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    1949 Ford

    The chop job looks good and the chassi looks nice a straight. Good start with this WIP.
  2. Totally, I have to agree with ya Jantrix on the 1:1 rat trend. Although I enjoy the builds and WIP in scale that has become it's own trend in the scale world.
  3. Great looking WIP, your pics are just fine btw. I dig the white strip nice clean and crisp looking build. The shot with the car with only the doors and roof on has given me an idea for a future build, sort of a Ferrari street rod theme.
  4. Thanks, of course there has to be rust spots. You guy who do the rust and beater weathering make it look so real, I'm going to have to give it a go real soon.
  5. Here's an idea, what about the Almond tan with Olive trim and accents. Just my 2cent nothing more. I have to add I dig the headers and look forward to seeing this finished.
  6. So how are ya makin' out so far?
  7. Safeway should have it, just ask where the oven cleaner is, any brand should work as long as it's the heavy duty version. Try not to get it in a spray can tho, the fumes are very toxic. Let us know how you make out. Good luck.
  8. Totally awesome. No wounder the steering was a bit sketch, you missing the front panard rod. That thing must wander like wind sock in a warm summer breeze. I love the metal cancer effect.
  9. Not to sound like a dic but, your spinning your wheels with the alcohol, the primer is solvent based, alcohol won't do a thing. The Easy- Off WILL WORK and you'll be back to square on in a couple of hours. I sprayed my Charger when I posted and almost all of the primer is off. I hope you get this sorted out. Cheers, Curt
  10. First off let me say sorry to hear of such a f'ed up situation. No worries it can be saved. It brake fluid didn't work I'd be very surprised if Super Clean will do anything, the primer is lacquer based. Before you go to all the trouble of sanding the body go out and get yourself some Easy-Off in the yellow spray pump bottle, a couple of bottles. Empty the bottle into a conatiner just big enouogh fore the bug and fill it with the Easy Off. Leave it in there for 24-48hrs, the plastic won't be harmed. Plus if you go this route you'll have a chrome removal bath as well. I just just removed automotive lacquer for a 1/16 scale Charger that had so much paint on it the panel lines were, filled and the script was almost flush with the body. The paint had been on for along time 'cause the lady said her son built it when he was a kid, he's in his 40's now. I had picked it up at garage sale. For me it took about a month to get the paint off, mostly because I only sprayed the body once a day instead of soaking it. In the second picture you can see how thick the paint was, that row of bumps are supposed to be rivet heads. Just as an added FYI I still have to get the primer off. Good luck man hope you get it resolved.
  11. Rider

    Citroen 2CV

    Nigel sho-em your bus project your Mini's from the Italian Job. Nigels a building machine.
  12. Rider


    The boat tail looks cool, I prefered the look of the black and rusty rivets, but that's just me. This will look very cool when your done with it.
  13. Nice work, I was on your page browesing your work and saw your flame practice board and ref pic, great stuff. You've got quit the collection of builds. I've added your page to my referance library, I hope you don't mind, I find your work to be very insperational. Curt
  14. I going with real, the spokes are what I'm banking on.
  15. Rider

    the RODENT

    Frigen awesome, I really dig it. Wish I could see it in person. This really makes me want to go ahead and start on my own creation along this line. BRAVO!!
  16. Hi Mitch glad to see you found your way over here. So what else do you have on the bench? Curt
  17. This is great to watch come together, it's like watching Tim Burtons' mind from the inside. Mr' Skwirly would make a great characture in a Tim Burton production spoof on the movie "CARS". I can't wait to see Mr. Skwirly finished.
  18. Rider

    '57 Chevy

    That is one cool looking build, I really like the colour scheme, and the gun metal trim. I'm not a fan of the '57 but I'd be proud to drive one that looked like this build.
  19. lol, sounds like me. That would be a show winner fo sure if he gets it done, and is able to recreate the 1:1 car. You build as well would deffinatly be a show stopper and content for people choice.
  20. This has to be one of the most outragous builds I've ever seen, I like it. Please keep the updates coming.
  21. Bravo, great looking engine and chassi detail, well done.
  22. This is looking very cool build I really dig it. I look forward to seeing it complete. This is going to be great. I too had an idea along these lines as per my avatar, I've been on the search for the creater from Alien. I was inspired when someone on here had originally posted the pic that I'm using in my avatar a month or so ago.
  23. Fantastic work on the cage and the channeling (sp?). I too have always like that era of the Bronco. Why is the body cut down on the original?
  24. Interesting looking projects, where do you send your stuff out to be painted?
  25. Huh did not know it was being dropped from circulation in the US, not sure what the stance in Canada is. Oh well, I have recently switched to 3M's glazing putty, ment for the auto industry. It comes in a 128g tube (4x Tamiya tube) at half the cost. It works just as good the Tamiya stuff IMHO, it stays workable just a bit longer, and sands just as well. I like that it's red, which helps me "see" defects in my work. I picked it up from Parts Source. Bill you should give it a try before you invest in anymore Tamiya stuff.
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