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  1. very nice mike! very nice indeed! cheers bryan
  2. wow! the paint looks so deep, be careful you dont fall in! nice work so far, this is lookin really good.....49 mercs are my fave. cheers bryan
  3. oh man! that looks sharp......keep it goin cheers bryan
  4. yea Ray, i like to live dangerously.......LOL bryan
  5. I finally managed to finish cutting one door open just sitting here watchin tv......its till a bit rough, needs some serious cleanup and a jamb started.. sorry for the grainy pics, the lighting in my living room sucks! i also cut open the trunk, more to come guys, stay tuned cheers bryan
  6. excellent work bill! looking forward to more cheers bryan
  7. very cool! gotta love wagons! cheers bryan
  8. now that i clicked on the thumbnails......you nailed it. thats lookin great, not that it wasnt before......but now i saw it in greater detail. once i started building weathered/rusty stuff there was no goin back to shiney........i havent built a shiney car in years....to me weathered is much more fun to work on, but i still like seeing those shiney cars! cheers bryan
  9. thats lookin good! salt works great, i use it all the time.......so does hairspray, and believe it or not......silly putty! i usually just rub the salt off with a soft brush and some warm water right after the paint has "flashed" it will give it that "peeling" look, there will be actual flakes of paint barely hangin on.....but im impatient, LOL keep up the good work, youre doing great! cheers bryan
  10. my buicks were just skylarks, nothing fancy. one of them was actually a "special" same thing as skylark, just different badging. my fave buick from the 60`s tho.......love that rear bumper, and the sweeping line down the side. cheers bryan
  11. i just checked the site.....as soon as i can i am ordering one! thanks bryan
  12. oh my!! i didnt know anyone made this kit! i own two of these cars.....both 68`s.......i actually just sold one. im checkin out perrys to see whats up with that kit! keep up the good work bryan
  13. thanks virgil! i really wanna get moving on this, but too much other BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH goin on right now....... i might get it out and finish up the doors......stay tuned cheers bryan
  14. sorry `bout that ray.......i made burgers! man they were good too! LOL cheers bryan
  15. well, here i am again.......makin no progress at all. im cookin up some dinner, so after that im hoping to finish cutting the doors open.........stay tuned! cheers bryan
  16. i hear ya ray........ actually that one is gonna be satin black with red interior. cheers bryan
  17. i`ll toss my 50 olds up here......been in primer for a year! geesh! thats all for now... cheers bryan
  18. thanks Rob. i hope i get something done today.....i still have one door left to cut out, and then its on to the jambs. cheers bryan
  19. youre welcome! i had to come back in and look at it again. i agree with john too, your weathering is very restrained, very realistic lookin......most weathered builds, and im probably guilty of it too, look like the builder used every technique at his disposal. i usually just use the salt technique, and mig powders though.... i try to stay away from "overkill" keep this one goin, im really liking it, ill be watchin this one. cheers bryan
  20. wow, i am movin soooooo slooooww! hopefully some progress comin soon guys cheers bryan
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