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  1. I understand completely what you are doing, Jason. I just can't believe you let your hard-earned cash go to this........blob. It makes Dons actually look good!
  2. Holy Cow, Jason.......that looks absolutely HORRIBLE. The level of casting integrity is pitiful on that. It looks like shaped elephant snot. If I received that I would be PISSED! Hope you didn't bid that much on it. And I see a convertible interior tub with a package shelf added.....LAME.
  3. That edition gave them the idea (and visual gratification/qualification) to switch from the Black belt molding to the body colored molding. Same concept as the 'Summer Special' cars.
  4. Same here, Mike. Just touching on some of the smaller things about the cars. Your tire swap on the Ponies is a perfect example of what I was saying about the scale fidelity issue on the Revell 1/24th Pony Wheels. They are quite accurate for 1/25th scale and with a tire change I see them being used a lot with the Coupe kit. Rob, my 91 has a lot of 'inconsistencies' involved with it too (or at least it did with its' first and second owners). Then again, my GT is a base model GT with NO options, so that might have something to do with the discrepancies.
  5. If any Mod happens to cruise through here and see this; is there any way we can get this stickied/pinned somewhere so that we won't have to go digging for it when we need it. Otherwise, all of this effort will go to waste when the questions STILL get asked because this thread falls from page 1?
  6. And you can 'convert' any non-SSP car into an SSP clone by installing the Ford Motorsports/Ford Racing/FRPP Silicone Cooling Hose kit, Heavy Duty rear Lower Control Arm kit, and a 1994-95 GT/V6 alternator (which will require converting your two-wire charging system to a later one-wire (and you will have to clearance your alternator bracket to clear the deeper case). EVERY Fox I have had has the first basic mods done: 130 amp alternator/1-wire conversion, 93+ mini-starter, Heavy Duty LCAs, and bumped timing/TPS adjustment, and a 5-lug swap (using 94-95 parts up front and the Ranger rear axle sw
  7. You absolutely sure about that body molding color year, Mike? Because the factory literature I do have lists 91 as the first year for the LX Coupe getting body colored side molding. The Pony wheels in the 1/24th scale mustangs scale out to 15" versus the 16" they should be. So, by putting them under a 1/25th scale car, they will more closely represent the 16" wheel they are supposed to be. On the Mass Air Meter, if you were doing a California car, you would be able to do a 1988 as well with the optional parts Mike listed. (As California got MAF in 1988 while the rest of the nation had
  8. Ok Jason, you got me on the Anny! That was one I didn't take into consideration due to its limited production numbers.
  9. For guys wanting to do these up as SSP vehicles, check out www.sspmustang.org for a good bit of information concerning these cars.
  10. If you are building it 100% out of the box, the body molding would be Black for the stock version.
  11. Rob, you are correct that 1991-93 LXs wore body colored belt moldings. 1979-84 the belt molding was black, 85-86 it was Dark Charcoal, 87-90LX it was black, and in 91-93LX it was body color. I specify LX from 1987-93 as the GT was completely different trim-wise. Regardless of trim level in 83-84 and 85-86, the trim was the same color. 1979-82 it did somewhat depend on trim/option level, but most followed the black approach. That should also help answer your trim question, Casey.
  12. So official word is May release? I can live with that and it is fairly close to Ed stating late April (which is the schedule he gets from Revell as Ed is not in charge of release dates. He is just in charge of new product development). The box art cars are the same ones that were on the NNL table last October, and whoever did the box are Photoshop did a bit of a poor job on the tire look. They were not that massive on the display models (but if they come through too large, I already have a cure for that).
  13. I wouldn't be suprised if it gets pushed back (as Revell has a habit of doing that); I was (and still am) just going on what I was told by Ed and the hobby distributor for my local shop. Personally, I really don't care when this year it comes out as i already have a case on pre-order and will more than likely order/purchase even more later. As an owner of 3 FOX Chassis cars (with 5 total owned), I am eager to see what it looks like IN MY HANDS and compared to my 1:1s. If it does come later in the year, i have more time to acquire kits for both donor and swap material. Hopefully, the kit se
  14. We will have to wait and see. But, being the availability status of the kit was changed by the suppliers, it could be a good indication that the kit is on its way. I will stand by Mid/late March to early April (as was indicated by Ed), but if it is going to be a later release date I will not argue (as it will give me more time to pay off this case of pre-order!). The next issue of this kit will see it issued as a 2-n-1 stocker/drag car combo. Look for that in late 2014/early 2015 depending on how well this offering is received. Regardless, I will be getting at least 12 of them. As to t
  15. Last month, the hobby shop I pre-ordered my case from got notification that the status was switched from pre-ordered to on-order. The shop owner told me that usually happens when they become system-ready (3 months is the usual time to get them into the system once the kits have received their final packaging and UPC/sales bar codes). That tells me mid-March.
  16. Nice looking Viper so far, Bill. I like the fuel system detailing. On your reference pics; those are of the 'Mamba' edition Viper (white exterior with the red/black interior combo). Rare car indeed (dad worked for a Dodge dealer and is/was Viper/Viper Coupe certified, so he was the one responsible for the dealership having their Viper dealer authorization and did all of the pre-delivery and post-sales Viper work).
  17. That is pretty much the reply I figured my observation would garner.............carry on.
  18. Depending on how this is received, it may be my only suggestion. Knowing why turbos are mounted horizontally (along their shaft axis), may I suggest running them in the center of your two \6 engines at a proper mounting angle? I think this is a killer build so far, and like the direction it is headed.
  19. Scale Models By Chris (one of the D.R.A.G resin partners) does as well. I believe Kris Morgan could either verify this or give you the proper name for the caster.
  20. You are absolutely correct, Mr.Pamp. It is horrible and should NEVER have even been considered for the award, let alone win it. I guess the judges happen to base their scores on clean craftsmanship and execution, attention to detail, and overall cohesive nature of the build instead of what happens to be the 'hot thing going' for this year/trend cycle. Shame on them for actually awarding fine work. (Yes, I did type that with a cynical air..............the car is beautiful and deserves the win. Get over it)
  21. Closest you will get is Die-cast. Only resin available is a cowl hood and some aftermarket style side scoops which very randomly appear on E-bay.
  22. Very nice build, Filipe. Overall it looks good and is a nice attention-getter.
  23. Felipe, I like the way this Dart is going, as custom/Pro-Touring/road cars are more to my liking than Factory Stock. No matter the viewers preference of vehicular style, they SHOULD be able to recognize building skill. You take great pride in your attention to detail and in your overall build skill. THAT is something to be commended. Continue on with this, as it is a model build worth watching and commenting on.
  24. Be ready guys, after seeing Revells LX 5.0 Coupe in person..................................................
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