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  1. It is not that big of a deal on one of these. You could literally stripped it down to nothing and reassemble without anyone knowing the difference. There is nothing tamper proof on it including the controller board.
  2. Did you check the fuse? www.Littlemachineshop.com sell virtually ever part for these machines. So you can probably replace the bad part cheaper than getting a new machine. They do have motors and controller boards for these. Do you have the speed controller reostat all the way down do you?
  3. Sometimes they are slow sometimes they are fast, but I have always got anything I ordered from them. I have ordered from them dozens of times, but never when I need something absolutely now. You do have to pay attention to if the item is in stock or not, where it is coming from IE China, US or Germany, and how the item has been shipped. The RC Helicopter guys use them all the time. Now some of there stuff is sub-standard, but you never here of them not shipping stuff. I am sure you will get your order. Keep in mind Chinesee New Year is a huge holiday for them that lasts a week or so.
  4. Me too, never seen that before and have got a fair amount of things from Taiwan, China and Japan. I even go a few things from Europe, OZ, and the kiwis. Never even seen that before.
  5. I guess some kind of desire, be able to at least read pictures and glue, otherwise that's about it. I mean you could just rip the parts off the trees and glue em together. You could probably just chew them off with your teeth. You don't need no stink'n knife. You don't need no stink'n sandpaper, files or even paint. and agreed, the best set of tools in the world wont turn a hack into a craftsman.
  6. Exactly. Just meaning SCCA has a bunch of series, classes, races, events under the SCCA umbrella much like FIA. And FWIW, SCCA has 11 big name sponcers like Tirerack, VW of America, Sunoco, Pace, Hawk Perf, Mobil 1, and others. However, they do not have one main series or event that the put on like NASCAR and NHRA.
  7. Tequila Parton SCCA is a sanctioning body like FIA.
  8. Ya goof balls, AMLS is not Grand Am. Grand Am hosts the 24 of Daytona. Completely different series.
  9. 24 of Daytona, different series. That is Grand Am racing, not ALMS.
  10. Peugeot? Audi? Porsche? Pontiac? Chevrolet? Acura? BMW? Mazda? Aston Martin Ferrari? Corvette? None of those ring a bell with you? Geesh, what rock have you been living under?
  11. I still have a lot of airplane and armor kits, but I guess I am just a car guy at heart. I have tried to escape it, I even got a college degree, but I still keep getting drug back into the auto industry. It's in my blood, DNA. So naturally I keep getting drawn back to cars. Maybe I should stop trying to fight it and deal with it.
  12. Yeah it only took them something like 13 years to come down with a verdict in the Senna trials, which didn't mean anything at the end of the day because there was a 7 year 6 month statue of limitation.
  13. Update on Kubica. Hard to say what exactly is going on. Conflicting reports over the weekend: His girl friend said on European TV that he has taken a turn for the worst. He was suppose to be moved out of ICU on the 10th but they say he is back in the ICU as a precaution for his upcoming operation scheduled for Wed on his elbow, which now has been pushed back until Thur. Renault and his manager say his condition is positive considering the extent of his injuries. Today the doctors said they were cautiously optimistic, but that was it. No other specifics on his condition or response to his girl friends comments. I guess time will tell all.
  14. not difficult at all, I would experiment on something to get it thin enought to create the disired effect. I personally like to use inks for washes.
  15. really thin black inks or paint. The idea is the darker color will flow into the corners of a part creating the illusion of shadows.
  16. Actually they own the legal rights to F 150 and F-150 but not technically to F150. FWIW Ferrari owns the letter F.
  17. It is an evil kit. I have 2 57s 2 56s 1 55 and 1 Nomad.
  18. I like these sanding needles http://store.spruebrothers.com/sanding-needles-medium---240-grit-12ea-402-p21276.aspx also sold at Hobby Lobby.
  19. I thought that was pretty cool. Then even knew exactly who it was .... The one guy that pulled up in the second car was saying "nooooo Robert." Then was asking the worker if he was hurt, how bad, etc. then gets out and tells the co-driver to hold the hand brake.
  20. moments after the collision. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MJ2nnmdTjE and the second car to arrive on the scene. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWn2XvZ9q54&feature=related
  21. Here is what caused all of Kubic's injuries.
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