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  1. Hi guys. Hope everyone's doing good. Here's my last build, this is a very rare R&R Resin kit of a '62 Coupe Deville I have since at least a decade. It is converted from the Fleetwood 60S by JoHan. I had poorly painted it with a saturated turquoise blue back then and had never been happy with it. Needed a good restauration. So, I offered the Cadillac a new two tone dress, as close as "Pompeian Red Metallic" with an off-white top. Black and white interior with black carpeting. Painted accent hubcaps and new hand made chromed V crests. Hope you'll like it. Thanks !
  2. Thank you so much for the info John, I wasn't aware about these MCW paints. Unfortunately, they don't ship to Canada because paint is hazardous materiel...
  3. As always, thank you all very very much for the kind words !
  4. Very cool conversion and beautifull execution . Congrats for the great work and color choice !.
  5. Hi Claude, merci beaucoup ! As I don't have nor know how to paint with an airbrush yet I am still using spray ones. You know it's tough to get real metallic auto paint now here so Dupli-colors are almost the only ones I use. Once the world will come back to normal, you'll be able to find these paints in Canadian Tire shops. This Eldo wears "Mocha Frost Metallic". It's a gold with a light tone of copper in it. Then sprayed with clear coats that I sand by hand to a mirror finish. First I wanted to find something close to the real 1971 Cadillac "Almond Firemist" color, but nothing was available...Thanks again, and stay safe !.
  6. Hi guys ! Sharing with you my newest build. Made from a damaged JoHan's 1971 Coupe Eldorado promo, this convertible is starting a new life. New metallic paint and clear coats, new wheels and white walls, detailed interior and dash, soft boot, etc... After a long sleep rusting in a barn, the caddy now enjoys the quite roads of Route 66 . A special thanks for the beautiful diorama made from a talented friend of mine. Times are hard now, so keep safe everybody. Cheers !
  7. Thank you John. Yes, I also love the 1960 Flat top as much as the '59. Your conversion looks really awesome too, feel free to share more pics.
  8. Hi Tom, thanks !. Yes indeed, it's also sad that there is no big choices in regular plastic kits anymore, stock versions, of 1950-1985 american cars. Times where Jo-Han models were king is long gone. New generation now is more attracted with multimedia games, not much building car models. Then, from the NNL show coverages I can see here and there, customs ans lowriders are legion. Not my cup of tea at all...
  9. Thank you all very very much !
  10. Hi Guys ! Here's my second build of 2020. This is a Paul Hettick resin kit of a 4 windows 1959 Sedan de Ville. Paul did an amazing conversion with the body, interior, accurate rear bumper and gorgeous hubcaps. That kit needs the Monogram's Eldorado donor for extra parts, such as front bumper, chassis and hood... I've painted this beauty with a dark colour to enhance the chrome details and I've add larger white walls. A must have in a Cadillac collection. Hope you'll like it
  11. Hi Dennis !. WOW ...Fantastic work !!! Thanks for sharing it. You're very lucky to have bought when available the Modelhaus's '49 Club Coupe. It's extremely rare now and unfortunately I missed that beauty at the time. Your build looks marvelous, and the Custom Brougham is quite impressive too. Great skills here, no doubt !. Thanks again and if you have more caddies, don't stop sharing with me
  12. Hello Peter, This job at the Keyaerts Collection was indeed mind blowing ! A dream come true for a "Cadillac Man" White lines Studio27's decals and Cadillac emblems are water decals. Studio27's are about 5.5 inches long and they go from 0.1mil to 0.5mil in width. No matter the width needed, I always cut the lenght in smaller pieces to help with the manipulation. Regarding the Cadillac emblems, I've also found them on ebay but a few years ago. Quality is okay, not great. And these are last generation's Cadillac emblem so not really accurate for old caddies. Sorry, apparently I can't go back that late in my purchase history to get you a seller nor a manufacturer but here is a picture of them, hope it'll help you find some.
  13. Hi Peter, thanks for the details, of course, they are interesting for me. Your Eldorado is quite presentable for sure, looks in great shape overall. Good to know you are taking good care of her. As I had to travel a lot a few years ago, I had to sell my 73 DeVille and it was hard to let her go...loved her so much. She was incredibly reliable. I also kept her safe and off roads during winters, as you can easily understand the kind of long and cold winters we also have here in Quebec. No Cadillac in my parking lot nowadays though...but I hope to fix it very soon. I am a CLC member, "Cadillac only" fan since the last 30 years, used to work for the late private french Collection "Musée Keyaerts", one of the biggest Cadillac collection in the world, and I try to attend every major annual meetings in US or Europe when I can. I have the bug ! The seller's name for the hood ornament is agdmodels5115, on Ebay. No Cadillac emblems for now but I think he can take some orders. They are extremely well done, and not that expensive. The studio27 decals I am using are the ones on the picture. Offered from time to time on Ebay so you'll probably have to check regularly. Feel free to share your Cadillac kits once done, it'll be good to see them. Cheers ! JP
  14. Hi Peter, thanks ! What can I say other than I loooove your Eldorado and that you are a lucky man !!! I had a 73 Sedan DeVille a few years ago, driving her on a daily basis....I miss her a lot!. Congrats for your Biarritz, she's gorgeous and I really love that colour combination, thanks for sharing that beauty with me. I always liked the visual details offered by the Biarritz models, as well as the chrome trims running around the hood ('77-'78). I have found the hood ornaments on EBay, last september, these are 3D nickel plated emblems. They are not offered all the time but if you want I'll give you the link for the seller. And regarding the decals, they are water decals made by a compagny called Studio27, also foundable on EBay.
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