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  1. All are nice builds, but that dark green Merc is just perfection......
  2. Very nice build! Seeing yours makes me want to add one of these to the stash!
  3. Thanks! The black Ford is the Moebius '71 Ford Ranger XLT. Those are the wheels that came in the kit, I just painted the spokes dark grey to match the truck better.
  4. Here's some photos of my builds from 2021. Several are restorations of glue bombs, most are box stock. As you can see I don't stick to one genre! Kits from MPC, Revell, Hasegawa, Tamiya, AMT, IMC, Monogram & Moebius are shown. Sorry for the photo quality, my camera battery was dying as I did these.
  5. Had some photography work to do in the next town over. Saw this old Volvo parked on a side street.
  6. I've been fortunate that I have already owned most of the cars I wanted, but one remains elusive and will until I win the lottery- '62 Corvette with big brake/heavy duty suspension & fuel injected 327/360hp, 4spd. Just like this one, it's even the right color.
  7. Still looking for these if anyone has extras!
  8. Congrats! I've never been to the NSRA show in Tampa even though I've lived within 20 miles of it. Now that I know they have a model contest will give me a reason to go! Seems like most of the car shows around here are more like used car lots with all the modern stuff that shows up. Turkey Rod Run has gotten really bad about that. Maybe that's why they changed the name to Turkey Run.
  9. Posting this for anyone in the area. Cocoa is not to be confused with Cocoa Beach, FL. I have no connection to the swap other than being a buyer.
  10. 71-72 Pontiac Ventura in this mornings traffic. Still had the 6cylinder and a spray bomb paint job.
  11. I'm betting it's going to be one of those metal box reissues like the Studebaker, Charger & yet to be issued '53 Corvette.
  12. I've seen them either painted a dull black or unfinished. This was on original trucks I've pulled parts from that had been in a junkyard for years.
  13. Things I still do after 36 years of building models: -Use Testors tube glue, still use an Xacto #11 for most everything, still paint with enamel from my stock of Model Master Enamels, still use Floquil paints from bottles I've had for 30+ years. Things I do differently from the early years: -No longer use Nitro-Stan lacquer putty, but now use model specific putties or 2part autobody glazing products, use a lot more Tamiya acrylics, foil instead of silver paint. Instead of buying 1 or 2 kits at a time and not having a stash, I now have a decent stash of kits and buy several at a time. The biggest change for me is not going to a LHS on a Saturday morning to pickup a kit to build for the weekend. There are no LHS' around! The nearest ones are 45 miles away. Growing up we had 5 LHS in my little town of 40K people, now there are none and the town is 110K people.
  14. The AMT '56 Ford Victoria is one of my top 5 favorite kits ever, but given how many have produced over the years, do they think they can really sell enough now? I usually pick the older releases up at shows/swaps for $5-10. But I'm partial to '56 Fords- I've got a couple 1:1 '56s! I'd like to see them dig deep in the vault and re-issue some stuff that hasn't been seen in years.
  15. This! I have found some great kits for reasonable prices in those antique mall type places where people rent space and put their wares up. My latest deal was an off topic Monogram B-36 for $20. I picked up a couple of Hubley Model A Fords at the same "mall" for $5ea on my next trip in there.
  16. I didn't make Turkey Run this year due to other commitments, but here are some from prior years that I've taken. I added a few from the Ormond Beach Show just up the road which is where the original cars go.
  17. Got the left cove trim foiled on the '58 Corvette I've been putzing with off & on for a month. The trim is so narrow, it's hard to get it right, so work a little and set it aside! At least the '62 Corvette I'm building now doesn't have cove trim.
  18. Trying to save some old glue bomb annuals and need the following parts- 2 61 Galaxie Hoods- 1962 will fit as well A good '60 Starliner parts body- a prior owner sanded the washboards & lower quarter trim off the '60 Convertible I have. Thanks!
  19. Very nice!!!!! Some of the best paint work I've seen on the forum. Those Revell early C3 kits sure build up well.
  20. Had some business in the next town over. Not only discovered a new LHS that I need to go back and check out, but saw these cars behind the fence at a shop. 30s Dodge truck, Ecoline Pickup, Mustang and a '56 Merc Monterey.
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