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  1. Hi David. Yes I remember your posts about your family car and also your '62 JoHan build of course. They have clearly helped me choose the color combo for this Coupe . ( this '62 Caddy was painted with Medium Garnet Red Met ). For an unexplicable ( and silly ) reason I've never learn ( yet ) how to use an air brush. I am about to change that very soon.... So my Cadillacs are painted with sprays. Hobby shops are dead in my place now so it became complicated to have choices and availabilties. Not fan of tamiya's and never used ModelMaster's. I am using automotive sprays called Dupli-color. From primers to clears. Pros: nice metallic colors, easy to apply with no runs, fast drying process... Cons: moderate orange peel effect. (Well, no surprises here, all paints from sprays need fair amount of water-paper sanding process in order to have a mirror and smooth finish ). That's why I plan to learn air brush to improve paint quality results, and a better access to a larger variety of real accurate brand colors. I've discovered MCW finishes a few months ago and the "real car" colors are also pushing me to learn to use them. You won't be disappointed with D.Decko's kits, they are almost as good as real JoHan"s. Please show me that 61 once done
  2. Thank you so much everyone !
  3. Very nice Cadillac and clean build. I would probably add some white walls but it's just my personal taste... Very good work anyway.
  4. Thank you all very very much. Your kind words are truly appreciated.
  5. Hi Tim ! Thanks for your kind words !. I still have to learn how to print my own decals to bring some of my conversions the names, scripts or crests they should normally have. Hope to do that soon.
  6. Hi guys. Today I share my last conversion. I have build it from an old JoHan's 1968 Coupe Deville kit. The kit was damaged so I decided to turn it into the 4 doors Brougham Cadillac was offering that year. The roof is completely new, higher and stretched towards the trunk, with new windows mouldings, new B and C pillars, new vent windows. The shoulder line on the body is also modified, more horizontal than the coupe. The interior is converted with plain front seats and wood-ish door panels, carpetting etc... New lower body mouldings to match the real car and set it apart from the Sedan Deville. Color is as close as "Spectre blue" with hand polished clear coats, and black matte vinyl top. Hope you'll like it.
  7. Hi George. As Steve mentioned, only the late Modelhaus company have made a 1/25th resin 1976 Cadillac Coupe Deville kit, with a professional quality. Amoung many other Cadillacs, Modelhaus have also made a 1976 Cadillac Mirage pickup. These Cadillacs are almost impossible to find now. No other manufacturer ever produced a 1975-1976 Cadillac DeVille in that scale, and in that resin quality. JoHan made only convertible Eldorados for these years ( and many other years ) and did produce a 1967 Coupe Deville, in promo or in kit, both plastic, rare but still available on ebay sometimes, around 100-150 bucks. The Coupe Deville could be transformed into the Sedan, with minor modifications. On a smaller scale, late french manufacturer "El├ęgance Models" have covered in resin, an extremely large amount of the 1976 Cadillac year. From Coupe Deville to limousines, from stretched wagons to hearses and ambulances... These were built resin scale models. Very expensive, some are still sold on Ebay as well. Good hunt ! and stay safe. Respectfully, Jeff.
  8. Hi Steve !. Thanks for including the info for George. My 76 Cadillac isn't restored yet. Cries for a new paint job, and detailed interior.
  9. Wow ! Oh my !!!! A-mazing !!!...I have room on my shelves Paul if you don't know what to do with that Caddy !. Congrats, it's just outstanding.
  10. Hi Steve, Thanks ! Modelhaus has made some of them a decade ago, 1960 and 1961 Coupe Devilles. Now extremely hard to find, sadly. The Modelhaus's '61 kit was a bit better than the '60, proportionnaly speaking. Someone's actually selling one on Ebay for 700 $ dollars !!!. Here's mine, build 10 years ago, still presentable IMO, but she'd need a better paint and chrome job.
  11. Hi guys. Hope everyone's doing good. Here's my last build, this is a very rare R&R Resin kit of a '62 Coupe Deville I have since at least a decade. It is converted from the Fleetwood 60S by JoHan. I had poorly painted it with a saturated turquoise blue back then and had never been happy with it. Needed a good restauration. So, I offered the Cadillac a new two tone dress, as close as "Pompeian Red Metallic" with an off-white top. Black and white interior with black carpeting. Painted accent hubcaps and new hand made chromed V crests. Hope you'll like it. Thanks !
  12. Thank you so much for the info John, I wasn't aware about these MCW paints. Unfortunately, they don't ship to Canada because paint is hazardous materiel...
  13. As always, thank you all very very much for the kind words !
  14. Very cool conversion and beautifull execution . Congrats for the great work and color choice !.
  15. Hi Claude, merci beaucoup ! As I don't have nor know how to paint with an airbrush yet I am still using spray ones. You know it's tough to get real metallic auto paint now here so Dupli-colors are almost the only ones I use. Once the world will come back to normal, you'll be able to find these paints in Canadian Tire shops. This Eldo wears "Mocha Frost Metallic". It's a gold with a light tone of copper in it. Then sprayed with clear coats that I sand by hand to a mirror finish. First I wanted to find something close to the real 1971 Cadillac "Almond Firemist" color, but nothing was available...Thanks again, and stay safe !.
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