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  1. Nice job on the Caprice Michelle.
  2. Got a little done on the build, frame is painted and assembled and body is clear coated just letting it sit for a few days. So far everything is going together well.
  3. Got some paint on the build today, decided on red. Happy with the result, see how it looks after another coat then some clear coat.
  4. Thanks I thought so too, will look even better when I get the body color on it.
  5. Got a little more work done on the build. Motor is assembled and painted, nothing too fancy with it. Also got the body in primer, hoping to put some paint on it tomorrow if I have the time.
  6. Thank you, hoping the finished build comes out good. I was thinking the same, or their glue exploded with the amount that was there.
  7. I was thinking the same thing, or the kid just liked to paint. Haven't decided on everything I want to do to this yet, but have a few ideas. I was figuring it would be stubborn to get off but whatever paint that was used was the easiest I've ever removed.
  8. It's far from perfect, the glue left behind marks on the plastic but it looks much better with it gone. Going to be covered up with paint and underneath so it won't be visible.
  9. Me too, surprisingly the 4 layers of paint mostly came off in the first coat of easy-off.
  10. The easy-off seemed to do the trick, the body is pretty much clean of all that excess paint that was on it. Something else I noticed, not sure what type of glue was used on this build previously but I gave the chassis and interior part a covering of easy-off as well and all that excess glue is peeling off now. Maybe something in easy-off removes glue.
  11. Thanks pal, came apart easier than I figured with all that glue. This thing is definitely a mess lol, first coat of easy-off revealed black, red, blue and silver paint on the body. Swear I just cleaned off 5 pounds of paint off the body.
  12. After some careful prying and pulling I was able to separate the body and the frame. Not sure yet how I'm going to remove that excess glue. Some of it scraped off, might be the only way. Time to give the body a generous amount of easy-off and get that paint off.
  13. I'm hoping I can make it look better than what it is now bud lol. Will take a little work.
  14. Since my last build didn't go according to plan got looking through my stuff that needed rebuilt and decided to try restoring a 1955 Ford Panel truck. Missing some pieces so I'll be raiding a 55 Ford F-100 and my parts box. Starting off going to try pulling everything apart, whoever built this before used a "generous" amount of glue to attach everything.
  15. This build isn't moving forward any time soon. Woke up this morning to my cat playing with one of the wheels off the car. Never a good sign. The cat decided to jump up on the table through the night and my car ended up on the floor with pieces everywhere. Lots got broken and right now couldn't be bothered with it. Gonna stick it in a box and maybe try to fix it another time.
  16. That looks fantastic, really good job on the weathering.
  17. Got the roll cage all assembled and everything in the interior, not much left to do now. Just the front and rear end then the fun part the decals.
  18. Thank you I really appreciate that, I'm glad someone is liking this build.
  19. Great job on your Galaxie Alan, turned out really good.
  20. He drove a black Budweiser car for RCR in 2010 and 2011 before the scheme was changed. Would of loved to see them run an an Earnhardt black and silver scheme for Harvick at least once.
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