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  1. Hello Tom ! Thanks, that's a funny story . Some of these extra long limos were indeed "too much" ...and I guess a lot of chauffeurs must have had hard times and nightmares on many occasions
  2. Hi Bill ! Thanks. I have found the hood ormanents on Ebay a couple of months ago. They are made in photo etched metal.
  3. Hi David ! You did it !!! I love the colour combination and the body paint accent into the hubcaps as well. Very nice built, congrats, and thank you very very much for your pics.
  4. Hi guys, Today I share with you my latest Cadillac Conversion/restauration. This is a Stretched limousine made from the 1979 Jo-Han's coupe Deville. I received the model in a decent shape but it needed a total restauration, as the previously made conversion was showing age and unaccurate doors and roof. Cause of its extra long wheelbase, It couldn't be treated as a "regular" series 75 limousine so I thought about a "Moloney-ish" conversion. This Cadillac received new sculpted door and windows design treatment, sculpted front and rear shock absorber lines, new higher roof with larger B and C pilars, opera lights, detailed interior, new chromes, new paint and hand made mirror finish, a 0.2mm black strip water decal, to get closer to an exclusive embassy style limousine. Hope you'll like it !
  5. Hi David, excellent news !. Don't give up the good work, can't wait to see the finished model...
  6. Hi David, great catch !!! Not easy to find in good condition now!. Sad to learn that Pedro doesn't have Sedans in stock anymore... Of course I'd love to see your restauration, so I hope you'll share it with us. . I really like the colours you are planning and think it's great choice on that specific model. I do have a 62 Fleetwood that also needs restauration, built in black, a bad paint with "orange peel effect" and glue stains everywhere...I have no idea when i'll start it,....too much Cadillac conversions started on my desk now.
  7. Hi Steve. The paint is Dupli-color Perfect Match "Teal-Sarcelle Metallic". It looks like a mix of 1962 Cadillac colours "Avalon Blue" and "Aleutian Grey Metallic". Dupli-color paints are the only car paints available here.
  8. Hey Bill ! Thanks ! Yes if you find a '60 brom kit somewhere jump on it cause they're really tough to find now...Thanks for the tip on the monogram Chassis. Got a few in stock...Never thought about it, it's a great idea and worth the try !.
  9. Hi Bill ! I also bought the Modelhaus's Eldorado Brougham 1960 about 15 years ago. Amazing model. Build it at that time, with my unexperienced skills and a chassis that was, for an inexplicable reason, damaged and unfitting. My lady is due for a total restoration, with a proper chassis, new glasses ( glue fumes on them ). As my skills are better, I'll give her back the love she deserves. Until then, please enjoy these humble pics.
  10. Hi Chris ! Thanks so much for your kind words again ! . I have done a 1961 Coupe De Ville from Modelhaus 15 years ago. I have planned to do a 1961 4 windows Sedan. The kit and donor are on my desk but I have 3 other Cadillacs to finish first. So I hope to show you this new '61 next spring.
  11. Hi Dave, sorry for this late answer. I meant latest build of course I am working on 3 Cadillacs right now. I had been extremely busy at work so I've lost time to work on them but I should post a finished one in a few weeks. Thanks so much for your kind words !
  12. What a great build !, that black paint is out of this world, just incredible !.
  13. Hi Richard ! Cadillac promos in perfect condition and with original boxes are all pretty expensive. But I would say that today, the Coupe DeVille 1965, 1966, 1969 and 1970 are the most wanted promos and sometimes prices are rising a lot on Ebay, with more than 200-250 dollars. The 1969 Coupe DeVille in Wisteria is very rare. DeVille convertibles 1965, 1966 and 1967 are also wanted and in that price range. ( again, with perfect chromes and paint ). I have noticed than Friction promos are a little bit less expensive than the ones with detailed chassis. 1967-68 and 69 Eldorados are about 100-120 bucks, same as 1971 and 1972 Eldorados in perfect condition. 1973-1974 Eldorados around 60-90 bucks. Coupe DeVilles 1977,78,79 are about 50 bucks. 1975 and 1976 Eldorados are the less expensive, they have been reissued under the X-EL brand so you can find good ones for 40 dollars. Because most of the original JoHan's 1958 to 1962 Fleetwood Sedans and 1963 models are wrapped, it's now very difficult to find some in good conditions. Here again, X-EL products have reissued the 1958 and 1959 Fleetwood, as well as the 1968 Coupe DeVille. You can find them for about 100 dollars. These are average prices you can find them on Ebay right now, but it can be more of less depending if the color applied on the model is a factory metallic one, or if the car is moulded in a coloured plastic. Cheers !
  14. He normally is. But he takes time to answer.
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