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  1. Thanks for posting those! I put my camera in the bag on one of my offload trips to the car. It was a smaller show, but still managed to find some needed kits. I'll be back for the November show.
  2. I didn't get many photos this time around, but here are a few. The crowd was noticeably smaller as was the vendor turnout and show entries. I'm sure the raised admission price and $4.50/gal gas didn't help!
  3. I've owned every body style of '56 Fords with the exception of a convertible. Seeing these '56's made my day, the convertible is a rare solid Mandarin Orange car. The '57 Chev. convert was parked at a local body shop.
  4. Anyone with an interest in Ford & body design, should pick up this book. Lots of photos of one off designs and is fascinating reading. Well worth finding a copy! It has a chapter on the 49 Ford & it's design.
  5. That's William Clay Ford, Henry II's brother. WCF was involved in styling and on the board of directors for years.
  6. Neat show held in one of the area historical parks. Just a random sampler of the 300+ photos I shot today. The '56 Ford Ranch Wagon & '57 Caddy Biarritz where the highlights for me...
  7. Nice Jewel Blue '61 Corvette. Naturally my Nikon was in the trunk!
  8. Haven't seen this posted yet. I've never been but plan on attending.
  9. Yet another month of disappointing car kit releases in both subject and number of kits. I wonder if this is going to continue?
  10. Here's a few from the past couple days. The unibody Ford Pickup was a pleasant surprise!
  11. Minibus stuck in traffic on my way home this evening. You don't see many of those Corolla wagons either!
  12. I plan on being there as a buyer. Scored some great deals there back in November!
  13. Nice clean car! It's known around 700 '68's were painted black or Tuxedo Black in GM parlance, it's code 900 on the trim tag. The exact number of black '69's isn't known but I'd guess around the same as '68. In all my years of messing with early Corvettes I've only seen a handful of black 68 or 69 cars. Here is a '68 still wearing it's original black paint, I almost bought this car when I saw it!
  14. Jim, it was just certain numbers of the Evergreen & K&S. The styrene sheet for instance wasn't marked down. If I had to guess they are either shrinking those lines or adding new inventory. I'd suspect the former as they also had all the Alumilite and some other misc tools on the pegs marked down as well. The 2 local HL's are shrinking the car/aircraft kits and adding more of the gundam type stuff.
  15. Late 60s Chevy Van at a garage. They had some other interesting stuff that I need to stop in and check out one day....
  16. Stopped by Hobby Lobby to see if any of the Evergreen and K&S stuff was on clearance. The tubing benders and Plasti-weld were on clearance too. I still have a pretty good stock of K&S from the last time it went on clearance, but it's always good to have it around when you need it!
  17. Here is the email for those interested....
  18. Good to see I'm not the only one who thinks R2 is getting a little obscene on their prices, be it MSRP or wholesale. As I said in another thread, it's just about to the point I can't justify spending $30+ for a kit that was tooled 40+ years ago. I'm sure I'm not the only one. I'll wait and find an older issue at a swap for $10-15 on average. (Altho I did buy the new Nova wagon and '64 Olds convert.) I was in my LHS the other day, AMT/MPC kits prices got brought up in the conversation. He said the casual builder will almost always pick a Moebius or Revell kit over an AMT kit since they are priced lower than the AMT kits. Take that for what you will.
  19. Those are some good looking berries! I live right in the middle of Florida's Strawberry growing area. Here flats are around $20-25 depending on where you go. For now- the way they are building on every square inch of land they can get. Don't even get me started on Florida's Citrus Industry.
  20. Golden hour & Sunset photos are among my favorites, so I try to capture them when I can. Here's a few of mine. The sunset is Redington Beach, FL, the bridge shot is Ormond Beach, FL just north of Daytona and the other one is from the driver's seat of my '56 Ford.
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