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  1. They either don't want a car or most often their parents give them a car. My first car was a '61 Chevy Impala but I can't remember what I paid for it and I bought it from a friend. Not a great car but it was black with big tires and mag wheels and Hi-Jackers in the back. Many other things I did to make it "cool" in them days. You really appreciate that first car when you buy it with your own money.
  2. Don't think I smiled but you telling us about your dog definitely made me happy. And I assume your avatar is Shemp and he always makes me smile.
  3. Turbo Tax will be much easier next year because it looks at all your last year filings and you're a step ahead that way. Just wish it could figure out a way for me to pay less taxes.
  4. It looks great! Very clean and your building skills made a nice looking model. Personally I don't like MPC models and they don't like me so I can appreciate what you went through. You need to try one of the other brands and you'll enjoy your next Funny Car build much more.
  5. I have never liked this car but having said that, I can appreciate a very nice model of it. A very sharp looking model and a beautiful paint job.
  6. Loved Lancelot Link! Watched a few Jetson's lately and it's funny to see what they depict for the future. Some things are real now and some things are still stuck in the 60's. Adds some extra viewing pleasure just looking at that.
  7. My son has been waiting for a big ol' Ford truck for work. His employer provides the truck for him which is good because he drives 100 miles a day round trip for work and it's also for his personal use. It has 159,000 miles on it and he is in desperate need for the new one but it is delayed because of the micro processor deal mentioned. I guess there's lots of vehicles built but sitting there waiting for the "brain" to be installed.
  8. I used to record my own 8 tracks too and would try to fit certain songs within a track to avoid the click but not always. I remember the worst thing about 8 tracks was no fast forward or rewind capabilities. At least I didn't have that with my equipment.
  9. Excellent. Looks like the real thing.
  10. Another delivery problem and this time it's FedEx. Micro-Mark sent a package over a week ago and Fed-Ex tracking had delivery for Monday May 10th. Then the familiar and dreaded "in transit" came up showing it was in Vancouver, WA on Sunday. Yesterday had the same thing and now today (Tuesday) shows "pending" and no delivery date. This seems to be the usual situation with all delivery companies anymore. Can't anybody do their job anymore?
  11. Very nice. I like the stock clean look. My first pickup was a '68 so this brings back memories.
  12. I usually don't notice the ads and understand the revenue they make and am fine with that. It's just strange when they are huge and I have to scroll down more than usual to read the topic. I'm not complaining about it but thought I'd point it out in case it was an easy fix or needed to be aware of.
  13. I don't think Maxwell Smart (Don Adams) was the voice of Mr. Peabody but he was the voice of Tennessee Tuxedo. He and Chumley were always going to see the Professor.
  14. You have a point there but I have also witnessed many kids who saw their parents smoke so they end up smoking too. Same with drinking.
  15. Just wanted to point out I've been getting those giant ads when trying to read a topic. Also ads that are kind of ghosting the topics.
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