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  1. I love the sprint cars.. I've got a few to build
  2. It might be possible. The unit is made of plastic so I'm not sure how large/heavy of a fan it could take. Hey, that is cool. Did you sell it to a modeler? I've actually been using less air pressure on my airbrush and the booth has been handling it well.
  3. It's a couple years old but just saw this this morning. Pretty cool
  4. jchrisf


    They are doing just that in Florida. Saw it on the news this morning. The Gov. is pushing for it.
  5. hello Anton and welcome. I have a question about truckers in Sweden. Do they all look like this?
  6. Still the coolest looking car of all time.. IMO It never goes out of style.
  7. The next time Michaels is open I'm going to use my coupon to get a tube of this and try it. I like that it mixes itself. You do great work.. that car is amazing like Kurt's!
  8. That's a great idea. I'm going to give this a try the next time I mix some up and see how it works out for me.
  9. Heck of a deal right there. Thanks for the suggestion.
  10. I've got some Tacky Glue that I just picked up recently. I'll have to give that a try too. Beautiful Car!
  11. Oh yeah Glen... I will always use a mask. My next one will have my eyes protected too. I don't like to breath fumes. I wonder how many modelers get cancer? That scares me.
  12. My recommendation is to get Mr. Color.. they are cheaper than testors when you buy here. Also get their thinner/leveler. https://www.scalehobbyist.com/catagories/Paint_and_Construction/black-gloss/GSI000000C2/product.php?s=3&t=1&u=1&pg=1&ppp=48&sb=stocknumber&so=a&man=GSI https://www.scalehobbyist.com/catagories/Paint_and_Construction/mr-color-thinner-400ml/GSI0000T104/product.php?kw=mr,color,thinner This paint thins 1:2 or 1:3 paint to thinner Or you could buy and decant Tamiya Spray paints and/or use Tamiya acrylics using the same thinner above.
  13. Thanks Glen, I saw this video and he says he can't smell the paint standing over it without a respirator on.. if that is true this should be a good choice for me.
  14. LOL.. on another model that had the same design for the seats, I somehow put it together so it held without glue. Later when I went to attach it for good I couldn't get it to lock in place again. I figured I was doing something wrong.
  15. Lately I've been using 5 minute epoxy on every part that was not glued plastic to plastic with Tamiya Extra Thin Cement. It is a bit of a pain to measure, mix and get on all the parts without it hardening. I think I need a different dispenser that will dispense equal amounts of both at the same time, quickly and in smaller amounts. Do you have a favorite brand/dispenser?
  16. https://www.scalehobbyist.com/catagories/Paint_and_Construction/browse.php?s=3&t=1&u=1
  17. Looks like I wasted $200 on Testor's Aztec paint booth. Didn't really know much when I bought a year or so ago. I've had to move my paint booth inside because it is too hot and humid to get a good paint job in the garage. The Testors booth can't quiet keep up with the airbrush and keep the smell out of the room. Are there any Pace paint booth users here that paint indoors? Can it keep the fumes out of the room? It'd be nice if it could even handle a Spray can on the rare times I use one. Does it also keep the overspray out of the room? Testors has Airflow: 62-68 cfm Pace has 148 cfm.. more than twice. I'm looking at the 24 Inch Mini-Plus. Looks like it has a little extra room to work in too.
  18. I wish they would put something in there that the seat could sit on perfectly so you know you have it right.
  19. If I do what you said it does appear to work. I can feel the seat hit the raised area so I think I will do that.
  20. This is a dumb question but I haven't built many models and I can never figure out exactly how the Revell/Monogram (maybe more) models have designed their models to install the seats. There are two raised slits on the tub but the seat itself doesn't really have any indication on how it is to be glued to it. What's the secret?
  21. Andy used some of his Motorcycle engine it is looks great.. I'm giving this stuff a try next time I place an order. If it doesn't queue up for you look at the 4:00 mark
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