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  1. So, thats what this can look like?!?! When I first saw this over at RMR's site I knew it wouldn't be long before someone rodded one. I want one too. You definately did this kit justice Lyle!! I expect nothing but badassness when it comes to your builds. I love it!!! Adding to favorites.
  2. I don't know what to say that hasn't been said already! I just feel I should say something!! The first thing that comes to mond is it looks stock. Then you notice that something is really radical about this build. Then you notice the Camaro quarters with the Challenger front and think, "Hey, WTF?? Is that 2 different cars??" Then you look a little closr and notice its 3!! Then your mind just goes crazy and ya start looking for all the other little details. I just spent 20 minutes going back and forth between comments of what other people have noticed that I didn't, so I go back to the pics and look for it. VERY CREATIVE AND KICKA$$ BUILD BOB!!!
  3. Actually, cutting the body was really straight forward. I also rounded out the forward part of the rear wheel wells for clearance. As far as cutting the front and rear, I'll have to take a close-up pic when I get back in about an hour or so.
  4. HOLY $HIT!!!!!!!! I don't believe thats a model. There is just no way! I have been wanting to buy the '32 P/E stuff for a LOOOONG time!!! I will be buying some real soon after seeing how well it turns out. Need to make a list of stuff to order from Scale Dreams. I was jst going through the P/E '32 stuff on there a few days ago and there are all kinds of neat little doodads in all of the sets. They have all kinds of neat little skull and flame items, cool little foot shaped pedals, very cool pully covers, flamed wire looms, V8 badges, emblems, foot shaped dash switches, keychains and keys, and much, much more. VERY KOOOOOL BUILD!!!!!
  5. Haha! DEE-DA-DEE!! I have a bad habit of getting ahead of myself sometimes. Rod makes much more since. The only armature wire that I've been able to find has bee 1/8" or larger. So that would definately be TOO big. I don't know what other sizes are available, but 1/16" would definately work.
  6. I don't have MSN Chat, but you can send me an e-mail any time ya want............ abedooley223@yahoo.com I'm running the 440 Magnum from the new '68 Charger kit with 42" or 44" Super swampers all tied together by a 4-link front and rear as soon as I can order the Heim joints from RB Motion.
  7. That is true., but you have worry about kinks if you're using tubing and that much weight out front like that could be a problem if not secured properly. I bet I built that front bumper 4 or 5 times before I was happy with the end result. LOL!! I started out with brass tubing, but was worried about the weight with it sticking out the front like that. You might not encounter that problem since yours will practically be an extension of the front bumper its self. GOOD LUCK!!! If ya have any qustions about how I built mine just ask! ANYTIME.
  8. Looks pretty straight forward. You'll need to buy some Plastruct .010 or .020 round stock for the headlight guards, maybe .080 or .100 round stock for the basic frame, and .020 or .030 sheet for the 2 brackets that the round stock is attatched to. Heat and bend the round stock to whatever shape you see in your head. Cut, file, and shape the sheet to the shape of the front of the truck from the bottom to however high up you wanna go using a profile gauge. The hardest part will be translating a picture into 3D. BUT, IT CAN BE DONE!!! All you have to do is start! From there on it gets easier. Heres a pic of the front tube bumper of my Scout project. Lots of bending, cutting, and shaping. I used .080 round stock and diamond plate sheet for the top plate. Here's the link to my WIP pics. http://s133.photobucket.com/albums/q59/abe...COUT/?start=all GOOD LUCK!
  9. THAT IS BADA$$ CHUCK!!!! I am working on the interior of my military rod right now. Going with the cockpit look like yours as well. I'm also playing with the idea of a crosshair hood ornament. Also started the missile exhaust as well. KICKA$$ CHUCK!!! LOVE IT!!!
  10. CHUCK!!!!! THAT THING IS F#&$(@% BADA$$!!!!!!! I can not wait to finish mine now!!! You've given me some more ideas to go with now!!! I will be stealing the cockpit look you've went with for sure! I just need to find some 1/25 scale cockpit decals now. I love the kill badges too!!! You should have added a Japanese "ZERO" badge for sh!#s and giggles!! HAHAHA! Thanks for finally showing it off!! You've blown some much needed wind back in my sails!!
  11. I was leaning towards a suicide perch, even though I didn't know it was called that. It was either that or make new leaf springs for it, which I may do anyway. Do you have any pics of it??? I have done all kinds of searches online for it and have only found about 7 pics. I really need one of the interior. I bet I logged about 20 hours of search time! I'm kinda obesessive like that. I have plenty of pics of someones rod that is badass and has a really nice suicide perch. I'll go check yours out and see how you did it as well and pick which way to go.
  12. You need to post that build Chuck!!! The suspense is killin me!! Exactly what kit are the rain tires in?? I'm gonna try to order some from Revell or post it in the wanted section.
  13. Does anyone have a pic (or a spare set??) of these rain tires?? I have looked high and low. I can't do the big stuf until I have the actual tires I want or I'll get the wrong measurements and end up having to re-do some work I have done already. Tire choice has just been a pain in the you know what!!! The rims on the other hand, I have known what I wanted before I started this build. As far as getting it started Chuck, I am a slow builder, but this one has really got me going. Some days I just stare at it and try tO picture it the exact way I want it and other days I don't think at all. I just get to cutting. Until I get the right wheel combo I can't do anything. AND ITS GETTING FRUSTRATING!!!! I have learned to make due and make it work. I still have so many things to order from RMCoM, as soon as I have the finances to do so. Thanks for all the tips and help guys!! OH!!! Chuck, I can't wait to see your Military version hot rod!!!! I can't explain why, but I have a deep love for function over fashion and thats what Military is all about! What can I say?? I'm just a redneck who spends too much time in the woods blowin things up. LMAO!! !
  14. Nice technical advice. Every time I have predrilled the hole all the way through I end losing the "center" of the holes. I dunno, it could just be how I do things. I may be doing everything wrong when it comes to drilling holes.
  15. I always do a grid and countersink, I'm just always worried about tearing a chunk, say, out of the side of the hole itself. When I decide whether or not this will be done I need to remember to make sure to drill through the front so the "ripping" will be on the back side. Thanks Fletch. Sometimes I don't think about that kinda thing until I've already started.
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