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  1. The green looks Fantastic! I hope you feel better soon
  2. YEP! I don't think it gets hard enough to polish. You can fix that by adding more future on that area, build it up with a few coats and it will all flow together (self level)
  3. Wow. I love these cars, and your build is perfect
  4. Looking good Mike! I have tried to polish the original future one time and it was a disaster. The polish took the future right off. I just use a wax over the Future after it has dried for a few days
  5. Coming along nicely! I and also working on this kit and plan a WIP as well. I look forward to your progress.

    Yellow streak.

    Sweet Buick! The details are great. Are those door handles molded?
  7. That is great! Really nice detail work
  8. Very well done. Looks fast just sitting there...
  9. WOW! This really looks great. The red lines turned out perfect
  10. Looks fantastic! I wanted this as a 1:1 in high school in the 80's.
  11. Looks great. I cant wait to see some foil on it
  12. As others have said-nice save on the paint work. This really turning out great!
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