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  1. I'm spending more. It's cheaper than going out for entertainment, and with the economy what it is I would rather support my LHS than spend my $ elsewhere. Nice thing is that I notice more people in the store these days. I'm figuring that now is the time to put out a little more towards my hobby rather than keep it in the bank, see the LHS go out of business, and have to buy online anyway. My daughter works in a restaurant and has seen several of their competitors go out of business and therefore her business has picked up. And good ol' G.W.'s incentive will fund several new projects!
  2. I beleive its a Cisitalia. Im still working on the year and model. Close?
  3. Yep. Monogram, 1/8th scale. Came out with monograms other 1/8 hot rods. A modified version of the "Big T".
  4. ""Well, it is in a way, but the way I see it is is how he DROVE, beating and banging into other drivers, sometimes spinning them out just to get by, things like that"" Sounds like Kyle Busch. Not that anger is appropriate, but I just love it when drivers lose the squeaky clean politically correct B.S. and be human. I mean, what's more authentic, hearing a driver say "that S.O.B. took me out!" or "he's a great driver and competitor, he didnt mean to put me into the wall" Sheesh.
  5. Well, yes, I think I like the COT a bit too. I understand the difference between a "musician" and an "entertainer". Todays crop of NASCAR events seems to be geared more for entertaiment purposes. A shame. I would like to put some of the nascar golden boys into a rally car..wha?? heel-toe, huh? Will be fun to watch them this week in the prelude to a dream. Did Stewart think that silly name up? I just like the guys out there like Schrader, Stewart, Kahne, Robby Gordon, and the others that would race anything, anywhere, anytime.
  6. I went to a lot of races in the 60's and 70's and I agree, its JUST NOT the same. I only watch NASCAR because its better than some of the alternatives on TV. Sometimes the cautions are silly..."debris"?? Oh, yea, a chunk of rubber is in the groove, so we gotta go clean it up! Way back when, "debris" was what the drivers had to avoid in order to win. Recently I saw a clip of Awesomebill from Dawsonville on the TV, prob in the late 80's, powersliding around the Outside of a turn and into the lead. I guess today NASCAR would penalize Bill for "aggresive driving" Could anyone imagine the likes of todays current drivers doing that, except for Tony Stewart, Kasey Kahne, and a select few? Oh yea, and Robby Gordon. He'd probably feel more comfortable sideways. And Schrader, he's been there done that. Is it just me, or does it seem that NASCAR is "rigged"?
  7. I've just started using "Aleens Original Tacky Glue" from my local craft store. So far it works great..its tacky and strong enough to hold parts in place, yet they come back apart easily. Cleans off of the parts with warm water and leaves no marks. I tired using "sculpey" and it held reasonably, but a month later when I took the mock-up apart I found that it had eaten into the plastic and softened it! Yikes.
  8. Here in Nor Cal its $4.01 for a gallon of regular. My first job was at a gas station...26 cents for a gallon plus a free car wash. We couldnt sell any gas because it was 24 cents down the street. Dont want to get political here, but the energy situation fries me. At night, thieves have begun punching holes in gas tanks to drain them. Jeeeeeez.
  9. I'm in Fremont. Cked out the local IPMS and also the SVSM and they seem to be more aircraft/military minded. Is there any interest out there for automotive modelling?
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