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  1. I only watched Golden Girls a few times when it first came out. My mother was big fan of the show so it was on often growing up. What about the spin off Empty Nest? Seems like that show is always overshadowed by the Golden Girls.
  2. I mean the show Benny Hill. The show itself hasn't aged well.
  3. Benny Hill hasn't aged well. Same could be said for Carol Burnett Show. I've watched a few episodes on TV and I just don't find it funny. At all. Maybe it was funnier back when it was a new program, I don't know.
  4. Not all '32s had suicide doors. The Cabriolet, Sport Coupe, Victoria, Convertible Sedan And Tudor Sedan doors opened from the rear.
  5. I've never worked on a '32 Vicky, but the Model A Victoria, the rear seat back is hinged at the bottom. It doesn't open wide maybe a foot, but you can put small stuff there, however it's pretty impractical!
  6. Ford never produced a Victoria with a rear door like that, only Sedan Deliveries and Panel Deliveries got the rear door. Here is a factory body drawing showing the 1933 & 34 Ford Victoria body.
  7. The retired folks usually do pretty good, but you do get the random Granny Seaweed Buick Roadmaster with the back window full of stuffed animals doing 45 on the interstate. Around here, they're more of a problem in city traffic then the interstate.
  8. If you want real excitement- come on down to FL and drive I-4 just south of Orlando. With Disney World, Sea World and the 5000 other "attractions" crammed into a small area makes it interesting. Tourists with no clue where they are going, 2 major toll roads and a state hwy dumping traffic onto a section of interstate that hasn't been expanded since the early 90s and you have a recipe for who knows what will happen! At least you get entertained if sitting in traffic. The worse ones down here are the Dodge truck guys and Jeep drivers. the Dodge boys are trying to outrun everybody, the Jeep guys are in the hammer lane doing 10 under the limit and will not move over. Mall Crawler/BroDozer drivers are aggressive anyways, but the Dodge crew takes it to another level.
  9. I like the older shows more than anything. I did watch Seinfeld & ER back when they were primetime though! In no particular order- Route 66 Hunter (works for me) - had a big thing for McCall, and still do! M*A*S*H Rockford Files Cannon Adam-12 Magnum PI - the original version Hawaii Five-O - the original version Macguyver - the original version The Office
  10. The Falcon/Galaxie drag kit arrived today. Should be an interesting build!
  11. I knew the man that owned this car at one time, Rick D'Louhy. We weren't close friends but knew each other from the local car show scene. At the time he was a promoter for the huge Turkey Rod Run in Daytona Beach, FL. He later started the Daytona Beach Dream Cruise. I never got the chance to see the Merc in person. You might enjoy this pic & link. https://www.undiscoveredclassics.com/front-page/people/rick-dlouhy/rick-dlouhy-forgotten-fiberglass-raconteur/
  12. It's rare to see an 80's Nissan pickup, this clean, just a nice little truck. Tried to grab a quick snap while driving. Pic 2- I guess that's one way to carry a surfboard!
  13. Spray bombed Chevy truck at the beach earlier today.....
  14. Looks like a 1927 Chevrolet Coupe. Ironically, I was sorting old family photos last night & ran across this shot of my great grandfather with his 1927 Chevy Coupe.
  15. This was waiting on me when I got home. Looks very good! Will order another one for sure.
  16. '64 Fairlane & Baja style Beetle in the next town over.
  17. I made dividers for my camera bag with thick styrene sheet wrapped in cloth & velcro. Just took an ordinary backpack camera bag and made dividers to fit my equipment. Lenses, filters, shutter cable, etc all have their own place and they stay in place. Normally the bag comes with these dividers, but this was a clearance item with them missing. Also made a change holder/tray for the console of my car. Wrapped the styrene in felt the same color as the console box of the car.
  18. Mine had this sign up. Even though they bamboozled me on the kits, I still shop there.
  19. I ordered one from Scale Hobbyist last night now that they are in stock. $56
  20. That is the case(haha!) here in Florida it seems. Both local Ollie's didn't have much just a few kits, but from photos I've seen here other stores get more variety.
  21. Scale Hobbyist is has listed for $53 & change. Model Roundup is around $58. None in stock at either place yet.
  22. I hit up the local Ollie's again today. Not a darn thing new except for what I saw yesterday. Was looking to pick up a Diamond Reo kit.
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