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  1. great job! Sox and Martin one my favorite race teams. I wish I could have met Ronnie Sox before he died. Steve
  2. well all the parts were marked afx. Guy named Wendel was the owner. Not sure he sold the biz or just has a 2nd party sell the stuff for him on ebay. Who ever it is, they put out nice stuff. Steve
  3. Afx was at the louisville show selling all the items they sell on ebay. Got a resin mopar cross ram setup for 4.00. Wish I would have brought more $ as there were several of their bodies I want. Steve
  4. it is the garlits rail with a different body/decals. Steve
  5. Hi, if you use esnipe.com you won't overbid and your in the game up to the $ limit you want to send. I list my stuff on ebay for what I would sell it at swapmeets with the plus the aprox 16% ebay/paypal fees. Steve
  6. wow guys, thanks for the super info. I do have an old promo I am going to cast off of. Steve
  7. Hi, has anyone posted a how to cast a resin repo windshiled post? Thanks for any help. Steve
  8. mopar01lee and I just did a trade. He is a good guy to deal with. We met over in caseyville il on my way back from the louisville show. Nice to meet a fellow modeler face to face! Steve(route66modeler) dyl_w@comcast.net is a good guy to deal with. Look forward to our next trade. Steve TooOld is a good guy to deal with. Look forward to you next deal. 38 special - this guy is a great guy to deal with. he really knows how to pack items well. thanks, look forward to our next deal. tubbs is a good guy to deal with.
  9. There were lots of people at the show. I think the free admission had something to do with it, I don't think most shows can afford to offer free admin since the gate is a large part of the show budget. there was about 250 cars in the contest. Will post photos late today. met up with some old modeling buddies. Good time. Steve
  10. hitting the road after lunch. hope to see you guys at the show. Steve
  11. Hi, Hope to see some of our members this sat at the louisville model show/contest. Steve
  12. Use the 40 and 50% off coupons off at michaels and hobby lobby. Michael's list $ on monogram/revell kits are higher than the SRP set my the mfgr. so the offer the coups. I only by kits with the coupons and clearance sales. Steve
  13. Hi, Great job, Where did you get the tires? Look like 1/25 or 1/25 scale. Thanks,Steve
  14. I hope so too. Will ask suggestions for a color(testors laq). Thanks,Steve
  15. nice work, I really like wagons! what brand of paint did you use and the color? Thanks,Steve
  16. this was a parts box find that had the roof cutoff. Using revell t-bolt chassis with the side rails and fuel tank removed. Shorted to fit the awb of the falcon. Going to put the driver near the rear wheel wells. Will cut cover when I figure out the seat/cage location. I guess I could have bought a resin teardrop hood, but I figured I had the t-bolt hood. So, I would make it fit the 65.
  17. I think you should send the body you painted to revell with your detailed process of painted and request a new body from them. Steve
  18. Here is a 1/32 IH Lonestar big rig with a neat spead axle flatbed with pallets and fork lift. All for $20.00 plus tax. Steve
  19. nice work. Where do you get the scale fiberglass mesh at? Thanks,Steve
  20. great work! where did you get the tires and wheels? Thanks,Steve
  21. I hope Jim has longer to live than his doctors are telling him. Steve
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