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  1. Is this the Elmers School glue you guys are talking about or the multi purpose Elmers. Are they the same?
  2. Kudos for hanging in there on this one. It looks great. I got to the final assembly on mine and gave up, put it back in the box. I may pull it out one day and see if I can make something out it. Nice job.
  3. Coming along nicely. That blower setup looks cool. Someone mentioned it now needed headers, I would have to agree with that. I've started one and I see what you were talking about in getting it lowered. I'm having problems getting the tires inside far enough to get it down where I want it. Looking at what you did has gave me some ideas though.
  4. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks Bob. It was a fun kit. That engine being out in the open calls for a lot detailing, but I'm not very good at that.
  5. Thanks Bob. Thanks Carl. I have a set on the way.
  6. I built one of these a couple months ago but my grandson saw it and wanted it for his shelf. The first was OOB build, this one I'll do a little different. I have lowered it a little and like where it's at, but I think I can get it down a little more. I've got the Hemi engine from the 32 5 window kit I want to put in it if I can find some heads for it. Seemed to have misplaced the ones in the kit.
  7. Nice kit. Few fitment problems here and there, but not bad. This is my first top fuel dragster build, tried adding a few fuel lines, but it's not very accurate.
  8. Calling this one done. I'll put it under glass.
  9. Great looking Nova. Nice work.
  10. Great work on this. Looking forward to seeing the finished model.
  11. Don't know the size of the heads that were in the kit, but the area on the block where they mount is 6cm x 2mm.
  12. I need a set of heads for the hemi engine in the Revell 32 Ford Special Edition 2n1. Thanks.
  13. Ok, copperhead got to be copper, right. Tamiya XF 28 dark copper.
  14. Thanks for the update. Works fine for me on WaterFox.
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