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  1. Would love to get a set of your custom decals! Any chance of that???
  2. Hey Gerald- Would love to purchase a couple when they are available! Thanks! Bob B
  3. Looking sweet! Great attention to detail!!
  4. Hello and Happy Thursday Friends! Hope all is well!! Building a replica of the '72 Gran Torino Hardtop driven by ARCA (and occasionally NASCAR) driver N. D. Copley. Love this body style and the red, white & black paint scheme on this racer!!! Information and especially photos are rather difficult to find. Using a resin body that a fellow modeler allowed me to purchase (thanks!). Johan Torino kit and some custom detail touches here and there will complete the build. Thanks for looking! More progress pics will follow. Bob B
  5. Awesome! Can't wait to see more progress pics! Keep them coming..........
  6. Hey guys! Thanks for all the information on this cool Pontiac. So if I understand correctly ,the powerplant was a Pontiac RAM Air 5 without the typical Siamese center exhaust ports! I have this model on my to build list and recently picked up the decals from Mikes decals. Thanks again! Keep the info and pics coming!!!
  7. Really looking forward to seeing your progress Gerald!
  8. Anyone have engine bay, interior or chassis photos they can share? Looking forward to replies. Thanks! Bob B
  9. Awesome build Tim! I'm looking for a resin body to build this same car. Any idea where I might be able to find one? Thanks ! Bob B
  10. Wanted 1972/73 AMC Rebel/Matador resin Body (2 door) Kit in 1/25th scale. Who's got one? Thanks! Bob B
  11. Hello Friends, Have stuff to trade. Looking for: LB Production in 1/24 scale listed as LB24024 and 24024 PM me with interest. Many thanks! Bob B
  12. More obscure Torino's! Actually the same driver/car, just two different looks!
  13. Ted is a GREAT GUY! He cares! Had a similar experience. A++++++
  14. Where can I get the dry sump pan and oil tank?
  15. Thanks so much! Really appreciate that!
  16. I'm interested in 72 decals. Can you send me a list please. Thanks!
  17. Hello! Awesome build! Where can I get those #62 decals? I'm building a tribute car too. Any suggestions are thankfully welcome! Thanks! Bob
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