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  1. I have known Don Loomis of over 10+ years in the model car hobby. He casts some neat resin items. he is honest, I have sent him items to cast for me and have always gotten the orgs back(can't say this about other resin casters) Please tell him I told you to contact him. http://www.flickr.co...cort500xl/sets/
  2. http://www.ipms-gateway.com/invite2012.html show flyer.........
  3. SHow is being held at the Hitters Choice Cages 534 Workman road Eureka Mo 63025. It is just east of Six Flags off the I-44 service road and next to the Eureka Antique Mall Opens at 9am. There are a bunch of car model guys who will be there selling car kits,builtups and parts(I will be one of them). Come by and say HI! you can pm me if you have any questions. Thanks,Steve http://maps.google.c...w&ved=0CI8BELYD
  4. Just wanted to find out if they have ordered the new monogram olds and 57 ford? it seems they get a lot of the new kits 2-3 months after they hit the mailorder and LHS. Thanks,Steve
  5. just contacted a ebay seller who has these kits listed on ebay. they advised me the kits just came it. Will wait till hobby lobby or michaels get them in.
  6. posted pics of his recent in the works builds.....
  7. my buddy buys up all these kits he can get his hands on. has several of the big drag parts packs. he recently built this one.
  8. those two guys from chicago are reissuing the rambler wagon sometime along with the turbine car, 74 cutlas and clear display cases.
  9. my daughter is going to be a grade school teacher. no other way to be a teacher.Getting a 4 year degree is the only way you can become public school teacher. But, you are correct, there are kids who have no business going to a 4 year college. HIghschools have done away with shop classes that gave kids a taste of "other" job options that don't require a 4 year degree.
  10. yup, taking my daughter off to college this friday. I guess I won't really feel it until we head back home(3.5 hour drive). I feel going away to college is one of the best ways for our children to grow into adults. You spend 18 years laying the ground work for them to make good choices. They will make mistakes and learn from them.
  11. looks cool, but I wouldn't want to drive it on a very windy day. Rock and roll.
  12. they meet twice a month. that is a great club, plus they put on a very good model swapmeet/contest.
  13. a vendor had one of these for $15.00 at the louisville show. I just missed it. I guess the larger decals sheet only comes in the tin kit.
  14. the gto is very hard to find and go for high $ on ebay(I'm still looking for one)
  15. some of the kmarts here in st louis have revell kits. very small selection. my local kmart doesn't have kits.
  16. none in st louis. i don' t think revell is going to get itself into the mass # of kits needed to get orders from walmart. figure these are kits that aren't selling well and they unloaded them on walmart. Walmart does sell kits on line at pretty close to MSRP.
  17. You would think this kit would be high on their list to retool the parts for and reissue it. List $ on the big tub is 106.00 at hobby lobby. I fugure a reissue of the big drag would be in that ball park. I would buy at least two of them. Or they could just repop the 1/8 parts packs for the big drag.
  18. my buddy loves these old 1/8 scales from the 60's.
  19. wow, great job! can't wait to see it finished.
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