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  1. Well... gentleman... I've failed. Two paint disasters later, I'm still at square 1. I think it's going back in the closet and on to something a little less irritating. Maybe I'll try again later this year... but 2 months worth of work wasted has got me a bit irritated. Trying a new paint process was a mistake on a deadline.
  2. I thought about maybe a carriage bolt a bearing and a stover lock nut...
  3. You talked me into... went ahead and got a second one at Ollie's last Thursday after I picked another 330 dodge... couldn't pass it up.
  4. I've never used the stands until now... talk about making a bad first impression... I think gluing it down is the way to go... duct tape isn't a bad option either in case I ever need to take it apart for something... although I can't imagine why I'd need to.
  5. Yea, fortunately I was spraying Vallejo Black so I just washed it off with soap and water and resprayed, but man... any other time I would have been spraying enamels and I'm no fan of brake fluid... I think I'm going to glue it on. Seems like an oversight on Tamiyas part... or god forbid a "feature"
  6. So, yesterday I'm working on laying down the first color coats on the lindberg Dodge 330, for the "Bring out your dead" group build.... 3rd and final coat goes on smooth as butter and then poof the top of my brand new Tamiya paint stand falls off sending the body roof down into the floor! You all can imagine the scene I'm sure... The wife is at work, the dogs are asleep and it's been dead silent except the mild hum of my compressor for nearly 3hrs.... NIRVANA!! And then Murphy barges in and wrecks it. Anyone ever had this happen? I'm about to go back to pipe nipples...
  7. Well here's an update on the 330... I've got the interior 90% complete. The body is prepped for paint, the chassis has been base coated. It turned satisfactory... but not great. I'm shooting for the week after next completion. This will be done box stock, with the possible exception of plug wires...because it's a hemi lol.
  8. That looks awsome reminds me of something I can't quite put my finger on. Cant wait to see it "under glass"
  9. Well I've stripped the wheels... ready to try again..
  10. How ironic... I just saw these at Ollie's yesterday... went to see if they still had any lindberg dodge 330's... so I could rob the coil for my build entry. They had the Maverick 330 so I was in luck... and a ton of spy cars.
  11. Nice paint job, I'd say the "late 70s" would qualify as stalled... but idk? Hahaha But seriously, cool paintjob.
  12. I believe it's got a few layers of Metallic green, blue, and red under a few more thinned out, almost translucent coats of semi gloss black. But in 1/25 I think the effect will either be too much or non existent sadly. But I'm gonna post what I wind up with. I'm starting the gloss black "returns" car after this one.
  13. Yea I've read all that entire thread looking for the right mix. I've tried several mixes and methods on plastic spoons and I think I've found one that I like. Will be laying down color either today or tomorrow.
  14. Thanks for the tip. Hope to have more updates soon!
  15. Thanks, I'm hoping to have the whole thing lit with fiber optics that change colors, pulse and flicker. First, I have to get the wheels resprayed and then mix the body color.
  16. Here's my entry Sadly, no coil....yet. The engine looks a bit toy like... I'm thinking on swapping in a Hemi?
  17. Soon as I get home this evening I'll sure do it! Keep in mind the only things that are "done" are the interior and the semi incomplete engine (missing coil...)
  18. Count me in... I've got an old lindberg Color me gone dodge 330 that has been mothballed for about 2yrs. I shelved it after the ignition coil got eaten by the carpet monster! And my blower belt for my 68 camaro...that's another story though for another time.
  19. After seeing it more, I'm very unsatisfied with the wheel color... trying to figure out how to get that color right... it's a bear!
  20. This is the batmobile I'm working on, I'm planning on making all working lights that and a display base to simulate the seen in Batman after Batman and Vicki Vale escape the Joker and are in route to the batcave on a dark wet, woodland road with plenty of leaves blowing around. I haven't got the paint job done yet, still trying to get the color mix just right. Been playing with the idea of putting a bit of pearlex in some satin clear for an overcoat, to give the reflections the magic that's on the big screen. The right mix of red, blue, and green pearl is essential. Here's a shot of the dash before fiber optic installation. For some reason I had to reduce the quality of the dash pic, to get it to upload... sorry. Any input or constructive criticism welcome! Any ideas out there on anything that could enhance this build further?
  21. Cant help with the parts, but I can say welcome to the forum!
  22. Thanks. and you have a good point! I just tell her its. Heaps cheaper than both my 1:1's That burns her up hahaha... but she gets over it.
  23. I did end up "finishing" it (not really) got frustrated after the primer I used etched the body a bit and I just went ahead and shot the color buffed it out best I could and gave the model to my dad... I basically abandoned the build, but in fairness I wasnt going to putty the whole body to cover the etching caused by the primer. Dad enjoyed it so it was still a win.
  24. Hello everyone, this forum looks like a good place to share my love for the hobby. And I'm sure there is probably a few thousand years worth of cumulative knowledge here. Here's to the beginning of my tenure here at modelcarsmag, I hope to learn alot from some of the best out there! I started building when I was in single digits and then fell out of the hobby in my early teens. I've been back at it now for about 3yrs. This is both a love and addiction, and a constant pain for my wife... Hope to get to know some of you. ,Bo
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