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  1. Just a reminder....this Saturday is the 15th Annual 24 Hour Model Build Event. This is where you either get together with a modeling friend or two, have some food and camaraderie and build a model in 24 hours straight from Noon Saturday to Noon Sunday It started out as a model car build but now all models are welcome. So check out the group here. Try it! You'd be surprised at how much something like this will test and improve your skills! https://www.facebook.com/groups/2490663337730074
  2. This build is now up to 132 models being built by 137 modelers counting the five two-person teams! And it is now only three days away... this Saturday at noon it kicks off!
  3. Today, the 14th Annual 24 Hour Build has hit 100 confirmed entries! That's awesome! And we still have 11 more days to go for more builders to join in!
  4. Exactly! There is no judging, no contest. The only one you are competing against is yourself!
  5. Built this one last year actually in about 12 hours total. Used quick drying lacquer paints and a dehydrator for everything. It's amazing what you can do in 24 hours if you pick a kit that's fairly simple and don't go crazy modifying it. Try it...it will really give you a challenge!
  6. The 14th Annual 24 Hour Build is less than 3 weeks away. It runs from noon on January 25th to noon on the 26th of January. It always coincides with the 24 Hours of Daytona race. This is where you pick a model and build non-stop for 24 hours either by yourself or with a friend or two.... or more. Make it a party. Have food and drink and just have fun. Most participants build cars but you can build any model you wish. Try it... it will really test your skills! Here is the link to the group page for the build on Facebook..... https://www.facebook.com/groups/774303692944365/
  7. Don't forget fellow builders, the 24 Hours of Daytona is this weekend so that means so is the 24 Hour Model Build! Starts at noon on Saturday and ends at noon on Sunday. Do it alone or with friends but build an entire model in 24 hours! Gary Kulchock started this 13 years ago and it is getting bigger every year! If you decide to take part in the fun, just join the Facebook group and post a message of what model you are building. And read the Pinned Post Announcement for the basic rules and a few articles that contain many tips on how to accomplish a 24 hour build. Here is the link to the build's page.... https://www.facebook.com/groups/1789464754418311/?ref=group_header
  8. Well the 13th Annual 24 Hour Build is almost here. If you haven't participated in this before, give it a shot as it's lots of fun and is a challenge to your abilities! The object is to completely build a model, any model, in the 24 hour period on January 26th and 27th this year from noon to noon. It always coincides with the running of the 24 Hours of Daytona. Most participants build a car model but like I said, any model is fair game. You can do this alone or get together with some other modelers and try to do it as a group with each member building their own model. The originator of the 24 hour build, Gary Kulchock makes a Fotki page with individual folders for everyone's builds. You take photos of your build as you go and post them on the FB group. He then takes them from there and puts them in the folders. It's a real challenge to get a model completely built in just 24 hours but for modelers it's a lot of fun. If you're interested check out the Facebook page here.... https://www.facebook.com/groups/1789464754418311/
  9. It is his birthday today so just thought we could acknowledge our late friend Harry Pristovnik's birthday up in Heaven. He devoted a helluva lot of time and effort into running this entire forum.
  10. Pretty cool! I actually owned a 71 Roadrunner. Mine was Evening Blue but it only had the 340 in it. Thought it was a dog and hated that Carter Thermoquad.
  11. Yeah no worries Buddy... I was just curious... Model looks great. Looking forward to you finishing it and a good photo to put up on the header picture for the Straight Line Modeler FB Group!
  12. Brett...couple of questions.... Is that fuel tank the one that came with the kit? And..do you have a photo of Brutus with a battery in it? I'm curious because I have never seen a Funny Car with a battery in it. As far as I know they were all started with a mechanical starter off the blower drive. I searched and couldn't find anything showing a battery so I was just curious if you had located a pic showing a battery? Not criticizing here at all...just genuinely curious! All the ones I found were like this one showing no battery and quite a differently shaped fuel tank.... Hosted on Fotki
  13. Yeah yeah...I know Da Grump never ran this. But this is my interpretation of what he MIGHT have run IF he was to run one in 1963. This is the new 62 Vette Gasser kit and I built this one during the 8th Annual 24 Hour Build last night. Actually I only worked on it for about 17 hours total building time because the old eye-hand coordination just wasn't there at around 02:30 this morning! So I hit the rack then went out to my regular Sunday morning 8:00 AM breakfast with a friend and also with fellow builder Bernie Gilbow. Got back home and continued around 9:30 and finished at 11:59! This sure as heck is no contest winner but I'm glad I chose this kit for this build because now I'm familiar with it and when I build the next one it will be better...with more time to do things! LOL Painted it white with Krylon Fusion as well as the chassis parts too. Interior was good old testors red enamel paint in the little square jar thinned and sprayed through the airbrush and put in the dehydrator. Decals are Slixx. Bare Metal Foil on the top trim. Straight out of the box...no modifications at all. At first I thought the front end was going to be too high but the crankshaft centerline is actually about 3/4" from the ground so it's well within the class rules! The beginning: Hosted on Fotki During the build. Had the TV on the 24 Hours of Daytona race. Then I had Skype set up with Bernie as we were building early on in the laptop and also the FaceBook page for the build on the main computer. Hosted on Fotki Getting there..... Hosted on Fotki Finished right side... Hosted on Fotki Left side... Hosted on Fotki
  14. You can build anything you wish. Doesn't even have to be a car model if you want to do something else.
  15. Wrinkle wall slicks *at rest* display a wrinkle running in both directions..unless they've been aired up in pressure for display purposes. ONLY when under hard launch will a wrinkle wall slick exhibit the standard one-way wrinkling that is so prevalent ... and wrong ... in most model kit tires. Here are but two examples of a wrinkle wall slick at rest. Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki
  16. Almost time for the annual 24 hour build event again brothers of the sprue! Starts a noon on Saturday the 25th and ends at noon on Sunday the 26th....same times as the 24 hours of Daytona race. The rules are loose but here they are: Start at noon on Sat and end at noon on Sun New or unstarted kit. No quick build snap kits. Allowed to glue up to 4 pieces to body ahead of time Must paint build Post pics as you go along Most important thing is to have fun. Bob Boggs has a Facebook page up for the event here.... https://www.facebook.com/groups/455951714469809/ I have a few guys coming over for the build up in the second floor of Manland, my wood shop. I'll have a number of workbenches all set up along with plenty of compressed air and spray booth. I also plan to have a photography area set up for photos along with my dehydrator too. Got a big screen TV to set up for the race and maybe the Keurig too... I ended up doing this thing by myself last year and didn't finish my build due to paint problems so I'm giving it another go this year! Anyone else?
  17. Apparently was the passenger in a car crash earlier today in Santa Clarita, California. Now confirmed by all the network news agencies. So young...only 40!
  18. Hi all, Here is the link to my Fotki album of 65 pics I took yesterday at my club's annual show. The car models are mixed in with all the other genres... http://public.fotki.com/tsumner/scale-modeling/model-contests/baycon-2013/ Enjoy!
  19. I made this black walnut urn for my mom's ashes over the weekend. All the wood is from boards I had sawed up from a couple of big logs 2 years ago. I hope my dad will like it as a nice resting place for mom. I'm flying to Fla. on Monday next week and I'm bringing it down with me.... Hosted on Fotki
  20. Believe it or not Bud...I have THREE all within 15 miles of my house that are complete automotive engine machine shops! Arico's Machine in Jewett City, B&M Machine in Brooklyn and L&L Machine in Lisbon!
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