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  1. Man...Great job on this car!! Very clean and sit looks spot on. Dan Gurney is one of my ALL time Drivers/owners and you sure did him Justice with your build.
  2. Great job on this really cool car. Smokeys Gold and Black paint schemes have always look great and you nailed this one for sure...
  3. Thanks Bruce and Vince.... Yea...I think the NASCAR recognition was what most folks remember him for. Which...in my opinion..he was as good or even better that Dale E. Tim really started his career in karts and moved up to Dirt sprintcars and then to Asphalt Super Modifieds. Then he ran at Indy for two yrs. 80 and 81. I want to build His really cool Orange Super that he drove. That one will be a very challenging build.
  4. This was a very interesting build to say the least. Finding reference pics for this build proved to be a little challenging but as we know....that's part of the build. The amt PC-6 Indy car kit was used for basic chassis. A lot of fab work went into the conversion to make it the "First ground force" car in the Indycar series. I'd also like to Thank Gary Sleeper at CIRCLE TRACK DECALS for making the Decal sheet for this very colorful paint scheme. Thanks folks for stopping in and commenting... 1-1 at SPEED.... Rear shot showing Tim and His ROOKIE Stripes....
  5. This looks good. I have this car on my build list. Thank you for sharing and reminding me of that car..
  6. Man..Another Trickle car that I didn't know that was out there. I've got at least 5 of his builds that I want to do and then I see your GREAT build. Great job and now...I'm wanting to build this one...LOL.
  7. Great work Mark. Love watching your builds come to life!!
  8. Great job Johnny. I really like that color.
  9. At least it's back up and we have something to start with. Bob has been working his fingers to the bone on this just to get it this far. It's really appreciated. I guess we'll all have to get in there and do a few re-posts once we're able to.
  10. Another good looking Chevelle Tom...Good job on this replica...
  11. Great looking build of a very cool car. Good work Hale....
  12. This really looks good Shayne. Great Job no the Decals. I'm looking forward to your next update...
  13. That is way cool Glenn. Great job on all that fab work. That roof looks factory made. I'v got that same 57 and haven't started it yet. Seeing yours kinds gave me a small spark to do it...
  14. Man Ray...you're doing some cool mods to the truck. Cobras are one of my favorite street cars also. This is really looking good.
  15. Really enjoying your Build Eric. Very creative and great craftsmanship. Looking forward to the next update.
  16. Man Tom...you sure captured to look of that cool car! Great job...
  17. Man Tom....I haven't seen this team...where have you been keeping it??? You sure nailed that short track look.... Great job on the whole thing.
  18. Man Tom...that paint scheme is killer. Great job my friend...
  19. Hey there Randy....I just read this thread from the beginning and you have really kicked the building JUICES into another gear...for me anyway. Your work and craftsmanship is TOP SHELF. I really have enjoyed going through this thread. I'll be checking back in...that's for sure.
  20. That would put a VERY SOUR taste in my mouth for the man too... Funkster. I've seen him blow up on National T.V. also. Not a perfect roll model for race fans. But his Driving ability and the different types of cars he drove was awesome.There aren't to many people that's poured from that type of RACE DRIVER mold left.
  21. Man Cruz....that paint is really looking GOOD!!! Can't wait to see this puppy when you get it finished...
  22. Man...this is going to be a cool build Mark. AJ Foyt is one of the early pioneers of dirt to Asphalt guys. A great Driver in my book. Looking forward to your updates...
  23. Well my Friend.....it looks like you're almost finished with another "SUPERB" build. This puppy sure looks sweet John. The Detailing is up to your high standard and....of course....we can't forget the paint!! Great build bubba!!
  24. Man JT.....There aren't any more words left in the English vocabulary to describe how AWESOME this build is. The outside shots really make the car look REAL...Great job Bud!!!
  25. Man John...That paint scheme looks great bud! You decided to go with red instead of black I see. Are you going to run this at POMONA this year???
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