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  1. Very nice Caddy !. Perfect color. Sister to my convertible one.
  2. Hi Bob, Thank you very much. Please share that 62 when she'll be done.
  3. Thank you very much Janne. Indeed I am crazy about that brand and only that brand. I'll try to give them all the passion my skills will allow me.
  4. Thank you all very much for the kind words !
  5. Hi Michael, thanks ! Funny you said that, I am planing to make a Cadillac dealership parking or Cadillac meeting dioramas for years !. With about 60 Cadillacs like these in my collection now, I'll need room to fit them all on a 1/25 diorama !
  6. Hi Tom, thanks !. The Cadillacs you see here on the pictures are the ones I've made this year. 10 Cadillacs in fact, as shown on the first 2 pics. I have about 10 more for 2021 !
  7. Hi guys. Sharing with you my Cadillac builds\conversions\restorations of the year. Was a good one again, and many more conversions on the way for 2021.
  8. Hello Stephen, thank you very much. I totally agree with you. It's unfortunately not the golden age for kits and promos anymore. Younger generation have moved on from the love of cars and building kits, so the offer nowadays isn't what is was a few decades ago. As a "Cadillac only" collector, how much I would love to see 1970s Cadillac Coupes or Sedans to be made, in fact, to see what Jo-Han has never produced... I don't think manufacturers will invest money into these models no more, Cadillacs or not. Revell's just into Cadillac lowriders or customs, no stock versions anymore. Maybe the 3d printing era will bring back a few of these original boats.. Thanks again !.
  9. Hi Claude ! Yep ! It's me !!! I am very happy that you've joined the forums here too, so welcome ! . Lookijng forward with passion to see your skills of course, and your Cadillacs. I post mine in model cars, in the "under glass" section. See you there Claude !
  10. Hi guys ! Here's my last built of the year. The '76 Eldorado is the last official convertible by Cadillac, and I've made this one from the JoHan's Coupe. New paint, trims, wheels, WWs, detailed interior.... I'll give her a better and more accurate hard boot cover next spring. Hope you'll like it.
  11. Hi John, yes of course. Thank you very much for the additional pictures, I am even more impressed now, especially converting a scale that is significantly smaller than the common 1/24 and 1/25. It's always a pleasure for me to see other Cadillac collector's work, passion and commitment, so again, feel free to share more pics if you can. More of a good thing is never enough. Cheers. JP.
  12. Hi John ! Thanks for your message and for sharing your models... Wow, I am really impressed by your conversions and your skills. Fins transformations as well as bumpers must have been very complicated to do cause still quite differents from 1959 to 1960 in fact. What a unique model, never seen one before in that scale, congratulations !. Can't wait to see the flat top you are working on of course. cheers, and thanks again ! JP.
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