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  1. I'll have some of what your having.... Cool stuff!!
  2. Heck, I'd work at Filthys, IF they let me drive!!! Nice build.
  3. Hey Snake, I'm back in with a 49 Ford, just a different one, I'll get ups some pictures this weekend. I've got "several" of them in various stages of UNDONE!!
  4. http://67-72chevytrucks.com/vboard/showthread.php?t=311732 If you put pics of bagged truck frames in google, you'll get tons of stuff on 1;1 trucks. As for pictures of 1/25, don't know....
  5. Thought I would show my latest WIP since its about half way done, just need to finish the weathering, find an engine, finish the interior and add the little bits. This started out for me when I got it in a swap, it has a very rough body {no primer used, just heavy lac paint, etched pretty deep} so it was only fitting to do a weathered shop truck, its missing ALOT of parts, but mostly the hood inserts are bugging me, anyone have a spare set PM me. Thanks for looking. EDIT; Why do my pictures look distorted? Robert
  6. Looking good. Got a color picked out yet?
  7. Well, I must report!! The 49 is back in the box!! Will look for something new.
  8. Just for those who think all SOHC's had the spark plugs on top..... When you thinks about it, the AMT 66 Galaxie SOHC has the correct valve covers for this early engine style.
  9. Looking good. First "bent" master cylinder I've ever seen
  10. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/52024-what-kit-has-a-good-ford-427-sohc/
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