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  1. This is a rebuilder that fought me all the way!!
  2. Awesome job! How did you do the taillights? I've got a rebuilder to mess with.
  3. Thank you Mark! I want to do a 67 Wood Brothers car. Pix are very hard to come by.
  4. Did they run an oil cooler in 66?
  5. Tim Stevens and I made a 73 Montego GT NASCAR version last year.
  6. I'm with you on the new glasses myself!!!
  7. Did a quick mock up of one!
  8. Fits the stretched AMT TBird chassis very well. Disregard the rear wheel height.
  9. First one out of the mold!
  10. Changed the Windshield back to use the Torino glass.
  11. Progressing to the molds being made!
  12. Very well done!! I just picked up a rebuilder myself.
  13. Love the color and fender skirts!1
  14. Very nice!! Chassis looks great!
  15. Very nice!! I love the color!!
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