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  1. Salut Claude! Mille merci pour tes compliments. It's really appreciated. Design in 66 was "again" a success for Cadillac those years , neat and elegant. Next conversions to come, Sedan DeVille 1976 and Fleetwood Brougham Coupe 1983. Thanks again !
  2. Thank you all very very much for the kind words !
  3. Hi David, sorry I did not take any pics of the primary shape. I'll do it with the next Cadillac I have also bought damaged, such as a 1967 Coupe DeVille iI am converting nto a Sedan deVille.
  4. Thanks Dan !. '66 was indeed a great year, it must have been so nice to have many of them !
  5. Hi guys. Sharing with you my very new conversion. I have made this 1966 Fleetwood Brougham out of a Jo-Han Coupe DeVille kit. The original kit was unpainted but fully built under thick layers of glue... It needed a refresh and a bit of love. Fleetwood's roofs are higher than DeVilles, so to get closer to the real car I created a new raised and elongated vinyl roof to receive the thin B and larger C pillars, also created new rear vent windows, new doors and interior wood-ish panels, new seats and floor carpet, new lower body molding trims and chromes, hand sanded paint and clear coats, white walls etc...Hope some will like it!
  6. This is the old Revell '57 Brougham with a new different box art. Just a new edition. Model is NOT accurate. Not accurate means NOT accurate with real car proportions. If anyone looks for "Jo-Han-ish" accuracy of proportions, don't buy. It's not bashing Revell to point it out, but there's nothing accurate in this kit. Sorry. Overall body is off, front and rear bumpers, roof shape, fins shape, rear arch wheel shape are wrong...Even the door handles position is wrong. The builder of the kit on the picture did a great job and it is not to criticize somebody's skills. Purpose of this side by side images is just for comparison with the real Cadillac.
  7. Hello Janne. There's a distinction to do between the Fleetwood 60 Special, and the Fleetwood brougham these years. Both cars were not made from the same body style and are quite different. Still, there is no 1990 Fleetwood Sixty Special and no Fleetwood Brougham in any scale, to my knowledge. But the 1/43rd resin company GLM did the 1991 Fleetwood Brougham Sedan in white, and black versions about 10 years ago. Still available on ebay sometimes. Revell also did a 1990-1992 style Fleetwood brougham Coupe lowrider in 1/25. Proportions Accuracy with the real car are not spot one. Kit's available on Ebay. You will also find on Ebay some resin kit conversions of this Coupe turned into a 4 doors version made by casters. Once built it could look like this. ( it's not my model ). Good hunt !
  8. Hello. If the Cadillac is really a re-issue of the old Revell's version and not a brand new kit, make sure that you understand the kit is far from being accurate in proportions. If you are looking for accuracy with the real car, run !. The picture depicts a car that's even better than the kit inside... Back in the time of the very first release, you could read on the art box...: "Authentic kit, accurately scaled". Well, it is not. At all. Revell designers had to create the kit by extrapolate dimensions from pictures that Cadillac provided at the time. First attempt was not good, second one was approved by the brand, even with unaccuracies. So, my point is not to discourage anyone to buy it of course, but to warn anyone who expects a "Jo-Han" -ish quality or spot on proportions..
  9. Excellent model, quite rare now. She looks great and was worth the efforts. Congrats !
  10. Love it, great color. Very nice Caddy !.
  11. Very nice Caddy !. Perfect color. Sister to my convertible one.
  12. Hi Bob, Thank you very much. Please share that 62 when she'll be done.
  13. Thank you very much Janne. Indeed I am crazy about that brand and only that brand. I'll try to give them all the passion my skills will allow me.
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