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  1. If anyone has a stock styrene or resin hood for a '62 or '63 Mercury Meteor ( not the full sized Mercury but the Fairlane mid sized model ), I;d be very interested in purchasing one or trading for something that you are in need - if I have the item. I'll happily prepay the shipping costs as the part will becoming into Canada. Because of the current U.S./Canadian Border closure I cannot get to my U.S. postal facility. I know that a resin hood was available on Ebay for awhile but the seller is no longer casting the part. Any help will be appreciated. Stay well everyone and be careful out there. Gary
  2. I have had a few batches of stuff done by George Hernandez since he got back into the game after some medical challenges pulled him away for awhile and I have been VERY pleased with the work done. You can find George on Facebook under GT KustomKrome of you can email him directly at ghernandezjr53@outlook.com . I have always found George to be a decent guy and easy to work with. Please feel free to PM me if I can be of any help in any way.
  3. Thanks Rick, I'll advise my friend of this - it's likely the sensible way to go about him having a transportation setup to display with his collection of Earnhardt memorabilia.
  4. Thanks Mark.. Does the trailer by any chance have opening doors?
  5. Just wondering if anyone produces and after market decal set for a 1/25 Dale Earnhardt Sr transporter trailer and truck? I know nothing much about NASCAR but a friend of mine collects anything Earnhardt Sr. related and he was wondering about building a 1/25 truck and trailer combination for his collection. Was there ever an Earnhardt version of a race car transporter issued in styrene? If not, are there any aftermarket sources for such a decal set that anyone is aware of? Any help will be appreciated.
  6. This is a shot in the dark, but I am hoping that someone out there may have a damaged 64 Fairlane promo body with good A pillars that they would like to trade off or?? Also, I am in need of an AMT annual '64 Fairlane stock, unmolested hood. I believe that a '63 Fairlane hood is the same. I am winning to trade for these parts and will happily cover any shipping costs - I am not looking for a free ride here. The Revell Fairlane hood may fit with some surgery but I would prefer an original AMT hood as the car is in very good condition. I also need a set of four stock '64 Fairlane wheel covers - even if the chrome is bad. as I'll have them rechromed. . These parts for an old built up that I have had for years and wish to make complete so something can be done with it. PM me with particulars and your expectations and wants. Maybe I can help you too. I'm not holding my breath about getting these items, but nothing ventured - nothing gained. Happy New Year to all. Thanks.
  7. I have two incomplete, old buildups that I want to restore but one has a broken hood, the other hood is missing, as are the tail lights and tail gate for one truck. So, I need 2 hoods, 1 tail gate ( ideally with the chrome trim strip and a pair of tail lights. Also, does anyone have an idea what half ton 4z4 chassis will work to convert one truck to a 4x4 and what kit or caster has a 399 cu. in. six cylinder that I can use in the conversion. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks for looking.
  8. May I ask what differences there are between the original RM kit and the Foose kit specifically and can the Foose kit be built in stock configuration?
  9. Thank you for the information. Do you spray water based paints or enamels/lacquers? I am assuming that the cleaner will work for both based on what I have read this far. If you were to buy another unit, would you go with something a bit larger next time? I suppose for those big truck parts, you could always turn them over in the cleaner basket to clean the other side..?? Thanks Dennis. This may seem like a silly question, but I have learned the hard way to never assume anything - do you feel that resin bodies would be safe in the cleaner if heat is not used? Given the cost of most resin kits, one would want to be very careful.
  10. It is said that it is best to learn from the experiences and mistakes of others and so I am here to ask about ultrasonic cleaners - mostly for stripping models of their paint and maintaining air brushes. For those who have one, what would you suggest would be the best size and cleaning fluid capacity for 1/25 to 1/18 styrene and die cast models. Like many in the hobby, I am on a limited income, so going out and buying the very best and most expensive unit is not really a possibility. Does anyone have any suggestions as to brand and technical specs on a decent unit and what is a good source to buy from? Would a three liter capacity be large enough for most any use or is a larger one preferable? Also, specifically what should a new person look for when buying their first unit and what would you suggest avoiding when purchasing one? Also wondering if anyone would care to share experiences and some experiences ( good and bad )and photos of projects that you have used an ultrasonic cleaner on. I think that what ever information is shared on this thread may benefit more people than just myself who are curious about and/or contemplating buying one. Any input will be appreciated.
  11. I just received my first order yesterday of rechromed parts that I sent out to George Hernandez at GT Kustom Krome and I am totally satisfied and happy with the chroming done and the fast service - so much so that my second batch of parts is already enroute to receive George's magic touch. His prices, as far as I am concerned are pretty good at $5.00 to redo a bumper versus buying used parts on that auction site plus contending with what seem to be ever rising shipping costs and in my case, an 8+5 state sales tax on the item plus the shipping. The really nice thing with George is you send the parts and he mounts them on frames to go to the chrome shop. The man gets an AAA+++ rating from me for service and quality. I am VERY happy to have access to this service.. I just thought people may want to know about this.
  12. I've been on the hunt for 64 Comet a rear bumper and grille/front bumper and trunk finish panel parts for a 64 Comet forever. Does anyone know of a source for parts for that model or is there anyone who may be interested in casting them and offering them for sale? Parts are few and far between for that kit and there is likely a bit of a market for the stuff. It seems a bit redundant to buy an expensive parts kit just for those parts only to have yet another partial kit laying around... If anyone is interested, I have the pieces from which to make masters that I would be willing to loan as long as I get them back. I'm a bit hesitant to do that as I have read where guys send parts to a caster and they are never returned. Any suggestions or leads will be appreciated. Thank you.
  13. I have a 1958 Imperial convertible annual that is in need of a windshield, hardtop roof and the center cover for the trunk lid " spare tire". I can trade or?? I'd really like to obtain these missing pieces to complete this old annual and any help will be appreciated.. I suspect that parts from the much newer re-release may well fit as I think that reissue may have been a direct copy of the old annual. Please PM me with details. Thank you.
  14. Did anybody follow through and buy one of these conversion kits? If so, what is the quality like? I know this is an old thread - kinda surprised there is no feedback on the item..
  15. impcon

    My First try.

    Looks REALLY good Rick - it's pretty obvious that you have put some money and effort into this project. There is no end to what one could spend on a diorama like yours as there is always room for more tools and "stuff" that is commonly found in busy shops. You'll be hard pressed to find a busy shop that is as spotless and organized as yours, so just keep on keepin' on - the more details you add, the more interesting the scene becomes. A6t any rate - just some friendly words that will hopefully give you the desire to continue on this diorama and see just how far you can go! Oh, and I agree about the guy on the Corvette - he appears to be banging his head on the top of the car's fender in frustration. Cute touch! Good work and thanks for sharing.
  16. Thank you for the feedback and information guys! i really appreciate it. I am looking to make only smaller parts and really at this point, have little interest in even trying to cast anything larger than maybe a hood. However, do not think for a minute that any advice or suggestions posted here will be disregarded for I am sure that other readers will find your counsel useful. I have done some reading om different sites and I am watching You Tube videos before I spend the money on the materials, but Ii am definitely going to give this a try and see where it goes. I have been buying parts on Ebay for years and spent a considerable amount of money when it is all tallied up I suppose, but buying a $4.00 part and then paying that much or more for shipping is getting old and costly. I am hoping that small parts are a lot less complicated to make than complete bodies or do you suggest the added equipment ( vacuum and pressure equipment ) be used for that as well. I am talking seats, convertible top boots, engines, etc. and I already have many parts on hand from which to cast. May I ask why you prefer Smooth on products over Alumilite? I realize that to some degree, it is just personal preference, but I am curious what is different between mold making material and resins. It seems that some casting resins are less thick when mixed than others and I can understand where viscosity can be pretty crucial as far as fine details go. I see some people on you Tube using hardware store silicone with additives for mold making and frankly, I am very skeptical as to what the results would be but I guess it is as all relevant as to what the caster feels is acceptable quality in the end products. I did automotive painting out of my shop for over fifteen years and during that time, I learned why buying good tools was more expensive initially, but in the end, a dual action sander was not failing in the middle of a job and shutting production down, often for the night. I also learned about good ( more expensive usually ) products being of sound value for reasons of ease of application and a longer life span for the finished paint work before it bleached or failed. So I understand your urging to buy good products and equipment. I do welcome any comments or information and thank you in advance. Gary
  17. I'm seeking some input from guys who do their own casting of parts for themselves. I've decided to go ahead and order the materials and start learning techniques. What brands of material do you find preferable . What is the best online source for materials in the U.S.? I'm not at this point, looking to learn to do bodies or hoods or larger pieces, but rather engine parts, convertible tops and boots and seats, etc. I do not know how many more years I am going to have in this hobby, but in what time remains, I'd like to learn to be more self sufficient and to learn and expand my mere capabilities and abilities. I am by no means the accomplished craftsmen that so many of you guys out there are, but it is nice to work to try to improve ones self in any area of life. Post or PM me.. either works for me and thanks in advance. Gary
  18. If he didn't, then it should not be overly difficult to gently drill the housing and insert a piece of rod to strengthen it. I wish that someone would make the front suspension for a Moebius 2 wheel drive so that the wheels didn't sit locked in one position. Actually, there seems to be, in my opinion, a real shortage of resin parts to upgrade those trucks and as popular as they seem to be, I am pretty sure there would be a market for that sort of stuff such as the baby west coast mirrors, front bumper guards, grille guards, outside sun visor, cab lights, rear step bumper, etc.
  19. I am wondering what different techniques are used by people here to repair or replace broken or missing convertible windshield frames on the old annuals. Has anyone taken up the torch to cast replacements now with Modelhaus gone? I'm just interested in hearing from other modelers as to how they save an otherwise damaged and useless model as very few of the convertible annuals have ever been re-released. I am unsure as to why, but there is just not a lot out there. Any ideas? Thoughts? Tutorials? Sources for parts?
  20. I hope this is the right place to post this.. I just came across this item on Ebay - I am in NO way affiliated with the seller - just putting this out there because I am sure some guys will want one - or several. The price seems very reasonable and this may work under other 4x4 models.... Item: 183547985006
  21. Thanks Rob. I'll check with them to see if they still have them. I've bought from him before and was very happy with their product and service.
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