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  1. Hi, Heading out for KC today. Hope to see some of you at the KC Slammers show tomorrow. Steve
  2. I'll be there, Ken I'll have your amt 70 monte parts kit with me. They have my table near the projector screen. Look me up when you arrive. Steve
  3. Hi, I'm going to be there. Just checking to see who is going. Steve
  4. I always ask the person putting the yard sale on if they have any model cars. once in a while they come up with models. Steve
  5. Looking for 1960's style 1 ton dually tires/wheels. Thanks,Steve
  6. HI, I need help in making a beat up seat for a old chevy p/u rat rod I'm working one. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,Steve
  7. nice work! I think nascar banned the hemi in 1972. Steve
  8. HI George, Sorry we missed the meeting. The guy who was going to drive had car trouble. Steve
  9. HI, I think that show is fake. Do you really think the sellers are that dumb to sell those guys stuff that cheap? I think the sellers get a appearance fee for being on that show which makes up the "discount" the pickers get. Steve
  10. Hi, What is it with ebay sellers would sell model cars with moldy boxes. I just bought an auction with a old box I needed. The guy did pack the cars well, so that was good. But, I open the old model box get hit with the smell of mold! The white mold was still in the box. No mention of the mold/mold smell in the auction. I'm lucky I don't have asthma, this stuff would have given me an attach. Anything I sell on ebay that has a hint of mold smell, I list it in the auction. Smoke smell I can deal with ,mold I can't. Steve
  11. Hi, Need info in "z"ing a frame. I know someone did a article in SA. Thanks for any help I can get . Steve
  12. Hi george, just checking in to see if you found a location for the april 15th meeting in springfield? LMK, 3 of us are planning to come up. Any idea if hammer's hobbies is open on sundays? Steve
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