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  1. What a great build !, that black paint is out of this world, just incredible !.
  2. Hi Richard ! Cadillac promos in perfect condition and with original boxes are all pretty expensive. But I would say that today, the Coupe DeVille 1965, 1966, 1969 and 1970 are the most wanted promos and sometimes prices are rising a lot on Ebay, with more than 200-250 dollars. The 1969 Coupe DeVille in Wisteria is very rare. DeVille convertibles 1965, 1966 and 1967 are also wanted and in that price range. ( again, with perfect chromes and paint ). I have noticed than Friction promos are a little bit less expensive than the ones with detailed chassis. 1967-68 and 69 Eldorados are about 100-120 bucks, same as 1971 and 1972 Eldorados in perfect condition. 1973-1974 Eldorados around 60-90 bucks. Coupe DeVilles 1977,78,79 are about 50 bucks. 1975 and 1976 Eldorados are the less expensive, they have been reissued under the X-EL brand so you can find good ones for 40 dollars. Because most of the original JoHan's 1958 to 1962 Fleetwood Sedans and 1963 models are wrapped, it's now very difficult to find some in good conditions. Here again, X-EL products have reissued the 1958 and 1959 Fleetwood, as well as the 1968 Coupe DeVille. You can find them for about 100 dollars. These are average prices you can find them on Ebay right now, but it can be more of less depending if the color applied on the model is a factory metallic one, or if the car is moulded in a coloured plastic. Cheers !
  3. He normally is. But he takes time to answer.
  4. Thanks Andrew ! Yes saw it ! Nice looking cadillac. I made a Fleetwood Brougham out of Pedro's version. I'll probably buy one more to make a Sedan Deville too.
  5. Hi David. I personally know nothing about casting techniques and copying already existant bodies. I don't know how to work resin, or moulds etc etc. So when somebody is working hard, for days, months, to study and create by hand a new scale model, I perfectly understand why it's so frustrating for the first maker to see someone else make a simple copy of the exact same model, and try to make a business out of it. It's stealing. We'll all agree with that. If 2 makers were offering the exact same model, I would never buy the model from the maker who'd have copied the other. But in the 1/25th Cadillac kits world nowadays...there is just nothing new ! .... JoHan ? yes of course so many models can be find again today but the company is dead...., Modelhaus ?... unfortunately dead ! , Revell-Monogram ?...only the 59 Eldorados and some disproportioned lowrider customs that frankly aren't attractive at all ( for me ). Then, many other makers who were doing Cadillacs are long gone too, like R&R, Ben Packaz, All American Models etc etc... So what's left ? Paul Hettick ? Yes, Paul announced a few months ago that he was working on some Cadillacs, so I wish him to succeed and have for us great offerings soon. No need to talk about the quality of his next to come kits, they'll be fantastic.... Dan Decko ? yes, he's offering amazingly well done Cadillac resin kits, complete, WITH chromed parts, copies made from JoHan's Fleetwood 60S 1958 and 1961, as well as a coupe DeVille 1963. Is it immoral to buy them since they are copies ?. I hope they are no people to think so. Truth is it's a great alternative to have in one's collection these hard to find and almost all wrapped models now. Then Page Resin ? Maybe Pedro has made a few copies here and there...but, to my knowledge, nobody before him has ever created a 1970 Cadillac Sedan, nor this 1962 Sedan. Taking an already existant model and turn it into another version is not copying for me. Then, his models still need little detail corrections to be accurate, sometimes bodies aren't perfectly straight. Bumpers and hubcaps aren't chromed, which is getting really hard to have done nowadays. But he's the only one now on the market to propose variations. So, as I am not capable of casting models myself but just build them with minor transformation sometimes, I am extremely grateful Pedro's around to allow me to add my Cadillac collection new models. Hope Pedro will have a kit for you and of course I'll look forward to see your own build.
  6. Hello David !. Wow, these Park Avenue Sedans in 61 and 62 were pretty rare at the time. Thank YOU so much for sharing this touching episode of your life and this extraordinary singular moment in the history of humanity. It must have been amazing !.
  7. Hi John ! I am not sure about my patience...but my bug for Cadillac is maybe what helps ! No matter your Chevy wasn't complete or has brought you troubles, the result is here, she turned out very well !!!. I have no specific talent for such transformations and weathering models, so Congrats !!!. I am impressed !
  8. Hi John, Thanks !. Resin kits need a lot of sanding and checking to make parts fit together, they are not easy . Although this 62 DeVille Page Resin Cadillac kit comes complete, I had to find a old and wrapped 1962 Cadillac Fleetwood promo to use its front-rear bumpers as well as the hubcaps. I also had to convert the design of the rear bumper, because there is a grille on the Fleetwood's, a detail that sets apart this series from the other "Deville" series, where there are only horizontal strips. All the promos from 1958 to 1963 are wrapped because of the materiel used to make them at the time, so at least, taking their parts is a way to give them another life. Nice 68 convertible by the way !
  9. Today I share with you my last build, a Cadillac of course. It's a Page Resin kit, probably converted from the Fleetwood 1962 made by Johan. As it's not a mass produced kit and it is made by hand, it needs a fair amount of preparation to get the final assembly right. Overall the kit's quality is very good, comes complete with chassis, glass and bumpers but no chrome plated parts... so as it is now impossible to find someone or a company trustworthy enough to offer this service, I had to use an old wrapped JoHan donor for the chromes. These "Deville" series have never been made by Johan ( who made only Fleetwoods ) so the roof line as well as the B pillar are totally new and correct for that series, and the horizontal strips above the rear bumper as also new and accurate. Hope you'll like it ! Cheers !
  10. Guys, thank you all very very much !!!!
  11. It's very kind of you, thank you so much for your good words Cliff, it's really appreciated
  12. One of my best paint. Eldorado 65'.
  13. Last conversion.
  14. Hi guys ! Molotow ? yes, very good for small details, not good on big or plain surfaces...I know the other chrome stuff and options but never used any of them. Just wanna find somebody to do it. Unfortunately I haven't received any news from Mr Horner of Little Motor Car Company, after my email sent to him a week ago.Indeed, It looks like he maybe have enough work to do... I'm stuck with my Cadillac bumpers and hubcaps.... Jeff.
  15. Hey guys ! Thanks for your answers. I have also sent an email to Mr Horner from Little Motor Kar company tonight, hoping for a positive feedback about his services. I have about 20 bumpers and hubcaps to be done. I'll let you know his answer. Cheers Jeff.
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