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  1. This! I have found some great kits for reasonable prices in those antique mall type places where people rent space and put their wares up. My latest deal was an off topic Monogram B-36 for $20. I picked up a couple of Hubley Model A Fords at the same "mall" for $5ea on my next trip in there.
  2. I didn't make Turkey Run this year due to other commitments, but here are some from prior years that I've taken. I added a few from the Ormond Beach Show just up the road which is where the original cars go.
  3. Got the left cove trim foiled on the '58 Corvette I've been putzing with off & on for a month. The trim is so narrow, it's hard to get it right, so work a little and set it aside! At least the '62 Corvette I'm building now doesn't have cove trim.
  4. Trying to save some old glue bomb annuals and need the following parts- 2 61 Galaxie Hoods- 1962 will fit as well A good '60 Starliner parts body- a prior owner sanded the washboards & lower quarter trim off the '60 Convertible I have. Thanks!
  5. Very nice!!!!! Some of the best paint work I've seen on the forum. Those Revell early C3 kits sure build up well.
  6. Had some business in the next town over. Not only discovered a new LHS that I need to go back and check out, but saw these cars behind the fence at a shop. 30s Dodge truck, Ecoline Pickup, Mustang and a '56 Merc Monterey.
  7. I'd love to see a kit of any of these, but like the real collector car market, 50s ain't the hot thing they once were & I doubt a kitmaker would tool up for such a limited market. There was a '53 Fiesta in a junkyard/hoarder collection local to me back in the 90s. Both myself and a friend tried to buy that car numerous times as it was fairly restorable. On the way to lunch one day we saw the car heading down the road on a trailer. I like to think it got restored. This same yard had a '57 Caddy Biarritz Convertible that we were able to buy.
  8. Here are a few more photos from various years the NCRS Winter Regional Meet was held at Old Town in Kissimmee, FL.
  9. Looks like a great museum and the photographs are well done too! Thanks for posting!
  10. Great photos! Why were the awards delayed? 11 hours is a long day in anyone's book. We got there around 10am and left about 2pm, having seen everything twice. While I was just a spectator, I had the feeling there was some pandemonium going on with the contest portion of the show overhearing the grumblings of several people. That being said, I'm considering entering a few builds in the next show.
  11. That ramp truck will find it's way to my stash. Looks like it'd be a good foundation for a rollback project I've had kicking around in my mind.
  12. Nicely restored mid 60s Beetle out for a Sunday drive...
  13. My haul from the Southlandz show in Largo, FL. The screwbottom '60 Galaxie came from the $5 bin as did the '68 Vette and '63 Vette kit in the ziploc bag. The Hot Rod Ford Set I last built as a kid in 1988- it was nice to see another set reasonably priced! I posted some photos of the show in this thread-
  14. I was definitely drooling over both of your builds! I've been debating on grabbing one of those Fiat kits and seeing yours confirmed I need to. Nice work and a well deserved win! I too spent too much in the swap, but that's part of the fun. Even my two teenage sons who aren't car builders, bought a couple kits each and noticed how friendly the car guys are.
  15. Here are some photos I took of the show. Brought home a few kits and met some new people. Made for a pleasant Saturday! My only complaints is it was way to dark in the room(had to shoot at 1/20-1/40 and high ISO to get decent shots without a flash) and could REALLY benefit from a larger venue. It was hard to navigate the aisles during peak crowd due to the narrowness of the aisles.
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