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  1. 1970 Coupe DeVille

    Nice !. Details added on seats are excellent, good side mirror too ! and great color btw.
  2. '64 Cadillac from the movie Cooley High

    Thanks Chris !. Tom's 1970 coupe Deville's also very nice !. It's a pity than no manufacturer offers '50's to '80s "regular stock" Cadillac model kits anymore. The vast majority of Cadillac in shows now are Lowriders or customs....
  3. '64 Cadillac from the movie Cooley High

    Wow ! Excellent built , sharp and amazing details !. I love it !. Hope you'll share some pics of her from the show too, as well as other Cadillacs, if you find some.
  4. Dream Time: What cars would you like to see modeled?

    Hi ! Tough question !. Only Cadillac for me... Passion's too big, I couldn't pick only one or two, there are so many models I'd love to see made!. In fact, would be great to see the ones that could fill the gaps that Jo-Han Models has not produced. So, many Sedans or limousines. Here are just a few I would love in my collection. 1949-1953 Fleetwood, 1954 Eldo and 1958 Eldorado Brougham, 1960 limo and 1962 Coupe deVille, 1967 and 1969 Limos, 1972 Fleetwood and 1976 Limo, 1977-78 and 1980-84 Eldorado Biarritz................etc etc...
  5. Hi guys ! Sharing today an old built, the Cadillac Coupe De Ville 1976 by Modelhaus. As these kits are ultra rare now I just regret to have built it at a time where my skills weren't as good as they are today. I could restore it completely though. I guess this Cadillac's still presentable and worth a few pics here, don't you think ? ...Ah, If only Revell would stop doing Customs and Lowriders to offer more old "stock" american cars !
  6. 1970 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham

    Hi John, there's a "Page Resin" Facebook page. You can contact from there and see if the 1970 Sedan's still available.
  7. 1970 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham

    Hi Bill ! Thank you very much ! Still some flaws though I completely forgot to sand the script Cadillac on the trunk before painting cause there are none on the Fleetwood version, and the A pillars shouldn't be covered by vinyle. Next one I'll correct that !
  8. 1970 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham

    Hi Alan, Thanks ! I've found on internet an image of a Cadillac upholstery that I have modified and printed in the colour I wanted to fit the overall interior colour.
  9. Hi guys. This Cadillac is a Page Resin kit. The cast was very good but needed some prep. Originally looking more like a regular DeVille series, I've turned and built it into the Fleetwood series, with lower body trims added, a matching interior and a "Brougham-ish" upholstery. Definitely one of my favourite Cadillac in my collection.
  10. '69 Cadillac Sedan de Ville

    WOOOOUUAAAHHH !!! So cool !, and the colours are just fantastic. It reminds me the blue version you made years and years ago !. How I'd love so much you to make a 67-69 limo kit ! Thank you so much for sharing this beauty !. Stay tuned Paul, I'll also share my '70 Fleetwood Brougham very soon.
  11. Hi guys, Sharing with you today an old built, made by Modelhaus. This is the '61 Cadillac Coupe series 62. It's now very very rare and I regret I haven't buy more than one at the time, to make a convertible or an Eldorado from it. I built it around 10 years ago, not pristine but presentable, IMHO. I also regret, (and I am sure I'm not the only one here), that Modelhaus is not around anymore....the quality was excellent. I am glad that they made amazing hubcaps for that model, way better that what Jo-Han's made for its 1961 Fleetwood. Enjoy !
  12. Thanks Nick !!!
  13. Yeah I saw the article yesterday, it's unbelievable !
  14. 1964 Cadillac Eldorado

    Very nice Caddy indeed ! Funny but I remember I've seen a picture of it from a Fotki NNL album a few weeks ago !! You did a great job with the front seats, colour's beautiful too.
  15. 1964 Cadillac Eldorado

    Thank you Mark!. I had a few Cadillacs too, I am really crazy about the brand! If you make Cadillac models, feel free to share them.