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  1. cant seem to find 3/32 rod online is there another size that would work for rollcage
  2. i went with the gtx looks like a good fit thanks buddy
  3. anyone ever tried putting solid wire inside plastic tubing when heating to bend for rollcage. i thought it might keep the tubing from collapsing. i dont care if i have to leave the wire inside
  4. do you think the coronet or gtx would have a wider tube than the amt malibu pro street coronet and gtx seem wider cars in 1/1 the little red wagon has a wide bed i could scratch build tubs if i have to
  5. what kit would provide a good looking four link and nice tubs . im going to build a lowered modern little red wagon style truck
  6. whats the best tip size for painting 1/25 bodies
  7. tried it .love it just not very much in small bottle shipping is the same cost as product
  8. thanks guys i remember in the 60s we used sewing thread for wiring i used to wax it so it wouldnt look hairy lol
  9. beautiful job i just dont like short beds its just me
  10. anyone use morgan for parts cant seem to get them to message me back about an order
  11. ok so iguess i might build a phantom truck then
  12. anyone ever put a 40 ford truck bed and rear fenders on a 40 or 41 willys pickup cab or do you think it would work i just dont like the way the 40s willys models look with bobbed beds
  13. anyone ever tried minwax poly spray can clear over paint
  14. tried the white. not to bad but very expensive and i think im staying with duplicolor sandable followed by duplicolor sealer
  15. really thin easy to run awsum gloss dries really slow my take probably wont use it again on models but others may be able to handle it
  16. really not that hard to buid your own out of plastic tube and a candle i just built some for a gasser im building. i was suprised that it wasnt as hard as i thought it would be
  17. fixed my problem with duplicolor sealer over duplicolor sandable primer duplicolor paint went on slick .no microscopic crazing
  18. can i shoot automotive 2k clear over duplicolor paint without a reaction
  19. another question could i shoot 2k automotive clear over duplicolor color
  20. its not the normal orange peel its very tiny and i wet sanded the primer before i shot the color maybe ill crank up my airbrush and try it
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