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  1. thank you it is curbside promo style the hood molded into body and chassis has the bottom half of engine molded in same with front and back suspension and exhaust pipes
  2. thank you thank you thank you thank you
  3. thank you i not sure what you mean by 80's street machine maybe it is cause i was born in mid 94 or maybe cause i don't get the reference thanks thank you thank you
  4. thank you this is the north american version of the european version were they were orginally made for i plan on making a ford capri soon it is going to be left hand drive dash but it seems the ones made in germany were left hand drives while ones made in the uk were right hand drives
  5. thank you this is my favorite paint job i have done so far
  6. this was a rebuilder that had some broken parts like a piece of the back bumper was stuck to the tail light panel after the bumper had broken off and the grille has peices missing under the headlights i had to use hand sanitizer and my finger nail to remove white letters and numbers from the top left side of it i had to use a couple thin peices of styrene to make new tail lights since they were missing so were the thin plastic dividers i had to add a new 440 six pack air cleaner the original was was missing the hood stripe is from a 70 roadrunner decal sheet from my decal box the side stripes i cut from a set of dodge demon stripes i had someone make but they got the ends wrong they were supose to come to a point so i did not use them so i cut them were they started to get wider and used them i had to add the shifter as the original one was missing also the rims and tires came from my rims and tires box i painted the body rust-oleum 2x paint +primer high gloss yellow ginger and the interior a rust-oleum 2x paint +primer satin khaki
  7. i have never seen a real one at any car show and i asked a few people i know who would have been around when they were new and no one even remembered this car
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