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  1. Got the chassis done. The molded in battery is in a weird place. I don't think I have ever seen a 69 z/28 with the battery in that location.
  2. I like the stance, old school 60's. Last 2 photos are with the decals and clear coat on. Trim is done with a molotow pen, but it doesn't show well on the metallic grey body. I would have done BMF, but I don't have any right now.
  3. Thanks Bob. Thank you. Yes, it will be the final color. I will do some trim work with a molotow pen. I did a 51 Chevy pickup in this color and thought it looked good. Decided to do a matching Camaro.
  4. Oh yeah Bob, that is going to be cool.
  5. Thanks Carl. Thanks Mike. I have two Ollie's in my area, but both are about 35 miles away from me.
  6. Got the Tamiya Metallic Grey on the body.
  7. Great looking 40 Ford Mike. Nice paint. I've got some Createx I need to start using.
  8. That turned out real nice Bob. Great job.
  9. Thanks Bob. The wheels do look good. I'm wondering what the engine is supposed to be. A duel turbo 350 maybe, IDK.
  10. Well, I think I will build it. I build mostly OOB, maybe put some plug wires on the engine.
  11. The interior will be Rustoleum Nutmeg Brown. Going with Tamiya Metallic Grey for the body.
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