane before?
  14. I just found @David Thibodeau's YT.. it's fairly new for anyone who wants to learn from one of the masters. That led me to his FB page and then again to @ClayK Kemp's FB page.. looks like they are using Mission Models acrylics. Dave did a cool trick to get an aluminum finish on this video. Saw you posted there @John Pol. Many options to choose from...
  15. Good to know John... many of the European modelers I follow on YT use AK paints.. I needed a chrome and ordered AK's extreme chrome. I'll have to pick up some other colors soon.
  16. Thanks Dave, I picked up several of these last week and will give them a try soon. I saw a video where Andy X created a special lid for his Paasche H that would fit right into these bottles with minimal waste. I've got an extra lid so I may have to try it.. or I'll just put a little in the cup of my Iwata Neo
  17. I guess I'll have to try several different brands to see what I like the best. I definitely won't compromise quality for odor.. I'll just have to be more careful when I use them.
  18. Thanks Dave, I'm going to check that video out. I might have to try a bottle or two of the Velajo Metallic paint to compare. I have an order of paints coming.. I got AK chrome because I hear it is better than Alclad. I also got some Tamiya metallic acrylic paint because it looks good online as well as MM Lacquer metallizers and Mr. Color. I should know what is best after I try all these. It would be nice if I could use Valejo for everything because it is the least stinky.. if I can only make it shiney too without stink. I've got all these paints coming from Scalehobbyist.. wish I would have got the Vallejo with the order but didn't know about them at the time... they seem to have the best selection and price from what I have found: https://www.scalehobbyist.com/catagories/Paint_and_Construction/browse.php?s=3&t=1&u=1
  19. They look really good on the video below. I have to paint in my office, no other choice and these are safe. Maybe I will try them but wanted to see what the pros here thought.
  20. I would like to build a plane someday.. a military plane. What is a good kit for a newbie?
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