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  1. Got a cracked rear window in a Salvino's model so sent a picture and asked for a replacement. Jim Rogers replied asking for my address and I got the window yesterday with an addressed envelope and note included saying "just send a $10 bill to Rick". WTF?! Who's Rick? Nothing was said about this. Not my fault the model came with a cracked window. I had a couple of missing issues of Motorsport magazine that comes from England and they sent replacements at no cost. Likely the USPS was at fault but they took care of me.
  2. One of my all time favorite cars and I enjoyed looking at the pictures of the real car and your model. Great job!
  3. I like your interior and the whole car turned out great. I don't use BMF as I never could get the hang of it. You did a great job with it!
  4. The 1/32nd scale cars description sounds really nice for that size. I'm curious to see what's in the box.
  5. Helmut, hopefully you took my comment about "pointing out your mistakes" in a funny way. I know how we sometimes feel better telling people what we did wrong before they tell us. I have a Heller Lotus 49B that's been half done for years and it's been so long now I don't know why I haven't finished it. I'm guessing I got tired of the finicky bits and took a break. Think I have a Brabham waiting to be built too. As mentioned, Heller has some different subjects but a very different kit to build than others.
  6. I looked up "Jolt" and surprised at the good actors that signed on to do it. Sounds really bad.
  7. That was a weird looking car but I remember it. Yes, Heller kits are bad and I've tried to stay away from them from past experience but your finished model looks great. You shouldn't point out what's wrong because most of us won't know anyway.
  8. Thank you. I've never heard of this company before. Anyone have some dealings with them? Only bought from Hobbylinc Japan out side the USA.
  9. Does Testors decal bonder exist anymore? Haven't seen it. I have always used Testors Clear spray and it's worked fine for me.
  10. Didn't they offer a "slick" tire for the rear back then? Seem to remember that. Wouldn't want to ride it in the rain.
  11. The chrome is really nice but a real bear to try and scrape off.
  12. I emailed Revell after the Joey Saldana kit came out and thanked them for the updated sprint car model and told them to make more with different sponsor decals and I'd buy them. I was surprised to get a reply with something about we'll discuss that at an upcoming meeting. Uh huh. Here we are years later and.....nothing new. I'm no business expert but it seems like a few new sponsor sheets tossed into an already designed kit would be easy money.
  13. I like when a kit is unique to a particular race. Takes the hassle out of searching the Internet for specific decals and such.
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