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  1. The flat spot in the belly is to get the body to sit slightly lower for the tires that I’m using.
  2. “33” from Revell. One of the poorest designed models I’ve worked on. The roof, windshield and windows were a separate unit from the body???? It took a lot of bodywork to hide the seam. I also filled in the trunk line.
  3. Personally, I think 12,000 might be a little overkill. The Novus will take over pretty well. I stoped at 2000 on this 33.
  4. Yes. Starting with light, medium, then full coat. Light sand any dust then the gloss will do the rest. You are correct that the gloss will fade a bit but it will still be smoother and ready for high grit sanding and a Novus 2 buffer. BE SURE IT’S DRY. The longer you wait the harder the paint will get. I’m talking days not hours. Don’t concentrate sanding on high areas like door handles, trim, or hard outside corners. There is less paint in those areas than on the flat surfaces and you will break through. Once you get a uniform flat finish on the flat surfaces the Novus will meld it all in.
  5. Yes, keep making passes till it gets that wet uniform look all around. Then stop. There’s a fine line where the paint will stay and when it will run but just be sure to keep the spay can moving.
  6. I use a Grex and have had no issue to this point but with your input I can avoid any surprises. Thank You for posting.
  7. LOL! 🙃 I totally misunderstood which way you were bending. You’ve got this.
  8. The options are not ideal. But they are options.
  9. Let me know how your solvent glue works. If you’re not satisfied my offer still stands. All I need to know is the radius of the half round rod and radius of the curve you want to bend and I can cast that shape with the flat in the back for you and send you as many rings as you need.
  10. Half round stock will roll over when bending. Even when heated. The challenge to this is keeping it hot while bending and keeping the flat of the curve on plane with the straight. It cools too quickly to control.
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