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  1. Great build I love those wheels what are they from
  2. That is awesome love the head lights
  3. Ryansrust6

    Model a

    Hey y’all here’s an old build not sure if I’ve shown it here before. Thanks Ryan
  4. You build so much I like it nice work
  5. Thanks guys appreciate it. Sam I would love to if you ever want to let me know thanks again Ryan
  6. Hey y’all here’s another vw thanks for looking Ryan
  7. Thanks guys im gonna be doing a barn find 41 chevy pick up I’ll do a step by step on the build to show my technique. Should get started pretty soon thanks again ryan
  8. Ryansrust6

    40 ford

    Hey y’all I built this with the idea of a barn find put these wheels and tires on until I can find a set that’s not as good that I can dirty up but until then here she is thanks for looking Ryan
  9. Very nicely done love the rusty ones
  10. Ryansrust6

    48 chevy

    Hey y’all calling this one done can’t find the glass and most of the interior for the kit but oh well thanks Ryan
  11. Thanks y’all maybe one day I’ll learn to take better photos
  12. Ryansrust6

    40 ford

    Another rat to add to the pile thanks y’all ryanRyan
  13. Hey y’all had this one lowered for a while figured I’d see how it looked the opposite thanks for lookin ryan
  14. Hey y’all another rat rod here still got a lot more to do not sure if I wanna do white walls or not let me know what ya think thanks Ryan
  15. Thanks y’all all those are great it’s a really nice kit I’ll post it sometime
  16. Ryansrust6

    47 Chevy

    So nice what a great kit
  17. Hey y’all got some work done on my Camaro I’m changing my number from 27 to 4 since that’s the only number I can find post more later thanks Ryan
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