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  1. I think that what has transpired over the last two years has affected us all and not necessarily in a good and positive way. People in general seem more stressed and uncertain about so much and our way of life has definitely taken a hit. During my last visit to a hobby shop, it seemed that prices had not yet gone up but with the price of model kits here in Canada ($40 - $50.00 and up for car kits ), I have not bought any kits ion some time. It used to be that some deals could be had on ebay but with their controlling shipping cost like they seem to enjoy doing, it's become too expensive for yours truly. Then there is the uncertainty as to when something will arrive, as you mentioned. It's all slowly choking the life out of the hobby for some of us as things become increasingly expensive.
  2. Thanks Chuck, Actually, Chris did tell me that he has orders ahead of mine, so I expect a delay. A friend tole me that he could not access Chris' site as well but so far, I've never had any issues. I sure like some of his offerings and need to get my hands on some Moebius F100s.. especially that 4x4 version. Exchange rated and shipping costs into Canada do nothing to cause me to want to rush right out and buy several of them. And then there is the delivery time.. my wife bought some sewing items that took seven months to make it to our mail box. That's kinda extreme, but a waiting for a package for month or more waiting is not unusual. I'm not sure which postal carrier is dropping the ball any more, but things sure are not what they used to be, As for problems getting materials, I have no problem believing that any more.
  3. Thank you for the heads up.. he did make mention ion our correspondence that he is working on some new items.. I'll have to email him and ask what is on the agenda... I did make mention of some under hood detail items for the Scouts being needed but I don't think those are n his radar at the moment. Right now, I'll just be happy to get the items that I ordered to get a project completed and off my work table where it has resided for an embarrassingly long time.. Some '67 -79 Ford truck stuff would be nice as well.. just sayin'.
  4. Sorry to hear that Jim.. being taken to the cleaners is never a good situation,, I've been scammed in the past - the worst was the late Xel (sp?) products with their enticing list of old JoHan re-releases.. that was a few years ago and it was an expensive lesson for me - even back then. Reading some of the horror stories of aftermarket scammers really gives a guy cause to think before sending any money.
  5. UPDATE - Chris Olson has been in touch with me and it seems that it would be difficult to hope to meet a more pleasant individual. I'm ordering some items that I need and frankly, I'd give Chris a AAA+++ rating for honesty and good service. His shipping rates are awesome and I'm confidant that I'll be tickled pink with the quality of his product. Thanks Chris - it's so good to meet a class act guy!!!
  6. Thanks Karl. One never knows what is going on in peoples' lives and life can throw some curve balls such as that mess that is occurring over there at the moment. I really hope that you get the items that you paid for..
  7. Hi Kevin, Thanks for looking.. I appreciate your efforts VERY much!
  8. I have tried several times to email Olson Brothers regarding placing an order, but so far no one has acknowledged my attempts to contact them. Perhaps my contact information is out of date so if anyone knows how to contact them, I;d really appreciate hearing from you. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hmmmm.. I wonder how noticeable the difference in scale might be? Mind you, the model probably will fall a bit short of "Model Build Up Of The Year".. *GRINS*
  10. It took some doing, but after a few trips into the freezer, I have succeeded in separating the body of the Revell Z28 that I am building as a gift for my son from the chassis. It seems to be a very simple kit but I Can't tell for sure whether the tail lights and rear trim panel were cast separate from the body or are they integral. The model has quite a few layers of paint on it and it's difficult to tell for sure although the tail lights seem to appear as if they were separate pieces. I'd like to know for sure if they are integral or not before I put it in the stripper. There is no evidence on the underside of the body that they are not an integral part of the body but if some one has an instruction sheet for the kit, and could let me know, that would simplify things a whole lot.
  11. Thank you Casey.. I don't think that I have one of those but I'll have a look in my stash. Those wheels are a must for this kit to replicate my son's 1:1 convertible. This kit, like the real car, is not very common and a bit on the pricey side. I wish that I had a better body with which to start but this is what I have and I just do not have the funds to dish out the better part of $150.00 CDN for an unbuilt one. That broken windshield frame will be the biggest challenge,, but we'll get 'er/ Thank you for your reply.
  12. I am need of a new or used usable convertible top boot for either a Revell second generation Z 28 snap kit or Firebird ( lit # 6222 ) snap kit ( as pictured below ) to complete a restoration of an old built up to replicate my son's 1:1 81 Z28 convertible. The one that I bought for him a few years back did not lead a charmed life and the windshield frame is in two pieces, but I think it can be saved. Also a set of the stock wheels and tires would be nice or information where I can find the same style to complete a stock build. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.
  13. Moderator - please delete this ad - thank you Gary
  14. Does anyone have a spare hood that they can spare for an ERTL International Scout? A used one is fine as long as it is not warped or cut as I lost the one from the lit that I was given as a gift by a dear friend. It seems to have fallen through a hole in the space time continuum or who knows what - but it has just plumb disappeared. Can trade for it or??? Thanks in advance. Gary
  15. Sorry for not posting a thank you before now, Rick. I've been under the weather here - thanks go out to you and I'll pm you.. I am still hoping to locate the decals though..
  16. I have a Peterbilt 359 tractor ( kit # 7432 - the one with opening cab doors ONLY ) ) for which I am in dire need of a front axle that the passenger's side parts #74 and #76 can be salvaged and used to replace the missing pieces on my truck. I could also use a front shock absorber but I can probably source that from my junk box. The reconstruction of the truck as at a standstill. Apparently, this tractor has been reissued with kit # 85-2627 being apparently the latest offering. I am open to trading ( if I have anything that you need or want ) or??? And this is even more of a long shot, but does anyone have an original decal set for this truck that they wish to part with? The decals on mine are yellowed and peeling and it mans a total disassembly of the cab and sleeper, but the truck is unpainted and I am fairly certain that once the original decals have been removed, they will ghost on the original plastic given it's age. Any help will be appreciated or any leads as to where I can obtain the parts and decals will also be appreciated. These were/are a fairly complicated kit, so there have to be some incomplete/damaged ones laying about somewhere. Thanks in advance.
  17. If anyone has a stock styrene or resin hood for a '62 or '63 Mercury Meteor ( not the full sized Mercury but the Fairlane mid sized model ), I;d be very interested in purchasing one or trading for something that you are in need - if I have the item. I'll happily prepay the shipping costs as the part will becoming into Canada. Because of the current U.S./Canadian Border closure I cannot get to my U.S. postal facility. I know that a resin hood was available on Ebay for awhile but the seller is no longer casting the part. Any help will be appreciated. Stay well everyone and be careful out there. Gary
  18. I have had a few batches of stuff done by George Hernandez since he got back into the game after some medical challenges pulled him away for awhile and I have been VERY pleased with the work done. You can find George on Facebook under GT KustomKrome of you can email him directly at ghernandezjr53@outlook.com . I have always found George to be a decent guy and easy to work with. Please feel free to PM me if I can be of any help in any way.
  19. Thanks Rick, I'll advise my friend of this - it's likely the sensible way to go about him having a transportation setup to display with his collection of Earnhardt memorabilia.
  20. Thanks Mark.. Does the trailer by any chance have opening doors?
  21. Just wondering if anyone produces and after market decal set for a 1/25 Dale Earnhardt Sr transporter trailer and truck? I know nothing much about NASCAR but a friend of mine collects anything Earnhardt Sr. related and he was wondering about building a 1/25 truck and trailer combination for his collection. Was there ever an Earnhardt version of a race car transporter issued in styrene? If not, are there any aftermarket sources for such a decal set that anyone is aware of? Any help will be appreciated.
  22. This is a shot in the dark, but I am hoping that someone out there may have a damaged 64 Fairlane promo body with good A pillars that they would like to trade off or?? Also, I am in need of an AMT annual '64 Fairlane stock, unmolested hood. I believe that a '63 Fairlane hood is the same. I am winning to trade for these parts and will happily cover any shipping costs - I am not looking for a free ride here. The Revell Fairlane hood may fit with some surgery but I would prefer an original AMT hood as the car is in very good condition. I also need a set of four stock '64 Fairlane wheel covers - even if the chrome is bad. as I'll have them rechromed. . These parts for an old built up that I have had for years and wish to make complete so something can be done with it. PM me with particulars and your expectations and wants. Maybe I can help you too. I'm not holding my breath about getting these items, but nothing ventured - nothing gained. Happy New Year to all. Thanks.
  23. I have two incomplete, old buildups that I want to restore but one has a broken hood, the other hood is missing, as are the tail lights and tail gate for one truck. So, I need 2 hoods, 1 tail gate ( ideally with the chrome trim strip and a pair of tail lights. Also, does anyone have an idea what half ton 4z4 chassis will work to convert one truck to a 4x4 and what kit or caster has a 399 cu. in. six cylinder that I can use in the conversion. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks for looking.
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