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  1. Very nice work!. I like that you took the time to chrome all the lower body panels and fenders. It makes the car even more beautiful, and accurate. Great save !
  2. Very nice Cadillac, love the color!
  3. Hi Howard. Thank you so much for sharing that incredible story !. By chance, did you have any photo of the car from that show that you'd like to share with me?. There were not so many pictures of her from that period of time. I was a teen back then and knew only the pics from the Guinness book of records. You may find funny the fact that I have also put some coats of Meguiar's wax on my model !.
  4. Hi David!, Thanks for your kind words!. I didn't thought about about contacting them. Jay Ohrberg, the creator in the 80s, and the actual owner Michael Dezer could find her interesting
  5. Hey Dave, here are some of the steps...
  6. Thank you very much for your kind words. It's really appreciated.
  7. Salut Claude! Merci beaucoup !!!. She's about 34.5 inches long. Long enough to sit in my display cabinet. LOL
  8. Hi Dave, what details would you like to know ?
  9. Hi guys !. It's been a long time since I posted here. I was buzy trying to do the craziest project I had ever started, the one and only, the American Dream Cadillac. Ridiculous, useless and ugly for some, amazing and cool for others, this Cadillac leaves no one indifferent. About 40 years ago she came out of Jay Ohrberg's imagination, the father of a lot of famous TV and movie cars, as well as some world's record limousines. She had different sizes, colors and configurations during all these years and she became once again the longest Cadillac in the world, according to the Guinness book of records. After rusting in a parking lot for the last decade she was brought back to life and sits now in the Dezerland Park's hall in Florida. I grew up fascinated by this Cadillac, and decided to make a model of her. So this is the Amercian Dream, in the early stages of her life, when she was the "shortest" version of herself. ( I had to think of room's storage LOL ). I used the 1976 Eldorado from JoHan as a donor. All the rest is hand made. Hope you'll like her.
  10. Hi Jay ! Oh yes it is !!!. Knowing what a regular Jo-Han's interior looks like and what you did with it is great. The wood-grain paint treatment is awesome too. The wire wheels make her a bit more sporty and the color combo is a success. Did you rechrome the bumpers ?
  11. Very nice and cool Caddy!.
  12. Hi Jon. Thank you so much for your question, it's very flattering. In all honesty I am very critical towards my own skills and don't think I am good enough to sell or do models for someone. I am also very attached to them so it would be hard to let them go, plus the considerable time I spent to finish one would make impossible to put a fair price tag on them. Sorry
  13. Beautiful Cadillac!. That roof suits the design very well, and the color's pretty cool. Great job!
  14. Hi Bill, thank you very much!. Sadly you're right...I doubt we will see models again as beautiful as what Jo-Han had created. This time is long gone. So I humbly try to give a bit of love, a new life to damaged ones.
  15. Hi Bill, Thank you very much. Yes you're right. By "sedan" I meant a 4 doors version. This one is the Hardtop Sedan DeVille for 67, compared to the other versions. Calais pillared Sedan, Calais hardtop Sedan, Sedan DeVille Hardtop and Sedan DeVille pillared were the 4 options offered by Cadillac that year. And apart from the limousines series 75, the 2 other "sedans" versions also offered that year were the Fleetwood Sixty Special and the Fleetwood Brougham, just a bit longer in wheelbase. That was a lot of versions back then, and these options were almost the same from 1965 to 1970. Quite complicated to naviguate into Cadillac terms at the time
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