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  1. Guys, thank you all very very much !!!!
  2. It's very kind of you, thank you so much for your good words Cliff, it's really appreciated
  3. One of my best paint. Eldorado 65'.
  4. Last conversion.
  5. Hi guys ! Molotow ? yes, very good for small details, not good on big or plain surfaces...I know the other chrome stuff and options but never used any of them. Just wanna find somebody to do it. Unfortunately I haven't received any news from Mr Horner of Little Motor Car Company, after my email sent to him a week ago.Indeed, It looks like he maybe have enough work to do... I'm stuck with my Cadillac bumpers and hubcaps.... Jeff.
  6. Hey guys ! Thanks for your answers. I have also sent an email to Mr Horner from Little Motor Kar company tonight, hoping for a positive feedback about his services. I have about 20 bumpers and hubcaps to be done. I'll let you know his answer. Cheers Jeff.
  7. Hi guys ! I had some chromes done by George from GT Kustom Krome over a year and a half ago. Yes indeed, amazing work... But no signs of him since a year, after I have sent him ( and already paid for ) some other parts that also needed to be done. After many emails in order to get a touch with him and just to know what was going on, I had never heard from him again. According to my sources, it looks like George was having health problems last year. I hope for the best for him of course, but do not send any parts, you'll never see them again.... I am still desperately looking for somebody competent.... I have sent last monday an email to "modelcarchrome", a company from Kansas, to see if they are still in business.
  8. Yeah ! Nice looking Cadillac !
  9. Hi Christopher ! Thanks !!! The "Decko" kits are just amazing ! The quality is really really good and there is almost nothing to do in prep. Honestly, I bought Modelhaus kits in the past and I think Dan's are as good or even a bit better, very refined. I highly recommend them. He makes 3 resin copies of famous Johan's kits. 63 Coupe Deville, 58 and 61 Fleetwoods. ( Have all of them ) .My only concern is that his chromes ( which are also extremely clean and good ) are too "yellow" or "gold" for my taste. Maybe something that he can correct or change...
  10. Hi everyone. Yes, you've read correctly "hardtop". Although I know the brand for the last 30 years, I had never heard or seen any 1963 Cadillac Eldorado in that body version before, until a couple of years ago. Indeed, Original Part Group, Inc brought out an unbelievable and gorgeous 1963 Cadillac freshly restored for the 2014 SEMA show. According to the group, it looks like only 9 to 12 estimated units have been made at the time, knowing that Cadillac produced only Eldorado "biarritz" convertibles that year. The car is visible on the group website and on Youtube. I guess that if the car would have been made in 1963, it could have been called "Eldorado Seville". I couldn't resist to build one and this Caddy is made from a Dan Decko resin copy of the Jo-Han's Coupe DeVille kit version. Wheels and bumpers are from a kit donor. Regular trims have been sanded and I have created the new accurate "Eldorado" lower body moulding trims. A few details to find and add again such as mirrors, antenna... Hope you'll like it!
  11. Hi Andrew, Wow ! impressive work on the repairs. I can't wait to see the final result, as I have just made a 1969 Cadillac Convertible 3 weeks ago. It's posted on the "under glass" forum. Thanks for sharing your progress pics and don't give up the good work!
  12. Again, a big THANK YOU to everybody for the good words !. More Cadillac conversions to come during the summer !!!
  13. HI Michael, thank you very much!. Over the last 30 years I have seen only 2 1966 limousines without the rear window openings. Definitively customized by a private manufacturer or coach builder. Yet, almost all of the"regular" business limos were having them, vinyl top or not. Even the converted limos by Derham, under an heavily vinyl padded roof, were showing rear windows but reduced in size. Not doing that opening on my model isn't voluntary, I have faced many problems with the mastic used to raise the height of the top and to transform the D pillar. So, to prevent any further damages during the building, I went with this option.
  14. Thank you so much Paul !
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